Katy Perry’s Satanic Performance at the Grammy’s and the Toxic Uh-Merican Culture – Break Free From It!

mind-controlWatch the video, this is what is called in the Occult as a “Black Mass”, between this and the gay marriage push by many Holly-Weirdo’s this has to be one of the most Satanic Grammy award ceremonies to date. There have been rumors floating around about how many top (toxic) pop singers and rappers dabble in the occult, and to us here at the Rebel Yell this is proof positive.

Watch closely because this is what your children are being brain washed with, and indoctrinated into. Is there any wonder anymore left as to why public school educated children, those who are exposed to this crap through their peers, have a nearly 98% chance of becoming drug addicts, engaging in criminal acts, becoming unemployed, going to prison, declaring bankruptcy, being converted to atheism, being pro-gay marriage, being pro-baby murder (i.e. abortion), then those that are home schooled?

Seriously there is a good reason why there is a resurgence in home schooling in the Deep South, and its because of the glorification of the toxic pop culture and Marxist-Liberal beliefs in our local school system. Trust me if the teachers and school isn’t pushing this agenda, then you will have a group of students that will push it in their place. So don’t be fooled by Christian schools because your kids aren’t safe their either. Sure the school itself and its teachers might not indoctrinate your children, but a few bad children who were spawned by some trashy liberal parents will.

The Rebel Yell recommends that all of our readers home school your children if you live within the Tampa Bay Area if you want them to turn out normal Native Floridians who value Christianity and Floridian / Southern culture.

Another reason why we are seceding from “Uh-Merica” is because it is the modern day version of Sodom and Gomorrah, and with each passing year it turns more to atheism, sin, and decadence and more away from family, God, morals, and basically what used to make this former Republic strong.

Katy Perry ’14 Grammy’s Performance (Satanic Ritual):

An Actual Satanic Black Mass (Documentary):

Lady Gaga wears the robes of a Satanic Priest at the '12 Grammys. It features 3 inverted crosses.

Lady Gaga wears the robes of a Satanic Priest at the ’12 Grammys. It features 3 inverted crosses.

Here is some more evidence which shows that there is either a great Satanic conspiracy (i.e. a large Satanic group that works under the radar) or a bunch of those in power just like Satanic and occult stuff an awful lot. At the risk of sounding like a complete tin-foil hat wearing nutter the first video exposes the secret rituals of 33rd Degree Masons which are very Satanic in nature. The video is lengthy and shows the swearing in of new Masons, then shows the Satanic Worshiping done in secret by 33rd Degree Masons, and even shows Masonic marriages which the Free Masons insist do not occur. The video is authentic and made national news in Turkey which is where the video was shot. The video was shot by a Turkish Doctor who was a devout Christian, and was sworn in as a 33rd Degree Mason. The Good Doctor is no longer part of the Free Masons and had to move his practice to Saudi Arabia, where Masonic Lodges are illegal, because the other members of the Turkish Masonic Lodges basically black listed him and threatened his life and the life of his family.

Here is another video of a Major League Baseball game in which a series of Satanic symbols were broadcast during the game. For those that haven’t read the book “Satan Wants You” which is an in-depth undercover look at the occult world, the flashing of symbols in Satanic circles is how they cast dark spells. Now we don’t believe in this crap, but they do. So it doesn’t matter that you and I consider this stuff to be a crock, the people that have a lot of money believe in this crap which should bother you. We apologize for the idiot in the video who is talking, he is a royal dumbass.

Note that all of the stars on this flag for the 2008 Clinton political rally are inverted. Inverted stars are always Satanic.

Note that all of the stars on this flag for the 2008 Clinton political rally are inverted. Inverted stars are always Satanic.

Here is a documentary from Alex Jones about the dirty little secret that is the Bohemian Grove Society and how every President, every (male) Senator, nearly every (male) Governor, a bunch of members of the Supreme Court (males only), a slew of (male) Foreign leaders, the majority of the House of Representatives (males only), basically every single high ranking official of every State and Federal Agency (male only again), University Presidents/Provosts (males), CEO’s (again males only), and Hollywood celebrities (dudes only bro).

So if you believe in the occult or not is not important and is not the issue. Again I think its a bunch of hogwash crapola. Those in power do and these people are in power because they travel in secret circles and use these occult groups as ways to maintain control over you and I, and ensure that we remain at the bottom or in the event we get money and some power, remain irrelevant and on the outside looking in.

Remember that if the richest person in the world loves My Little Pony for example, and is the biggest Broni around, then it would be a safe bet that this person would sooner or later build a My Little Pony theme park, and would use his power to keep the show on TV and if need be brainwash the youth into carrying this obsession forward for as long as possible. Now in a perfect world we could only hope that the powerful were obsessed with My Little Pony instead of the occult, but again this is not a perfect world.

Remember they have the money, they have the power, they have the popularity, they are on TV… hell they control TV and cable, and these people are the Uh-Merican Culture. Only way to strip them of this power is to secede from society by going off the grid as much as possible.

Cut cable. Its all crap, and now a days its mostly made up of gay channels, pro-gay broadcasting, and other forms of Marxist-Liberal propaganda.

The Freemasons who built Washington DC, constructed multiple inverted stars into its street and monument design.

The Freemasons who built Washington DC, constructed multiple inverted stars into its street and monument design.

Stop watching sports for the sake of it. If your team ain’t on then don’t waste your time.

Stop watching commercials. If you need someone to tell you that you need someone then guess what, you don’t really need it.

Stop worshiping those in entertainment. With the exception of Christian actors, musicians, and a few Honky-Tonk singers they are all atheist borderline satanists who love Marxism and hate individual freedom. Its rare to find a popular “celebrity” in Holly-Weird that does not tow this line, and when they make their self known they are black listed.

Stop eating processed or GMO foods. They cause cancer.

Stop eating High Fructose Corn Syrup and Corn Syrup period. Corn Syrup makes you fat and in turn makes you easier to control. The Nazi’s and Soviets used to fatten up some really out of control prisoners that they couldn’t kill for whatever reason. Once they were obese they were easily controlled and stopped acting out as much.

Stop charging yourself and your family into a financial hole and perpetual wage slave sentence. Remember the only reason we have jobs is to pay for a house, and pay off our debts. If you live right and with a purpose then you should have no problem retiring between the ages of 40 and 50, if not sooner.

Stop allowing those in education to brainwash and indoctrinate your children into mindless Marxist-Liberal zombies. Many colleges, even in the deepest Southern State now has “Queer-Theory” courses, and LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi and Tranny) Foundation accounts with the sole purpose of employing more gay teachers, and promoting gay programs. In K-12 schools now adays, again even in the deepest of Dixie, many schools force students to embrace Islamic, Marxist, Homosexual, and other non-Christian traditional Southern cultural

Chelsea Clinton was caught wearing an inverted cross at one of her mothers campaign stops back in 2008.

Chelsea Clinton was caught wearing an inverted cross at one of her mothers campaign stops back in 2008.

beliefs, all the meanwhile preaching to YOUR children that their family and their Christian traditional Southern cultural standards are evil, racist, bigoted, and must be eradicated.

Stop allowing the Government, Media, and Schools to raise your children. Cut the cable, get a cheap used car, live in a house you can afford, live outside of HOA controlled areas, grow your own non-GMO garden, raise your own non-GMO chickens and livestock, live outside of sub-urban, urban, and metro areas, home-school your kids, go to Church once a week or at least hold home church, and reject the toxic Marxist, Atheist/Satanic, Liberal world of the Federal Imperialists…. In other words personally Secede.

and for God’s sake open your damn eyes… the proof is right in front of you. These people are not hiding it and we are not making it up. They think that you are too stupid to connect the dots and understand what they are doing. So far they are right.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. First of all Marxism has absolutely nothing to do with it. All governments are inherently evil. If Marxism is guilty than Capitalism is just as guilty. In fact America’s so called personal freedom is part of the problem. Satan has everyone duped into thinking that personal freedom is a wonderful thing when all it does is promote the seeking of personal pleasure and total avarice and the love of money. (1Tim 6:10)
    If America is such a great wonderful country then why has it been high jacked by right wing republican policies which have lead it into complete economic slavery to…. Communist China?
    Republican deregulations of corporations have ran this country into the ground and are basically killing the middle class. And these lies about Social Security being 7 trillion dollars in debt are nonsense. You’re supposed to be a Christian based organization yet you’re spreading lies to the American people.
    Remember, SS (and don’t be ridiculous by equating that with Nazi storm troopers, idiots) is paid for by workers wages!!! And only those that have paid into it can receive money from it.
    I am a Socialist who believes in the One True Living God thru Yahushua ha’ Maschiach. And when I hear idiots like you glorifying America’s self centered ‘me, me, me’ evil capitalist system it infuriates me.
    If you follow the teachings of The Anointed One, he taught that ALL people should be taken care of NOT just the privileged. In fact, he taught that the privileged SHOULD take care of those less fortunate.
    Even in the Old Testament GOD says that during harvest time ‘the olive trees shall not be shaken twice and that each corner of the land should be left unshaken so as to provide for the poor’.
    In this day and age Republicans would call that Socialism and complain just as they did with Obama, “ohhhhh, he wants me to share the wealth”…… Well guess what YES GOD DOES WANT THE WEALTHY TO SHARE THEIR WEALTH. Remember the story about the rich man who told Christ that he didn’t want to give up his riches when Christ asked him to do so ?
    Yet the so called moral Republican Party wants to get rid of any and all services that assist those in need.
    That is not Christianity. That is self centered preservation which shows no empathy or compassion to the poor.
    This country has been high jacked by the rich and hood winked by Satan via so called ‘personal freedom rights!’
    You should be ashamed for spreading this filth! But I can find solace in knowing that The One True Living GOD sees what you’re doing as well!

    • Cracker Commander

      I guess you see the Confederate flag and Christian symbols and assume that we are Republican. You are incorrect.

      Confederates are Confederates and Confederates believe in Libertarianism, not Republicanism.

      Actually Confederates believe in Confederalism, which is a political ideology that has yet to be defined.

      Confederates are Christian, Libertarian, and believe in the Christian philosophy of “Free Will” which is a gift from God. We believe that people have the free will to succeed or fail on their own free from intervention by Government.

      Confederates believe that charity should be funneld through the church, not through Marxist Government programs, and we believe that people have the “Free Will” to choose to provide charity or not.

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