Mail Bag “Large Existing Islands?”

Today’s mail bag answers a question from Dale from Occupied Tennessee, he asks:

Can’t we just colonize an existing large uninhabited islands, and then secede and pay the host nation a large sum of money?

In short, yes, but this will depend on which nation, how big the island is, and so fourth. The majority of large uninhabited islands are owned by Russia, Britain, American Empire, and France. Out of these, Russia’s islands are too far from Dixie to be worth our time, the Americans will never allow any of their land to secede, remember they are an Empire. So this leaves us with Britain and France.

Between the two its a guess as to which nation will allow this to occur, both are former allies of the Confederacy but today they are staunch allies of the Americans. So its effectively a crap shoot to say the least.

If the Marshall Islands out right refuse to sell us 2 of their un-used atolls, then this would be our next logical option. We would contact the British and French governments and petition for the right to establish a Confederate Colony on one of their uninhabited overseas holdings. Assuming that they even respond to us, we would then have to make the case for how they would benefit. Also our people would likely have to be okay with getting taxed out the nose at the British and French tax rates which are currently around 48-55%. Assuming of course we can’t strike a deal to be exempt from their tax rate and instead just provide them with “X” amount of free goods in exchange for allowing us to use their island.

The problems with this plan are of course the fact that we would be taxed to death, which would make this plan dead on arrival. Other problems include the fact that we would not be sovereign, and instead subjugated colonists of the British Crown or French Empire. I doubt many Dixons would eagerly trade the yoke of American oppression for European oppression.

So colonizing these islands would be out of the question.

Instead we would approach these government and attempt to buy these islands out right and make the case that the British and French governments would make a killing. Not only would they be paid $50-100 million for an unused island, but their military would not have to bother sailing to these remote locations anymore, which in turn would save them a considerable amount of money. So given this we have a remote shot that we might be able to work a deal of some kind.

In addition to England and France, Australia and New Zealand also have remote islands that they might be willing to part with, for the right price. Unfortunately all of these islands are in the arctic circle, so again another road block. Being in an arctic climate will affect our ability to attract tourists and would force our people to focus on fishing as a primary source of income. It would also hurt the amount of support we get from Dixons because after-all we Dixons are for the most part a warm climate  based group of people.

This is why the best plan remains the Marshall Islands, or just settling on a sunken atoll in the middle of nowhere.

The islands that would be possibilities include, South Georgia Island, Clipperton Island, and Antipodes Islands. With the exception of Clipperton the other two are located within 100 miles of Antarctica and are prone to harsh freezing weather.

So Dale, the possibility of our people getting our hands on a existing large island is not possible, and if it were to become a possibility I highly doubt that our people would be eager to move to the arctic circle.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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