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Black Hate Crime of the Week – The “Knock out Game”


Apparently racist black teens have this new hip game they like to play, and its called the “knockout game” which involves anywhere between 1 and 20 black youths locating one or two WHITE people, and beating them senseless. The “game” part of this new trend is if you can knock out the WHITE person with the first blow, and then to make things interesting, if you can avoid not raping or robbing them in the process. The last part is not conjecture on my part, its true. Many players of this game that have been thwarted by armed citizens have admitted to the media that the fun part is seeing if you can hold back and NOT rob or rape the person you just knocked unconscious.

One such player of this game Marvell Weaver admitted as much when he was interviewed by the Blaze after being shot by one of his victims in Lansing, Michigan. ” You don’t even try to rob (or rape) them or anything. That’s the game.” stated Weaver to the Blaze on the record. Read the rest of this entry


So Long… Farewell…


I won’t bore y’all with some long lecture. Instead I will keep this short and sweet. I have moved out of Hernando County and now live on a spacious 30 acre mountain top farm in Tennessee. I left Hernando County because I grew tired of hitting my head against the wall every day in my crusade to fight the Yankees. This is a waste of my energy. Instead I now live in a city where the city flag is a Confederate flag, the city does not celebrate July 4th (many businesses and schools remain open), where ole Confederate holidays are celebrated, some even with glorious local parades (Lee-Jackson Day, Dixie Flag Day, CS Decoration Day, Jeff Davis Birthday, death of Lincoln, John W. Booths Birthday, etc.)… and best yet there ain’t a Yankee around for 500 miles. Whenever one rolls through town they are told to leave and not come back.

In short I love this place… this is what Florida used to be like.

Now that I have chosen Exodus over fighting the fate of the Heckler now rests with my backup, Cracker Commander, who unfortunately still lives in Hernando County, Florida. It shall be up to him to write the stories, update the pages, and well change the name if he wants.

Right now “The Commander” is busy with personal items and will pick up as the Editor in Chief of the Heckler in mid December.

So I will leave all of my readers with this message… get out now while the getting’s good. Hernando is a lost cause and it can’t be saved. To the Yankees who hate me… well I hate you too and there is a special place in hell for people like you.

God Save Florida, God Save the South!

Radio Legend, Bob Haa Dead

The headline says it all… local radio legend Bob Haa died last week due to respiratory and heart issues. He died at Brooksville Regional on October 28th. We here at the Heckler would like to extend our prayers to the Haa family, and Haa’s listeners during this sad time.

Bob, you will be missed greatly. You were the last good voice on the air in Hernando County, and in Florida. In memory of Bob Haa we have posted the below picture of a Yankee flag at half mast. This will be the only time that we will EVER post an image like this because we hate the Federal Empire. While Bob also hated what the Federal Government has become, he still fought for what it used to be. In honor of Bob we have decided to post this image.

Rest in peace Mr. Haa.