Hernando BOCC – Wasting Your Money

Hernando_County_fl_sealYour brilliant Hernando County Board of County Commissioners agreed to give $180,000 of your hard earned tax money to Micro Matic USA, which is a manufacturer of industrial beverage dispensing equipment with a U.S. headquarters at the Brooksville Airport.

Micro Matic was reportedly threatening to pull out of Hernando County if they didn’t receive a kick-back (i.e. incentive) to remain in their current “state of the art” 75,000-square-foot facility and build an additional $3 million, 40,000-square-foot plant on a separate site within the airport’s adjacent technology center.

Micro Matic plans to keep its existing 135-person workforce at the Brooksville location and hire 15 full-time workers during a three-year period with an average annual wage of $34,911.

Hernando County will award a jobs creation grant up to $45,000 to Micro Matic in annual installments for each phase of the expansion project.

The county will also pay out $135,000 based upon jobs retained to be paid in two annual installments.

Sooooo… let me get this right… The Hernando County BOCC just shelled out $180,000 bucks of your tax dollars to a company to save 135 jobs, and add 15 new jobs… for a grand total of 150 total jobs.

Given that our REAL unemployment rate is hovering around 26%, I really don’t think that this is money well spent. Note that by REAL we mean the actual number of residents (i.e. Florida Citizens) that don’t have work, and are currently receiving unemployment benefits, or have stopped receiving benefits.

The Federal Empire’s unemployment stats for Hernando County show that we have a 11% unemployment rate. This rate only counts those who are still receiving benefits, not those who no longer receive benefits.

To compound the issue and further confuse what is fact, and what is fuzzy math, Florida copies the Federal rates because Rick Scott is whoring himself out as the “Jobs Creating Governor” and as such he has ordered the Florida Dept. of Unemployment to deny claims. We know this because our readers have sent us regular info about how the Florida Unemployment Office has denied their claim and that they have had to take them to court. To date we have received about 45 tips from readers, and some of these cases include instances where employees have been terminated for being pregnant, a certain religion, or because they are on FMLA.

The real reason why the Hernando BOCC shelled out your money is because the builder of the extension of Micro Matic is one of Hernando’s biggest Yankee developers who holds a lot of power over the Republican Party of Hernando County. Now we won’t be naming any names here, but you all can easily figure out who we are talking about.

This has nothing to do with jobs, and everything to do with greasing the political wheels of corruption. But hey, what can you expect when you have both political parties in Hernando County run by slim ball Yankees from New Jersey, New York, Michigan, and Wisconsin.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

We need a viable third party in Hernando County, and other rural areas that will defend the rights of the native Florida Cracker and push for reform of our political systems.

We will never be able to regain control of Hernando County as long as Yankees have an iron grasp on the local political system at every single level.

As we march forward with the Free Dixie Project and the Cracker Club of Florida (i.e. The Florida Nationalist Movement) we will have to re-explore the option of forming a Florida Party sooner rather than later.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. What a bunch of bullshit. Tell me, what would this Florida Cracker Party or whatever you call it do to make anything any better than the federal government? Do you believe that your ilk could create a utopia? Create jobs, issue money with value, provide for your people yeah right. What would this imaginary party due to make Hernando County better?

    You idiots are still fighting the civil war. This is the United States of America and if you dont like being a citizen of the USA take your shit show to Mexico, the Dominican Republic or somewhere else. See how quick those governments would put you in cement shoes and dump your dumb asses into the ocean.

    • Cracker Commander

      A Florida Cracker Party would be able to run circles around the corrupt and evil Federal Empire. IF we were in power we would create jobs, restore the economy (in Florida), and provide more freedom by offering paid maternity leave to expectant fathers/mothers, do away with property taxes, shorten the work week to 4 days, do away with up to 5 of Florida’s 12 State Universities, and nullify hundreds of un-constitutional Federal laws.

      Yes we are still fighting the War of Secession and will continue to do so as long as our nation is under occupation by your Federal Empire.

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