Yellowstone Volcano Eruption Emienet?

21bAre bison and other animals fleeing Yellowstone National Park in record numbers because they sense an impending eruption of the park’s supervolcano Yellowstone Caldera?

That’s the theory being tossed around by a number of bloggers who cite recent seismic activity, including a magnitude 4.8 quake that rattled the park near the Wyoming-Montanta border on Monday, just days after a magnitude 5.1 temblor was felt by an estimated 17 million people over a large swath of Southern California.

“Whether I believe this, or whether I don’t believe the story or not, I don’t know. I can tell you this story I saw this morning about the buffaloes running the street … whether or not it’s because of any activity in Yellowstone or not, I don’t know,” said blogger Jay Lee, who posted a story on his site

“But I’ll tell you this, whatever the case may be, that their running away from Yellowstone is an alert of some sort.

“It also could be from this video, where poachers are killing them, chasing them, abusing them, running them around,” he said. “Could be hundreds of things for them to be running. I wanted you to listen [to the videos] and make up your own mind on what to think.”

Seismic activity at Yellowstone isn’t unusual. The land boasts the world’s largest collection of geysers, formed by volcanic activity.

Monday’s earthquake was the largest in 34 years and the latest in a flurry of temblors that began last week, with more than 25 smaller quakes reported in that time by the University of Utah’s seismographs.

“Herds of bison running for their lives on the public roadways and they were not being chased or rounded up, the bison were running down the mountain slopes onto roadways running right past a filming crew. They detect something vast and deadly. The Yellowstone Supervolcano is the only thing there that would fit the bill,” said Tom Lupshu, a self-described survivalist and search-and-rescue expert, in a YouTube video.

Researchers recently discovered that the supervolcano is approximately 2.5 times bigger than previously thought.

A team that included professor Bob Smith of the University of Utah found that the cavern stretches for more than 55 miles.

“We’ve been working there for a long time, and we’ve always thought it would be bigger … but this finding is astounding,” Smith told the BBC.

Smith said researchers are unsure when the supervolcano would erupt again.

They believe the last major eruption happened approximately 640,000 years ago and sent ash across the entire continent of North America.

If Yellowstone erupts then it would essentially resemble the scene from the movie “2012” when Yellowstone erupted as part of the Mayan Apocalypse. Such an eruption would shutdown the Federal Empire, Occupied Texas, and Occupied Dixie within 8 hours. Furthermore 7 states would be completely destroyed, and everything west of the Mississippi Valley would be destroyed. Such an eruption would trigger a massive seismic event along the Pacific rim and throw that entire region into chaos. Down here in Florida we would be covered in up to 4 inches of ash, and the sun would be blotted out for months if not years as the volcano spews ash far up into the atmosphere.

Essentially over night all vegetation in the area would be killed or damaged, and entire crops and herds that feed on the crops will cease to exist. This is why when explorers made their way to the “New World” they found a landscape void of a number of species that exist across the world, such as pigs, horses, and cattle. These animals were all killed off the last time Yellowstone erupted along with the North American Rhino, North American Elephant, Mammoth, and hundreds of other now extinct species of mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish.

Across Dixie it will be impossible for vehicles to deliver goods, due to the ash clouds, and along the Mississippi the ash clouds will be toxic. The Republic of Texas will be basically barren land for years and the Confederate States of Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky will be not far off. Transportation will be impossible because the ash will clog air filters, thus causing cars and trucks to die out. This will also occur in Florida… even the keys will not be spared.

So unless you are sitting high on at-least 3 years worth of doomsday food and water, you will likely be sol. Currently I’m sol as well. The Cracker Commander only has about 6 months worth of food, and despite a flurry of canning activity over the weekend I haven’t been able to break through to 7 months, let alone 3 years.

Assuming Yellowstone will erupt this year or next, its a good enough time as any to get prepared now.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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