Spring Hill’s New Title – Drug Abuse Capital of Florida…


Yes it read that right. The wonderful festering turd that is Spring Hill, that crappy sand pit that is full of violent transplants from up North has made national news again. Only this time instead of being the murder capital of Florida, which is a title it actually held from 2001-2010 (basically the reign of the incompetent Sheriff Richard Nugent), Spring Hill has a new national distinction.

Drug Abuse capital of Florida… namely Prescription Drugs.

While you might say, let these elderly idiots drug themselves to death… who-cares as long as they don’t get behind the wheel or harm someone. Most people in Spring Hill are all ancient retirees anyway… whats the problem?
Well the problem is that many of the drug abusers in Spring Hill are not elderly as are many people in Spring Hill.  Over the past 5 years the population of Spring Hill has gotten a lot younger as the retirees begin to die off in record numbers. For example, in 2000 the average age of Spring Hill was 55 and in 2010 the average age was 39.5.

While this might look like a good thing on the surface for us Natives it really isn’t good at all. You see if these retired Yankees would just die off then everything would be fine and dandy. Unfortunately when an old Yankee retiree dies, their dirt bag kids inherit their parents or grand parents property and then move down here in their place. So where we had one retired Yankee before, we now have a small Yankee family of between 3 and 6 younger Yankees.

When these younger Yankees move down here they bring their crime habits with them, or turn back to their old ways once they fail to find any real legit jobs. As I have said before you can’t raise a family on wages from Wal-Mart, Target, or McDonald’s no matter how hard or how long you work. Unfortunately these are the top three non-government employers in Spring Hill.

One of the hottest criminal jobs in Spring Hill is the prescription drug racket. As the retired population died off in record numbers between 2000 and 2010, the cases of prescription drug related offenses, namely babies who are born in Spring Hill from mother who are addicted abuses of prescription drugs has hit a record high levels.

As the prescription drug abuse cases hit record high levels so did the level of home burglaries. Between 2000 and 2010 the number of home burglaries in Spring Hill shot up by 63%. In nearly every single case the burglars ransacked the house, took some easy to take items (cameras, GPS, loose guns), raided the medicine cabinets, and stripped them bare.


Please disregard the loud bass music, home burglaries, and drug problem. Move to Spring Hill, its the bestest and superest place on Earth.

I myself was a victim of such a home burglary about a year ago. The thieves tore up our home, looted small items, and emptied all of our medicine cabinets, first aid kits, and vitamins. When I spoke with the deputies that came out they told us that crime in Hernando is out of control. They said that the local media doesn’t report on the actual crime rates because they are afraid that if the public knew that the few working people in Hernando would relocate, and any future growth with be statemented. In a nut shell the Hernando builders and real estate boards strike again. Nothing like putting their interests ahead of peoples safety.

It has gotten so bad in Spring Hill that NBC and USA Today.

Rock Center three hospitals (Oakhill, Brooksville, and Spring Hill) and spoke to doctors at many more. These babies may seem normal at birth, but within days they start having symptoms like severe shaking, tremors and more.

“They vomit. They have diarrhea. They’ll often have fever, sweating…extreme irritability,” said Dr. Mary Newport, the director of the neonatal unit at the Spring Hill Regional Hospital north of Tampa, Fla., in an interview airing Thursday at 10pm/9c on NBC.


USA Today has more of the same to write about, here is what they found out.

“The epidemic of drug-addicted newborns really follows exactly from the spread of the pill mills, the ability to buy prescription drugs like OxyContin on the street, to get them on the Internet,” Rubin says. “It’s staggering to think of the financial, emotional and social costs of this problem.”

Doctors want to intervene early to get pregnant addicts into rehabilitation. But some expectant mothers hide their addictions from their obstetricians because they fear government social workers will take the child, Solomon says.

A pregnant woman can’t quit cold turkey because as she goes into withdrawal, the baby will, too, says Mary Newport, medical director of neonatal intensive care at Spring Hill Regional Hospital in Spring Hill, Fla. “The baby could have seizures in the womb. They can miscarry,” she says.

One in 20 babies born in the semirural community north of Tampa (i.e. Spring Hill) is addicted to painkillers, Newport says.


!!! Are you freaking kidding me here. One in 20 babies born in Spring Hill is born addicted to painkillers. That just sickens me.

It also has me thinking that perhaps Spring Hill is sooooo bad that it has ruined any chances we Natives have at retaking Hernando County. But on the bright side, if this story can have one, it will likely prevent the Yankees from taking it over as well. Once the Yankees have ruined an area they won’t move to it. Look at St. Pete and Pinellas County. There are more people moving out of Pinellas County every year then moving into it. This is because Pinellas was the Yankees first attempts at colonizing an area to the point that they literally pave the entire target county over with concrete and force out all Native Crackers. So essentially Pinellas was the original Spring Hill.

Perhaps LeRoy was right to pick roots up and flee to the Appalachia region of Tennessee. LeRoy believed that Florida and Hernando were both a lost cause, so he fled to be with real Southern people vs. fighting a life long losing battle. I don’t believe Florida is lost, and believe that we can still save it. I guess I will have to see if I still hold this view after running the Rebel Yell for as long as LeRoy ran the Hernando Heckler.

In any event I’d like to see those snakes in the grass over at the City-Data forum dispel these facts. Namely Springhillian.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. I know this place is out of control. I just find it funny you think it’s because of Yankees. Ha. Almost everyone I know that’s on pills have been born here or been here since they were little. Us Yankees have stronger and more family values then the majority of southern trash I’ve seen. My family has always been against drugs. Parents raised us three girls not a one ever tried any drug except pot! We are all in our 40s now never had any drug problems have children no drug issues. Yet we are surrounded by it. Do you know what the problem is? Stupidity. I don’t even know why these children are sent to school! Bad education system. They go to school and seem to get out knowing even less then when they went in!! Dumb. The stupidest people I have ever met in my entire life. That’s your southern education system. And when I moved here I was 9 everyone was southern and bad. So bad. Doing things my parents would have killed me for! And the majority of the kids in my classes had only one parent. Or were living with their grandparents. Had 0 respect for their elders. In N.Y. no one in my extremely large family has ever been divorced! One drug addict in the family but he straightened out when his first child was born and 30 years later has not a problem. My parents are very educated. Myself and three sisters had a ny Catholic school education until we moved here. And we were so advanced we were ahead of everyone by 5 years. Did you see that what I wrote there? 5 years. That’s disgusting. These kids have no education no ambition except to put half naked pictures on fb. And be the most wanted girl around! And who won’t these people have sex with! And its any way to get a pill now! Where are their parents? Ohhh those scumbags! Addicted to pills and helping their kids out when they are sick from not having any!! In all honesty its not the Yankee dirt bags or the southern scum. They are stupid. All stupid. Lack of education. No morals either. And that’s not entirely because of the parents. There is a mentality down here I have never seen in my life. I don’t know if the sun just bakes everyone’s brain until it just gives up.. But no one cares. Not about their kids or families. Not about getting a good job or owning a home. They just all gave up. When the economy crashed years back everyone here lost everything. All that help given to the banks and the banks did not help or work with the people. My husband and I and three children lost everything within a year. Two story 5000 sq ft. Home on an acre and change 65,000 in the bank lost to trying to save our home and vehicles. And then limbo for years trying too learn a new career. Until we picked ourselves up and we still we never be as well off as then. So there were not too many choices for alot of people. Good family people started to sell the pills. And everyone started to take them I think to drown out their misery and helplessness. And years later still no good jobs. Everyone here gave up!!! And with the disgusting excuse for an education system. We are fked my friend! Now what to do? Stop arresting people for being addicts. Open good rehabilitation centers. Better teachers harder curriculum. Bring some good businesses in. Motivate people to do better. Want more. If I went to the dr. And they prescribed me 120 pain pills I wouldn’t fill the prescription. Why can I be like that? What did my parents do so differently then most? They loved each other and us. The family was everything the only thing that mattered. No hitting name calling. No daddy’s out all nite can’t find mommy for days! From Work to family. And they were always there and we were always everyday with our cousins. We all loved each other there was nothing else. That was the first 10 years of my life. Then here still had my parents but no other family. But in my earliest years all we knew was love and family devotion. And I think thats why I was never influenced by anyone or anything. if you have that through your early years I think thats what makes the difference.Strong minded. Confident, common sense ohh yes that is something that’s missing down here to a ridiculous degree! No one has that. What is your answer to these problems? Do you have any ideas?

    • Cracker Commander

      Not all Yankees are the problem, its the ones that identify as Yankees after living here for the past 50+ years that are the issue socially. But drug wise its your children. Not all of your children, and not your children persay, but the majority of them.

      I could respond with hundreds upon hundreds of news articles show casing Young Adult Yankees who are 20-35 years and who were arrested in Hernando County for selling or transporting drugs.

      I’m not pulling stuff out of thin air. I pull criminal arrest records, and look up the origins of those arrested. 9.9 out of 10 times the drug abuser is a Yankee born adult child.

      Also the Drug baby issue is only found within Spring Hill. Brooksville, which is 15 miles away reports little to no drug baby issues and this stat is in line with the surrounding rural Florida Cracker areas.

      The same can be said down in New Port Richey, which has the same drug baby issue that Spring Hill does. However in Dade City, which is 30 miles away, there are virtually zero drug babies.

      Both Spring Hill and New Port Richey have Yankee populations that are over 70%. See a trend?

      Hernando County would be a lot better off without Yankees moving down here. Y’all bring crime, and unemployment, and worst yet Y’all destroy our local culture.

  2. Another thing. I didn’t know that the Yankees moved down here and brought pills with them. I do recall however, that the pain management drs just started springing up all over and Yankees and crackers were going to them like crazy. Also drug trafficking has been a major industry in Florida period. Before the pills it was coke wasn’t it? My point is that these pills have effected every type of person. And as with any poor area what is the main industry? Drugs. Wether it be crack, coke, heroin, pills. And no longer is it really pills I hate to break it to you. It’s now crystal meth. That’s what’s taking over. Your real problem is with your government. They all have investments in the pharmaceutical companies. They make soooo much money off of their legalized drug dealings. And that’s why no one has put a stop to it. Our government makes to much money off this. They have actually transported drugs into this county to make money!! Stop blaming addicts. Most the people who deal are addicts its a constant back and forth to try to get pills and money for pills. And getting off them and staying off them will be a life long battle for these addicts. And its really sad. Put the blame where it should be.

    • Cracker Commander

      The stats don’t lie. Spring Hill has the highest % of babies born addicted to drugs and prescription medication in the entire state, meanwhile 15 miles across the county in Brooksville, there are virtually zero cases being reported.

      Spring Hill has a 21% crime rate, and Brooksville has a 10% crime rate, which is a bit above average, but you have to factor in that a lot of Yankees from Spring Hill are going over into Brooksville to commit crimes.

      Does Brooksville have a few Cracker’s who are scum bag criminals. Yes.

      Are all Cracker’s saints and gods? No. not by a long shot. Like every ethnic group on this planet, we have our fair share of idiots.

      Are all Yankees scum bags. No.

      But the problem with Hernando County is not the small 1-2% of Crackers who are dumb-asses, its the massive 100,000+ population of Yankees squatting in Spring Hill.

      Back in the 1960’s the residents of then Brooksville, warned the County not to allow Deltona to purchase and build Spring Hill into what it is today. The Brooksvillians from back in the 60’s warned that if you build a massive retirement colony in the middle of agricultural farmland, 40 miles from any beach, that eventually as the retirees die off, their old houses will fall into disrepair, and eventually will get sold as low income housing.

      Today that fear is coming true. The retirees are passing away, and new ones are not replacing them. Instead we are seeing large chunks of Spring Hill turning into ghettos as the adult children of these deceased Yankee retirees are inheriting the homes and are moving down here without any job skills to a County that has zero job opportunities.

      The empty houses that are not inherited, are being sold at wholesale prices to low income families.

      Because of Spring Hill, and its retirement Yankee populace that is dying, this area is turning into a ghetto.

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