Facts about the Outburst on the House Floor, following the Budget Vote

18DEGREEFollowing the great Republican cave in on increasing the national debt of the Federal Empire, and putting all of us one step closer to a total bond and dollar collapse, a screaming woman, a congressional stenographer who has worked for the Federal Empire for 12 years, was removed from the House floor by force following the vote.

As she is escorted out  of the house chambers, the woman can be heard shouting out that the Freemasons wrote the Constitution, that the everything is a lie, and that the Federal Empire is not “one nation under God”. The woman also shouted “They go against God!”, “You cannot serve two masters, and as she is dragged out of the chamber she states, “Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ!”

The Federal State Media (CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc.) are not really reporting on this issue, and when they do its not serious reporting. All of the Federal State Media outlets do their best job to make this lady look like a crack-pot, even Fox has gone out of their way to call this lady, and label her a “typical Christian Wacko”.

Now while I will agree that she does appear to be a wacko on the surface, her outburst does not make any sense. This stenographer is a 12 year veteran of working with the House, she has a flawless job record, her marriage is fine, and she has never had an outburst like this before. Those are the facts, the facts that the Federal State Media has chosen to not relay to you. Instead they would rather make fun of this lady and make her look like a loon.

While the details about the outburst are being kept on the down low, the Federal Empire is not responding to serious media requests to explain what prompted the outburst, or to let anyone speak to this lady. For the record since this lady was hauled away she has been kept on lock-down in a top secret location and is being held by the secret service for questioning… does this make any sense?

Why keep this lady locked down in some black ops secret service interrogation facility for having a nervous breakdown, assuming that’s what she really had? She was not privy to secret Imperial information, and her security clearance is just as high as the janitors who scrub the toilets in the House bathrooms. So what gives?

If she is truly off her rocker and just flipped her shit then she should be at a local Washington hospital or at home re-cooperating, she should not be on lock down in some hole somewhere.

Also keep in mind that the Federal State Media is not reporting on the whereabouts of this lady at all. Instead of doing their job and reporting on where she was hauled off to they instead make jokes about her.

Now we are not saying that there is some Free Mason conspiracy going on here, we are just saying that things don’t add up and something does not smell right. Keep in mind that she flipped her shit shortly after taking notes on a final “secret” closed door negotiation between House Democrat and Republican leaders.

Since this closed door meeting was marked as “secret” the notes she took are off the record, and thus exempt from any future FOIA requests. So we will never know what was said in this meeting.

Since we are being denied the facts we can only assume what was said, and since whatever was said between the House leadership of the Democrat and Republican Parties set this lady off, I can only guess it involved the Free Masons, Anti-Christian topics, and other things that would cause a perfectly sane 12 year employee to flip out in this manner.

Since this topic is murky, please feel free to provide comments and feedback.

Here is the video:


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