Daily Archives: December 22, 2013


Well the old Heckler is about 80% overhauled at this point. I’m redoing the “Culture War” page to make it more into a state wide struggle rather then a local one.

TRY (The Rebel Yell) is also spearheading a new Florida Nationalist initiative in which we will award medals and commendations to Floridians whom have gone above and beyond for the Florida Cause of self determination, self governance, and to fight demographic displacement programs.

We will also be awarding battle ribbons based on which theater a Floridian Freedom Fighter participated in during the “Great Florida Culture War”.

Keep in mind that Culture Wars are non-violent struggles in which one culture dominates and sub-plants another competing culture. Since about 1965, almost 100 years after Florida declared its independence from the Federal Empire and was forced back into the Empire at the point of a bayonet, the Republic of Florida became engulfed in a vast Culture War.

On one side we have the Native Florida Crackers and on the other side of the Cultural Battlefield we have the Federals which are mainly lead by Yankees and Guidos. Typical Grey vs. Blue. Read the rest of this entry


Pardon My Dust!

Well as promised, I’m overhauling the Hernando Heckler from just a local Hernando County blog, and into a larger blog that will speak for the Native Florida Cracker, and strike out against the Yankee’s, socialists, militant gays, and illegal aliens whom are squatting on our soil and ruining our Republic, the Republic of Florida!

Over the next week or so I will be changing the header, the name, and the About page.

2014 will be rung in with a slew of new stories, and an updated zeal to march forward and win the Great Culture War of Florida!!