Florida Nationalists Do YOUR Part TODAY!!!

This month we Dixons will be celebrating Dixie Flag Day (March 4th), if you read The Rebel Yell and are a Florida Nationalist then we need YOUR help NOW!

Its time to walk the talk… put up or shut-up.

We are asking all Florida Nationalists and Dixie Nationalists (i.e. Dixons) living in Florida to raise a flag pole and a Dixon Flag this month as a sign of support for our cause. Our goal is to cover the occupied Republic of Florida with Dixon Flags by the year 2020. Its our 2020 Vision Campaign and its off to a slow start. We are targeting the Nature Coast region right now and hope to recruit 500 people to remove any and all Federal Flags and fly Dixie Nationalist Flags, or erect a new pole to fly a Dixie Nationalist Flag.

Please fly one of the following flags:


Also the American Hate Groups don’t care about Dixie because they fail to understand that 30% of Dixons are black, and the Confederate States Army had an estimated 10,000 free black Confederate troops. Many of these troops received medals from the Confederate Veterans and are to this day considered both celebrated and decorated Dixon war heroes. The only two groups that dispute the fact are the American Empire (i.e. Federal Government) and the KKK / Aryan Brotherhood (i.e. American Nazi’s). Do you see a trend here?

These two groups also deny the fact that 40,000 Dixon Jews served in the Free Confederate Government and the Confederate States Military. Hell the Confederate Secretary of confsoldierState was Judah P. Benjamin who was Jewish, and prominent Florida Confederate Senator David Yulee was also a Dixon Jew. These are indisputable facts, that are denied by only two groups… the American Empire (i.e. Federal Government) and the KKK / Aryan Brotherhood (i.e. American Nazi’s). Do you see a trend here??

Only Americans and Nazi’s deny that Dixons are more then just a bunch of white male Christians.

Why is this so? Well its so because the American Empire seeks to keep our people under occupation and loyal to them. If we are too embarrassed to be proud of our ethnic national identity then we will be loyal to the American Empire by default. Meanwhile the Nazi’s are delusional zealots who believe that they will be able to build a new Nazi nation in America. This will never happen. They feed off of the lies the American Empire perpetrates about Dixons being racist to recruit new members to their evil cause. So in essence the American Empire feeds the Nazi’s by telling lies about Dixons. Its like a snake that is eating its own tail.

Going back to the purpose of this article, which is Confederate Flag Day, Now we don’t expect y’all to fly every single one of these flags, but do expect that you fly at least one of these flags. Also we expect y’all to ditch the Federal Flag (i.e. what some call the American Flag) entirely and instead fly one of the above flags.

The Federal Flag is the flag of our occupiers and the flag of our enemy. It should not be flown or saluted by Dixon Nationalists which include Florida Nationalists. If you attend a sporting event and it plays you should stand, but don’t put your hand over your heart, salute it, or recite their Yankee anthem. The only flag you should salute or place your hand over your heart for is a Confederate Flag or your State Flag… in our case that would be the Florida Flag, and the only anthem you should recite is Dixie or your State anthem, and in our case Florida’s anthem is “Down Yonder on the Suwanee River”.

You should never pledge allegiance to a nation, not Dixie or America. Both our colonial and Confederate founding fathers greatly opposed this. The only pledges your should take in life should be to your wife (marriage), to God (prayer), and to your family (blessings). Only slaves pledge allegiance to a nation and we Dixons are not slaves.

Again we are asking our readers to talk the walk and put their money where their mouths are. We are also asking our readers to send us pictures that we can share with others. The first step to freedom for the Dixon people begins and ends with you. We can’t do this ourselves.

About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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