Georgia Senate calls for Constitutional Convention

3x5-georgia-flagThe Georgia Senate passed a resolution Tuesday urging a constitutional convention of the states.

The push is a pet project of conservatives, who note that the U.S. Constitution under Article V allows states to meet and propose amendments to it. In this case, according to sponsor Sen. Cecil Staton, R-Macon, it would be to cap the federal government’s spending and impose term limits on Congress.

“I think the problem in Washington (D.C.) is not a Democratic problem,” Staton said. “It’s not a Republican problem. Frankly, it’s both.”

Senate Resolution 736 passed 37-16. It’s at least the 12th application the state has submitted in recent history requesting a convention, Staton said. The Constitution requires at least two-thirds — or 34 — states to petition on the same subject before a convention is called.

Virginia, Wyoming, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, Vermont, New Hampshire, Texas, Montana, and South Carolina are the next States that are expected to vote on this issue next. We will need 32 State legislatures to join Georgia before a new Constitutional convention can be called.

Even if all of the current 11 States pass similar resolutions, we would only have 12 total States that would be calling for a Constitutional Convention. Keep in mind that 10 of these 12 States are conservative with Vermont and New Hampshire being ultra liberal, but still more in line with conservative ideals and less inline with the brand of Marxist liberalism pushed by California and New York.

In order to get a new Constitution we would need 20 more States to join in the cause. Many applaud this as a way to save the American Empire, we do not. We believe that the Empire is just that, an Empire and needs to be burned to the ground so that from its ashes new nations can rise and we the people can live in peace for once. The use of burn is all metaphorical of course. By “burn” we mean the total economic collapse of the American Empire, which by our accounts is only a few years down the road at the current pace the Empire is printing money and cooking the books.

Also don’t be fooled, this is a double edged sword because of the RINO’s who run the GOP are the ones calling for this convention. Yes, your Rubio’s, McCain’s, Bush’s, and Romney’s are the ones demanding a convention, whereas your pro-Dixon and pro-Libertarian politicians like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz oppose this movement because they know that if this movement succeeds then it will mean that the noose of the Federal Empire will be tightened even more around the necks of true Patriots, Dixons, and Indians, and other peoples who part of the Empire against their will.

You can bet dollars to donuts that if a new convention is passed the RINO GOP will restrict the 2nd Amendment, they will expand diversity programs, and limit personal freedoms.

The only way the Dixon people will ever enjoy liberty is through the long process of reclamation. Since Dixie already seceded and declared its Independence back in 1861 it does not need to secede again. All we have to do is wake our people out of their stupor, reassert our distinctive culture and ethnic identity, establish a Dixie National Congress, and lastly re-establish the Confederate Government in exile. This can be done by raising enough money to purchase one of the 1,682 uninhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The smallest nation in the world is the Vatican at 0.7 miles, and nearly 800 of the Pacific’s uninhabited islands are between 25 miles and 48 miles in size, which would make our nation the 6th smallest nation on earth and about on par with San Marino.

This is the best plan we have to re-gaining freedom and liberty in our lifetime. In order to make this plan work we will need to mimic what other oppressed groups have peacefully done over the years to regain their freedom from a foreign oppressor.

To this end The Rebel Yell is trying to form a coalition of Florida Nationalist groups for the sole purpose of establishing a Project to accomplish this goal.

The current Southern Nationalist movement overall has about 450,000 active supporters, and somewhere around 1.5 million or so in-active supporters. We base this on the known membership of every Southern Nationalist, Confederate Heritage, and State Secessionist group in Dixie.

If everyone of these 1.5 million people donated $5 each, about the cost of a sub sandwich, we would have enough money to purchase a Pacific Island that is 27.5 miles in size. If everyone did this today we would be free tomorrow.

Just think of that for a moment… a free Confederate Nation…

  • We would have a homeland, a government, a President, and a Congress in exile that can undermine Federal Imperial rule in Dixie.
  • We Dixon Patriots will have a homeland and would have the ability to become Confederates.
  • We would have our own sound currency that is based on the Gold Standard.
  • We would have our own Armed Forces to be proud of, our own army, navy, and air-force that will be the envy of the free world.
  • We would have our own laws, elected officials, and the ability as a free people to write our own chapter in the book of history.
  • We could turn the tables on the NAACP, ACLU, and other minority anti-Dixon hate groups by having our attorney general sue them into the next century.
  • We could have a Godly Christian nation in which abortion is illegal, Marriage is between a man and a woman, the 10 commandments can be openly displayed in court rooms, there is no war on Christmas, and God is brought back into the classroom.
  • We could have a educational system that reflects the successful values of home-schooling and rejects the secular values of Marxism, Atheism, and American decadence. We would feel comfortable sending our children off to school.
  • We would have a free press that reports the facts, and holds our elected officials accountable when they become tyrannical criminals. Once again we could trust our media when they report on a scandal or national issue.
  • We would have a government that does its job and actually protects its people by prohibiting GMO foods, growth hormones, toxic fluoride in the water supply, cancer causing food additives, pointless mood altering drugs, and unnecessary and dangerous vaccines that harm us and our children.
  • We would have a government that is bound by the chains of the constitution, rather than a populous that is bound by the chains of the government.
  • We would have our summer and winter Olympic teams  that would kick the shit out the Americans every single year. After all everyone knows that Dixie has the best athletes. Our teams dominate college football.
  • We would have a government free of corruption, lobbyists, and the American two party system that has utterly destroyed it.
  • We would have a government that puts the rights of the people above profits and power. Free Confederates would enjoy a 4 day work week, birthing mothers would enjoy more maternity leave, we would not have rotating time changes, and outside of a basic list of Employees Rights that would be included in the Bill of Rights and would be geared towards wiping out and smothering crony capitalism, employers would enjoy an almost unregulated free market.
  • We would have a society built on the bedrock of Dixon Nationalism and would be void of the failed Socialist American policies of multiculturalism, diversity, and political correctness. In a free Dixie the Dixon people would have the free ability to either succeed or fail on their own terms. Our society would be blind to race, sex, and religion. Unlike Americans we would not tolerate hyphenated Dixons, because in Dixie you are either a Dixon or you are not welcome. There would not be a minority population or a majority population, just Dixons, and in Dixie those that are smart, hard working, and over all the picks of the litter will be rewarded with the best jobs and such. There will be no handouts, just hand-ups.

We could go on and on and on but you get the drift.

TRY is currently working hard on putting together a meeting of the following groups for sometime this summer. If all goes well we will walk out of this meeting with a new unified Dixie Nationalist group that will be hell bent on achieving the aforementioned goals.

Our goals are simple…

  • Establish a distinctive cultural and ethnic identity for the Southern people of Dixie.
  • Form governing body to raise money and push for the recognition of the Dixon people domestically and internationally.
  • Raise enough money to buy an island, or series of islands so we can re-establish the Confederate government.
  • Raise Dixe!
  • Work towards liberating the occupied Confederate States of Dixie.

Stay Tuned!


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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