Florida Party Officially Joins the “Free Dixie Project”

Below is an excerpt from the Facebook page of the Florida Party, which is a group of native Florida Crackers who are in the process of forming a 3rd political party for Floridians. They have decided that the current system is too far past the point of return to reform it by way of the ballot, and too corrupt for nullification to be effective.

We have been saying this for the past 3 years.

FLAP is made up of 25 founding leaders, they are co-ed in nature (men and women), and are made up of both Christian and Jewish Floridians. Seven of these 25 founding leaders are current elected officials within the State of Florida or work for the Florida government, and 3 are mid-to-large business owners. For obvious reasons these individuals have opted for extreme secrecy because if their names were to get out to the public, then the Federal Loyalists would do everything in their power to get them fired, prevent them from getting re-elected, and would boycott their businesses.

You have to understand that in order for the Free Dixie Project to secede a lot of its leaders will need to remain in the shadows until we hit a certain bench mark is hit… or until most of them become self-sufficient or retired and no longer would be subject to economic retaliation by Federal Loyalists, the Federal Empire, or anti-Dixon groups.

This is what the Confederate founders did, and what the Colonial founders did as well. Had the British known who the leaders of the American Revolutionists were then they would had jailed and executed them well before they could Declare Independence and secede from the British Empire. Likewise had the Federal Government known who the Confederate Revolutionists were then they would have jailed and executed them long before they could seceded from the American Empire and form the Confederacy.

So some Dixon Revolutionists will be in shadows, just like some American founding fathers and Confederate founding fathers were as well… and some will be out in the spot light.

This rule should go for our supporters as well. We urge our supporters to remain under the radar unless they are self-sufficient or self-employed. Many Florida public and private sector agencies and businesses are owned or  managed by Yankee Carpet Baggers, radical minority groups, or Federal Loyalists of one degree or another (i.e. Marxist-Democrats or Imperial-Republicans). If you flaunt your pro-Dixon national identity then you will likely be the target of anti-Dixon bigotry in the form of being passed over for promotions, job offers, raises, and in some cases even fired.

Getting back to the original topic this is very good news for our movement, and is a major partnership for the new Free Dixie Project!

Below is the statement from the Florida Party…

Given the fact that the minimum wage is going up to $10.10, and will likely go up to $15.00 before Obama leaves office, the economy is toast. Between this and the million other political corruption issues caused by the Republicans and Democrats there is no way possible to reform or save the current system, not even through a stiff policy of nullification.

FLAP firmly believes that the only way to save Florida is to focus on secession for Florida. In support of the Florida Secession Movement FLAP’s founding leaders have agreed to forgo our plans to form an actual political party, and will instead focus on advancing the secession movement in Florida by partnering up with a dozen other like minded Florida Nationalist groups to form the Free Dixie Project.

The Free Dixie Project will be a self-secessionist movement in which we encourage Floridians and the other people of Dixie to self secede from the current system. As long as people call themselves Americans and are blindly loyal to the Federal Empire the Dixie States will never be a position to secede.

Its the chicken or the egg argument. What came first back in 1861 when Dixie seceded the first time? The states didn’t secede on their own, it was the people that first self-seceded between 1830-1850 that lead up to the States being able to secede. Without a free minded populace Dixie would have never seceded and the Confederacy would have never been created.

This is the crux of the Free Dixie Project and what we hope to establish… a firm foundation of pro-secession minded people that either identify with their home-state or with Dixie as their national, cultural, and ethnic identity rather then with the Federal Empire (i.e. America) or the American South (i.e. still America).

If we are going to be free then we need a distinctive identity all our own. When our colonial founders seceded from the British Empire they took this path, and dropped their national, cultural, and ethnic British identity and adopted a new American one. This is the key step that our Confederate founders failed to adopt in 1861.

IF we are to be a free people then as a free people we need our national, cultural, and ethnic identity and as long as we call ourselves Americans, we will never attain this goal. We need to do what Franklin, Jefferson, and Washington did by forming a new identity all our own, and we believe that new identity should be a Dixon identity since our various peoples all hail from the region of Dixie.

Once we remove some key items from this page, this page will be deleted so we can form a new Free Dixie Project page. The Free Dixie Project page should be up this summer.

God Save Dixie!


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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