How Will the Free Dixie Project Look?

Dixon FlagAs you know by now, we Dixons are fed up with living under American Occupation and seek freedom… actually we want the Dixon States to be liberated but that ain’t happening, so until it does we will settle for our own interim brand of freedom from the Americans. Since we have come together to form what will be a Free Dixie Project, and have joined forces with the former Southern Party of Florida, the former Florida Party, and the Southern Dept. of Cultural Defense to do so we get a ton of questions.

Most of the questions we get are encouraging, while a few are from some dim witted Americans who can’t wrap their heads around the Confederate Cause for freedom, how it has nothing to do with slavery, and why we don’t want to be Americans. At the risk of going into a long rant about what makes Dixons and Americans different, we will try to answer some of these questions. Now keep in mind that the committee to form the Free Dixie Project has yet to meet in person, and we have only met via teleconferencing.So things are fluid, and things might change.

However until they do change here is what freedom will look like for a free Confederate Nation and her people based on our plans as they stand now.

Step One – Self Secession: We are asking all Dixons to secede from the Federal Empire by not calling themselves Americans anymore, and instead calling themselves Dixons. This goes for the term Southern as well, which is just short for Southern-American. You see as Americans the Confederate Cause for freedom and autonomy has no legs, but as Dixons we can make a solid case that we are a separate people with our own history, culture, religious views, and political ideologies all our own. In addition to calling yourself a Dixon, and not flying the Federal Flag anymore, you will also be asked to not join the American military, to stop observing American holidays, observe Confederate holidays instead, boycott anti-Dixon businesses, movies, products, celebrities, etc. and it is important that you raise your children to consider Americans foreigners, and to also not join the American military.

Those who join the American military are less likely to support our Confederate Cause for freedom, because the military is used as a brain washing tool, and a tool to get rid of unwanted groups of people who are apt to “Rebellion” as the Americans call it. However you can join your local State Defense Force as long as its uniform sports a State Flag patch that is. If you SDF sports a Federal Flag then its just an extension of the American Army. For example Texas and Alabama has State Defense Forces whose uniforms proudly display their State Flag patches, whereas Georgia’s SDF sports a dirty American (i.e. Federal) Flag. Self-seceding is only Part A of Step One.

Part B of Step Two deals with forming a virtual micro-state within Dixie that will be made up of seceded land from individuals who have self-seceded. As people self-secede we will keep track of the acreage those people own, and the total number of people living in that household. Our goal is to reach 30,000 Dixons or 30,000 sq miles (which ever comes first) of seceded land before we enact phase two. Currently we have a total of 167 Dixons who have officially self-seceded which totals 680 acres of land, or roughly a mile. This is good considering that our Project is largely unheard of and not operational at the time.

The Free Dixon micro-state which will be spread around Occupied Dixie will be our voting block, our fundraisers, and the backbone of our movement. These free Dixons will be charged with forming local support groups and lodge type groups for the purpose of recruiting more Dixons to our cause. Without the success of Part A and Part B the project will fail. So far we are doing good considering that barely nobody has heard of our cause or project. We estimate that Step A and Step B will take 5-10 years to complete.

Step Two – Fundraising: Once we hit our goal of 30,000 Dixons or 30,000 sq miles of land controlled by Free Dixons we will begin to raise funds for the sole purpose of building  a man made island in the Pacific Ocean, or Caribbean Sea, that will become a free Confederate State that will be home to the exiled Confederate National Government. Based on other  similar Libertarian Projects we estimate that we will need between $50 Million US and $100 Million US to purchase the supplies, equipment, and ships needed to pull this off. So essentially $50-100 Million is all that stands between freedom for the Dixon people and their Confederate Government that has been under American military and political occupation since 1865. If a group of Libertarian hippies can raise $100 Million US back in 1967 then we should have no issues raising half as much, if not all of it. We estimate that it will take between 8-12 years to raise at least $50 Million US.

Step Three – The Manassas Project: Once we raise the necessary capital we will purchase an oil platform and transform it into a floating sea fort with gun nests and even some cannon turrets. We will likely purchase an American oil platform and then have it transported to a foreign nation for arming and retrofitting. Once refitted and ready for use we will transport this fortress by ship from a foreign country to the pre-picked area in most likely the Pacific Ocean. The pre-picked area is in international waters, we will not infringe upon the freedom of an existing nation. As an occupied people we would never seek to do to others what has been done to us. Once there we will drop the platform, set it up and radio back to our foreign based HQ to send in the sand barges and supply ships. The floating oil platform fort will be called Fort Richmond and this Fort will defend our new claim. The location will be on a submerged atoll that is less then 5 feet below the water line. Fort Richmond won’t be setup on the atoll itself, but just off its under water coast. The purpose of the Fort will be to guard our new island state, and guard the construction ships that will be constructing the first few miles of the new State of Manassas. The Confederate National Government in exile will be setup within Fort Richmond until enough fortified dry land can be raised and terraformed to justify moving the Dixie National Congress from Fort Richmond to dry land. We won’t declare our re-establishment until we have enough dry land to make such a declaration.

About the same time that we purchase Fort Richmond we will also purchase a used warship of some kind, arm it and update it. This ship will either be called the CSS Stonewall or CSS Dixie and it will be our first Naval vessel since 1865 and will be charged with defending the Fort, our claim, and the work crews that will be building the first phase of Manassas island. If we can afford it, we will purchase two warships. Also we will purchase an old retired Merchant Marine ship that will be charged with transporting goods, supplies, and people to and from the build site.

dry-tortugas-arial-mapNow we won’t broadcast what we have done until we have dry land under our feet. The process of building an island will take about 6-12 months, depending upon weather conditions. As long as everything goes to plan, and our plan remains secret we will have an island that resembles Fort Tortuga off of the Florida Coast, with just a few minor edits. Our edits will make the fort walls higher and thicker. We will also add a fortified admin building in the center of the fort that will house the Confederate government, a helipad, a Confederate mint, barracks, armory, communications center, a base exchange store, living quarters for Confederate Marines, Sailors, Civilians, and a base hospital. The fort will be armed with defensive machine gun nests and each of the corners will be armed with a cannon turret. Outside the fort we will build a Naval base, civilian marina, make shift guest hotel, and a small industrial / warehouse area that will aid in the expansion of the island. In all we will need between 2-3 miles of land for this first phase.

Once this new Fort is built and is operational we will move Fort Richmond to the northern most tip of the sunken atoll, which will be about 20-30 miles north of what will be Fort Lee. After this occurs Fort Lee will lower the Dixon Resistance Flag  and will raise the 3rd National Confederate Flag which will be modified. It will still have 13 stars, but all but one of the stars will be hollow (just a white outline). The outlined hollow stars will represent the 12 occupied Confederate States back in Dixie (minus Texas), and the one full Star will represent the island State of Manassas. The one full star will be located in the center with the 12 hollow stars will be located on the cross of the Confederate “X” Cross.

Eventually as we add land the naval base will be moved a mile from Fort Lee, and the new naval base will be called the Huntley Naval Base. Given that Manassas is an island State and the exiled Confederate National Government will be located within it, the bulk of the Confederate Armed Forces will be Navy based. We estimate that 75% of our military will be Naval and the remaining 15% will be a combined Army-Air Force.

We hope to be able to produce our own naval ships in time, but for the interim we will be 100% reliant on old Cold War European, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Russian warships that have been mothballed.

Going back to the terraforming of our new island State, the first City will be named Blakeley and will be an industrial / military city located at the Southern tip of Manassas. In the middle of the island will be Arlington which will serve as both the State Capital and the National Confederate Capital. When Dixie is liberated our National Confederate Capital will be moved back to either Richmond or Montgomery and Arlington will just become the State Capital of Manassas. Until then it will be a dual purpose city.  At the northern tip of Manassas we will have the tourist city of Stoneville, and in between we will have the agricultural city of Shiloh and the research / power plant city of Chickamauga.

The process of building Manassas will take between 25 and 50 years depending on economic and political issues. If the Americans decide to make our lives difficult then it will take longer, if they leave us alone then it won’t take that long.

A free Confederate economy will be based on oil (off-shore drilling), fishing, money crops (pineapple, sugar, etc.), canning of money crops, distilleries (beer and rum), tourism based around a free Confederacy and its non-nanny state laws, and off-shore banking / tax haven status for millionaires and billionaires looking to escape the socialist taxes of America and Europe. Our economy will be based on the “Gold Standard” which will include other precious metals such as silver, platinum, copper, and gems.

Our people will initially be powered by a combination of solar arrays, wind mills, and a small temporary coal or geothermal power plant. As we expand we will have to rely on these temporary power sources as much as possible until we build enough land to support a Thorium Power Plant that will be able to supply more then enough power to the entire island.

So this is our plan in a nut shell, again everything will change when we meet in July.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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