The Great Hustle – Spring Hill Edition

We here at TRY have uncovered a local conspiracy of sorts. On the online forum which is the #1 online forum used by those looking to move from one area to another, has a dirty secret.

The dirty secret is that the Florida portion of the forum has been taken over by local Spring Hill relaters and developers posing as innocent local residents.

Within seconds of myself, the Cracker Commander, posting a lengthy and true account of how Yankees ruined Spring Hill, and how they are plotting to destroy East Hernando, I got a nasty response from a poster by the name of “SpringHillian”. The response was not fact based at all… just a bunch of pie in the sky crap, and was basically full of common Spring Hillian lies about how the majestic Yankees came down to our backwater County and modernized us.

What Hernandoians looked like before Yankees came down and civilized us.

What Hernandoians looked like before Yankees came down and civilized us.

I guess in the mind of the common Spring Hillian Guido or transplant Yankee we native Crackers were ruining around in loin cloths with bones in our noses before they came down here, taught us all how to read, speak, and wipe our asses. They forget that prior to 1961 when the Yankee invasion of Spring Hill began, that both Hernando County and Spring Hill were both thriving agriculture based areas, that Hernandoians enjoyed a nearly 0% unemployment rate, nearly 0% crime, and we had one of the strongest local communities in our part of West Central Florida.

Today Spring Hill has a 34% crime rate, which based on our population and the severity of the crimes committed in Spring Hill, makes this area even more criminally active then Tampa or Miami.

Today Spring Hill has an estimated 26% unemployment rate minus retirees, with retirees included our unemployment rate is around 40-50%.

The average age of Spring Hill is about 45, and the average level of education in Spring Hill is a high school diploma. Now don’t get me wrong many students between the ages of 18-25 go off to a local Florida college and get a really good education. The problem is that once these kids get a college degree, they leave Hernando so fast its not even funny.

The situation is so bad that local hospitals have to bribe medical graduates to come down and work at Spring Hill Regional or move their independent practice down here, just as they do in third world war-torn counties. If you come and work your first 5 years in Spring Hill then we (Hernando County and the State) will pay off your student loans. Keep in mind that both Oakhill and Brooksville Regional does not have this issue, and does not have to resort to this kind of trickery.

The main kicker about all of this is the stupidity of the Yankees who move down here. They ignore all of these facts, and over look a glaring lie. In all of the advertisements for Yankees to move to Spring Hill, every single ad has a picture of some white sandy beach and blue water. Where in Spring Hill, much less Hernando is there a white sandy beach??

Do these people not check this stuff out before spending their life savings to move down to Spring Hill to live in a 30+ year old house that was built over night by an army of Mexicans that the Deltona Corporation hired some time between 1960 and 1980, that is located in a region with a tax rate that rivals Tampa and Miami, that is located in a hurricane no mans land (i.e. if a Cat 3 storm were to hit, everything between 19 and 41 would be gone), that is also located in a sink hole haven (Spring Hill is the sink hole capital of the world), with poor health care (again we have to bribe doctors and specialists to come and work in Spring Hill), and to top it off their new “dream house” is located in the heart of an ever expanding and ever growing crime infested ghetto.

Why not move down to Tampa, St. Pete, or the Miami region where you would be in nirvana? Why move here, be angry, and ruin the lives of native Floridians who like living in a one horse county?

I guess a big answer to these questions can be found on bogus sites like Within 24 hours of our first post we had a slew of people back-up our story which only infuriated the member “SpringHillian”. This members tirade got so bad that the forum had to shut down the thread over the temper tantrum this person was throwing. Within 48 hours our account was suspended, as well as everyone else that backed up our story. The reasoning was that, and I quote “everyone’s IP address was from the same county, given this everyone must be working together to give Spring Hill a bad name and hurt the building and real estate market“… keep in mind that SpringHillian was not suspended for making obscene comments, making threats, and telling an 80 year old poster to, and I quote again “just die you sack of shit“.

I’d like for you all to focus on the words “Building and Real Estate Market“. Why put that in there if there wasn’t a connection between and the Hernando County Builders Assoc. and the Hernando County Realtors Assoc?

Now we checked out this site off of a tip from a reader who begged us to go undercover and check it out. He is a proud Florida Cracker who works for a local business that has ties to both of these groups. This same reader has told us about a secret plan to over-develop east Hernando and with it Brooksville. He has even told us of plans to rename Brooksville and as his Guido boss puts it, drive out the “inbred hillbilly’s” that live out there.

My friends make no mistake we are locked in a war… a culture war in which we the native people of Florida are fighting for the survival of our way of life. You can choose to ignore what is going on around you, or you can get up, get mobilized before its too late.

Its time to wise up, and rise up!

God Save Florida!!


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. Spring Hillian

    I am Spring Hillian and your story about the events on CD is bullcrap as is this blog.

    • crackercommander

      Wow, that’s your side of the story… very in depth and compelling rhetoric I’ve ever heard.

      Listen this is not some small time blog here, we get over 2,000 readers on average every day. This also ain’t your mom and pop blog either. I ran a IP checker on the moderators who banned me from, and likely banned all of those other people that came to my defense.

      Its funny that the IP address is very close, if not right ontop of the Hernando Builders Assoc. HQ over on 50.

      Its also funny that I get banned for speaking the truth about Spring Hill, meanwhile you can still post even after making some rather nasty and vulgar comments about other posters.

      Its also funny that we received a tip that this was going on from someone that works very closely with the HBA an HRA, they told us what was happening, who was doing it and what to look for.

      Its very funny that all of the dots connect.

  2. I didnt see any truth to your posting. Spring Hill – murder capital of FL. Come now. Be serious. Do you have anything that backs up anything you posted? What nasty and vulgar comments did I make about other posters? I dont know what dots you connected, but I am not a realtor nor do I have any ties to any organizations that deal with real estate.

  3. By the way, crime is down in Hernando County. Surely the 2013 figures will show a further decrease.

    Crime in Florida – Hernando County
    Summary of UCR Data County 2011 2012 % Change
    Population 173,078 173,104 0.0
    Total Arrests 7,275 6,915 -4.9
    Total Index Offenses 5,720 5,143 -10.1
    Violent Rate 316.6 297.5 -6.0
    Non-Violent Rate 2,988.2 2,673.5 -10.5
    Index Rate 3,304.9 2,971.0 -10.1

    • crackercommander

      Still playing the diversion game huh? Its funny that the story was about how CD was infested with real estate agents and developers trying to paint Spring Hill as a great place to live when nothing can be further from the truth.

      Also I didn’t write anything about “Spring Hill being the murder capital of FL”. The previous author LeRoy did however write such an article about how Spring Hill is a crap hole and is the “murder capital of Florida”. He based this article on a Hernando Today story which ran back on February 14th 2011 that listed the facts and was titled “Hernando County, Murder Capital of Florida”. Within the story it listed Spring Hill as the sole culprit for this designation. The story cites FBI violent crime data stats that were collected during the 2010 census.

      This story was online for about a week before it was pulled down and wiped from the Hernando Today’s website. Before they did that LeRoy printed a copy of the story, which I still have and I’m looking at right now. They pulled it down because of the local Builders and Realators who threw a fit and put some big time pressure on the local Hernando Today editor by way of the ads they buy in the Tampa Tribune. We got that juicy bit of info from Craig Johnson who no longer works for the Hernando Today and now works for the Orlando Sentinel.

      For evidence about how bad Spring Hill is, and why we can’t keep anyone below the age of 40 in Spring Hill (namely medical graduates), here is how bad things have gotten. HealthSouth has to dish out $10,000 signing bonuses to bring medical professionals into Spring Hill Regional. Nobody wants to live here but retireed Yankees who are trying their damnedest to turn Hernando County, a Southern County, into a sunny version of Philly, Jersey, New York, or whatever other shit hole they crawled out of to get down here. I know for a fact that Brooksville Regional and Oakhill don’t have to trick people into taking jobs at their facilities. There is a reason why nearly every medical provider, from dentist to obgyn, in Spring Hill is a foreign national who recently graduated from college, and nearly every medical provider at Brooksville Regional and Oakhill are local people who graduated from USF or UF. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

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