Mail Bag – “Shouldn’t the FDP Purchase an Island?”

3.04p-mailbagToday will be the first of many mail bag sessions. Today’s question comes from the University of Auburn in Alabama, Occupied Dixie, and was written by a Auburn History professor who has opted into the self-secession component of the Free Dixie Project.

Wouldn’t it be easier for the Dixie National Congress to approach a developing nation that has an uninhabited island, or series of islands, approach them upfront about purchasing the island or islands, and do it this way. I believe that this will resolve the issue about having to basically purchase and equip a navy from the get go. Frankly I believe that if the FDP were to purchase a used Russian naval vessel, arm it over seas and then declare it as a Confederate ship, then the American controlled international community would regard this ship as a pirate ship, and its crew as pirates. I also doubt that the Confederate cause would be able to build an entire 5 mile island and fort without anyone knowing. The NSA has global satellites orbiting the planet and they would likely find out within days what we were doing, where it was occurring, and so fourth.

Frankly we here at TRY agree with you, but many of the FDP’s founders do not. This will likely be something that will be addressed in July when the founders meet in person for the first time. While I can’t comment on the flip side of the argument, I can address our side of the argument.

We believe that $50 million is more then enough to purchase a large partially submerged / partially above water atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Heck if Oprah can purchase an entire chain of islands in the Pacific and run these islands like a dictator, then we should be able to do the same. The only issue with going this route is will the developing nation be okay with our plans? You see even though Oprah owns the island, its still run by the local government. In other words she didn’t buy it and then secede.

We seriously doubt that many island nations would be willing to part with an entire chunk of their nation, while others like Tongo, would likely be suspect of our intentions and would fear that we would invade them over time to expand our domain. If Tongo isn’t going to trust a bunch of hippie Libertarians who are pacifists, then we serious doubt that Tongo or many small island nations are going to trust a bunch of gun toting Confederates who are still technically at war with the American Federal Empire.

So even though we doubt we can peacefully purchase an island and secede, doesn’t hurt to try. After all we are already putting it out there what we plan to do, so why not try the legal road before we go the alternate route?

The main issue with buying an island is that many island based nations are tribal in nature. As with any tribe, much if not all of their land is sacred for one reason or another. So while there are literally hundreds of atolls in the Pacific that are not being used, most of them are off limits because a tribe considers it sacred because they believe one of their pagan gods once existed on the island. So in a nut shell its a long shot.

Islands not owned by natives are likely owned by the Americans or their European friends. These islands are off-limits because Americans and their Empire hate Dixons and would never willingly allow us to be free. Given this fact, lets say that we find a Pacific Island nation that is willing to sell off unused islands in exchange for $$. Well I guarantee that if this were to occur the Americans or their European pals would sooner or later roll up and force that Pacific nation to cancel the deal.

Again its a long shot, but worth a try.

One area that we are looking at for legal settling are the northern most islands of the Marshall Islands, which are not inhabited, are not sacred, and are not used. These islands are just South of Hawaii and the American Naval bases at Wake and Johnston Atoll. So while they are close to the Americans, they are also close to major airline traffic from Dixie by way of Mexico and America.

The uninhabited islands that we have discussed might be perfect for legal seasteading are Bikar, and Bokak Atolls. These islands are thousands of miles from any real Marshall Islander cities, and are rarely visited by humans at all. If the Marshall Islander government is willing to sell these atolls to us, lets say for $50 million USD then we would have the basis for what would become the island state of Manassas. This area encompasses over 600 sq miles of Dixon controlled ocean and (including the lagoons) 130 sq miles of total build-able land. It would give us two islands, with the largest atoll, Bokak, serving as Manassas Island, and will host the State and National capital of Arlington. The second and smaller island of Bikar will likely host the industrial city of Blakeley, and the Blakeley Confederate Naval base.

So in a nut shell your idea of purchasing an island is an option that is on the table.

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for supporting the Confederate Cause.

God Bless Dixie!



About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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