“Dumbed Up” Huskies Win Title…

dunce-award-politicalThis will be a short one. For those that didn’t watch it last night the UConn Huskies won the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament. Personally I didn’t watch it so I don’t really expect that many of my readers watched it either.

In any event the Huskies were banned from last years tournament because they had a roster full of players that barely averaged a combined GPA of 2.0 and an average test score of a D-. Heck based on UConn’s own admission guidelines these players shouldn’t even be wearing a UConn jersey because they are too stupid to be admitted to UConn as a student. Meanwhile the Kentucky roster was full of well rounded students who averaged an overall GPA of 3.5 and held an average test score of a B-.

Well the “star” of the UConn squad, and I use the term star loosely here Shabazz Napier (what in the hell kind of name is that anyway) went off on an emotional rant, ripping the NCAA on live TV during his post-game interview with CBS’ Jim Nantz.

“I want to get everybody’s attention right quick,” he said to the crowd at AT&T Stadium in North Texas. “If I don’t have your attention, let me get your attention. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at the Hungry Huskies. This is what happens when you ban us … last year … two years. We worked so hard for it. Two years and hungry. Hungry Huskies.”

Frankly this shreds what little remains of the credibility of Men’s college basketball. Nothing like padding the roster with a bunch of dunces that can play round ball, but essentially are too dumb to otherwise get a college education from the school they play for, let alone DeVry.




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