FACT – Lincoln was a Tyrant


Don’t just drink the kool-aid provided by the Imperial Loyalists, educate yourself. Lincoln was a tyrant, was guilty of treason, and was the father of the current Federal Empire.

Lincoln believed in the idea of an all powerful Central Empire in which the States and the People have no power or rights. The liberties of the people and the States should be dictated by the President and the Federal Empire… this is what Lincoln believed, and more so this was the back bone of the Republican Party.

FYI, the Republican Party was called “Red Republican Party” by Southerners, Texans, and many foreigners. It was labeled “Red” because Lincoln, Douglas, and many of its founding members believed in Imperialism vs. liberty. In essence the Republican Party of Lincoln resembled the British Empire in that liberty was no given to the people and the States by the all mighty, but were instead rationed out by the President, Congress, and the Central American Empire.

The “red” label was applied not as a way of comparing the Republican Party to Marxism, at this time in history Karl Marx had yet to define this political ideology. Instead the “red” label was meant to describe the color of the British Empire. “Red” was used to compare the Republicans to “Redcoat” British soldiers. Thus in essence the Republican Party of Lincoln was very much an Imperialist group with its eyes set on creating a vast American Empire that in time would rival the British Empire across the pond.

Ask yourself this… are we a voluntary Union of free and sovereign States, Republics, and Commonwealths as united under God as defined by the founding fathers, or are we a Federal Empire in which the Central Government is all powerful, can do whatever it wants, can get away with murder, can impose radical taxes on the people, can trample the rights and sovereignty of the States, and there is no Union, just a bunch of vassal States forced into an Imperial footprint. If you are a straight shooter, then there is no way in hell you can claim that we live in a voluntary Union of the founders.

Today we live in a corrupt Federal Empire that was created by the Lincoln regime.

Just to be fair, so Bob Haa and the local Republicans can’t claim that I’m some Liberal plant, the Marxist Democrat Party was re-founded in 1865 by the KKK. Fast forward to the 1920’s, the Democrat’s returned the favor by re-founding the KKK. As a Anti-Federalist I hate both Republicans and Democrats, they are corrupt pompous Imperialists who only seek power. They are the enemy.

Lincoln also carried out an illegal and bloody campaign against innocent and unarmed Confederates and Texans. Thousands upon thousands of innocent women and children were raped and murdered by rampaging Federal soldiers who with Lincoln’s consent targeted everyone living in either Dixie or Texas.

Lastly Lincoln was not the friend of the slave… he held very anti-Black sentiments before and during the war, and up until the day he was killed, Lincoln was actively working on legislation to deport every single former slave in the Federal Empire back to Africa.

I’m not making any of this up… these are what many call FACTS.

Here is a video to help educate many of y’all out there…


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