Black History Month is RACIST!

Untitled-1Black History Month is one of the many racist Black Supremacist holidays of the Federal Empire. These “holidays” have been forced down our throats for the past 30 years by the PC Diversity fascists.

For example can you imagine the shit storm that would develop if a “White History” month were to be created?

The standard gauge for judging if a racist double standard exists is what we call the “White Test”. For example racist Black supremacists claim that BET (Black Ent. TV) is not racist, however if you mention to these same people that you want a WET (White Ent. TV) then  they will likely call you a racist for wanting the same exact thing, but just a white version of it.

Its essentially Imperial sponsored reverse racism at its finest. But you don’t have to tolerate it, especially when your child is involved.

If you have children you need to stop them being indoctrinated into the lunacy of diversity and multiculturalism (i.e. social Marxism) that preaches its okay for Blacks, Hispanics, and Gays to be as racist and offensive as they want, and straight white Christians should be ashamed of their success.

Another goal of Black History month is to spread the myth that the Confederacy is evil. In this respect Black History month is kind of like Nazi propaganda that spreads myths about the Jews being evil baby killing, blood drinking, monsters.

Black History month is on big smear campaign against the Confederacy and her people. In every case you hear a story about how a righteous black person rose up and bested the evil Confederates.

Its 100% propaganda… 0% history… and you don’t have to take it.

If you homeschool like we do, then don’t cover ANY Black, Hispanic, or Gay History material. If you do then you are wasting your time and should just send your children off to a Federally controlled school. When my wife and I homeschool we teach our children that these racist Imperial holidays, like Black History month, should be ignored because they are nothing more than agents of indoctrination meant to keep racial groups divided within the Empire.

Essentially we teach our kids that the Federals use a process of dividing and conquering to keep everyone under their heel. As long as the populace is fractured into various sub groups they will never be able to unite and rise up.

Hence why the Federal Empire trips over itself to pardon illegal aliens and welcome refugees from around the world into its collective. It keeps the people under its heel divided.

If your child goes to the Federal school system then you need to pull your kid out of school for the month of February, and have them sit at home with a baby sitter, or grandparent and homeschool them for this month.

You will also have to do this again in October when its Hispanic History month. But the trouble will be well worth it.

February is nothing but a month long brainwashing campaign and nothing of value is ever learned during this time. Seriously your child will be better served watching “The Price is Right” then learning about the Black “skin head” Malcolm X, the “Marxist in Chief” Barack Obama (who is not even black), and a bunch criminal rappers like Jay-Z and Snoop-Dog.

Sure they still teach about George Washington Carver and the Peanut, and MLK, but you can’t fill an entire month with these two people.

Black History month is also void of any talk about the level of racist hatred that Blacks had to face outside of Dixie during the Civil Rights movement. In Boston you had White Yankees rioting in the streets and attacking black children with shovels. In LA you had White Yankees rioting in the streets an attacking blacks with bricks and wooden bats. In Chicago you had White Yankees march into black neighborhoods and try to burn them out of the city. The level of White on Black crime, and Black on White crime that occurred in the Yankee States far out shadowed anything that occurred in Occupied Dixie during the Civil Rights Movement.

Also keep in mind… Confederates were not in charge of the atrocities committed during the Civil Rights Movement in Dixie. Sure some of our people took part in these crimes, but they were duped by the racist puppet politicians who were in the Yankees pockets.

If Confederates were in charge then a few States would had seceded, not because of the Civil Rights Movement, but because Confederates don’t want to be in the Empire.

Last time I checked not one Confederate State tried to secede, not once. Given this it is impossible for any of these elected officials to have been Confederates.

They were Yankee stooges posing as Good Ole Boys.

Why do we hate Black History Month? Well we don’t recognize race, we believe that a people should be united together as one people, not divided by race. After all wasn’t this Dr. Kings true dream? He didn’t want a Black and White America, that was already in existence. What he wanted was one single people that called themselves American (i.e. Federal Imperialists).

We the people of Dixie want the same thing. We want one single people called Dixons, not Southerners, or Southern-Americans, or American. Just Dixons.

Is that to hard to ask? Is it a crime to strive for that dream… our Confederate Dream?



About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    I can’t do a lot physically to help the cause, But, I could teach in a new community of Constitutionalist. Everyone giving what they can to promote free living in our on country.

  2. crackercommander

    Thank you for the response, and please every little bit helps.

    While I’m a Dixie Nationalist, if any Americans that read our blog want to help us in our crusade to tear down racial barriers then by all means join in.

    We Dixie Nationalists are trying to create a united people, the Dixon people. Americans should do the same as well.

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