Hernando BOCC Creates a Foreclosure Registry…

Hernando_County_fl_sealEssentially the new ordinance means the mortgage holders of these homes will be tracked down and be required to register the property with code enforcement, which will assign a property manager to that home.

The county will do periodic inspections on the registered homes to make sure they are being maintained. If not, the county will take steps to enforce the codes, which means hefty fines and liens on bank owned homes.

The foreclosure registry program pertains to all abandoned and vacant properties determined by the mortgage holder (which could be the bank) to be in default.

Once the property is so determined, the owner will pay a $200 annual registration fee, which will go into the county’s coffers.

Now y’all better hold on to your kempis here, but we think that this is a good plan, a flawed plan, but none the less a good one.

The plan is flawed because many lenders will never acknowledge Hernando County or the Building dept. as legit and this will likely spark a long process of court battles between Hernando County and lenders like Bank of America.

Furthermore the people who will have to pay these fines and annual fees in the end will be the home buyers who will be slapped with a couple thousand dollars’ worth of liens on the home they are looking to buy.

Tampa and Miami have tried this over the past 2 years and encountered both issues. Now if Bank of America and foreign investors are going to ignore major metro cities like Tampa and Miami, and dump thousands of dollars in penalties and liens on the plate of unsuspecting home buyers, don’t you think it will occur here?

You’re darn right it will.

The Dixon solution would be to give the owner 180 days to repair the structure before its condemned and torn down at the owner’s expense. This is what the cities of Detroit and Atlanta had to start doing and it worked. In the end Detroit demolished about 24 city blocks worth of derelict homes, and Atlanta demolished about 3 city blocks.

Personally if a Floridian or Florida Party existed, our elected officials would call for the above plan, and would take it a step further. You see Spring Hill is by far the butt hole of West Florida. It’s our very own Detroit, and better yet it was built and designed by the same Yankees that used to live in Detroit and New Jersey, which is less of a State and more of one big giant ghetto. Our elected officials would push for our final solution, which would be the demolition of about 30% of Spring Hill and a new mandate that any future homes will built in Spring Hill will have to be on at least 1 sq acre of land.

No more of this postage stamp sized lot crap that the Yankees love.

All homes along Spring Hill Drive would be purchased and demolished to make way for a 10 mile long nature trail expansion that would connect with the massive Nature Coast Nature Trail that runs north-south along the Sun Coast Expressway and would run the length of Spring Hill Drive to Commercial Way (i.e. 19).

Behind the 1 acre buffer zone would be concrete noise walls to keep the noise of passing cars and jerks with ghetto blasters from lowering the property value.

We would then add fences to the power line access area that runs north-south through Hernando County to prevent drug dealers and burglars from using it like a private highway to elude cops.

We would also add sidewalks to every road in Spring Hill… and while we are at it we would change most of the street names. I mean, come the hell on! How stupid are Yankees, seriously! How many Lindens do we need?

To piss off the Yankees we would rename most of the Lindens after Confederate generals, like Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson.

Lastly we would polish all of this off by constructing an actual Spring Hill city center that would reduce suburban sprawl and needless development by the Yankees over at the Hernando Builders Club. Most of the areas that are considered Spring Hill will be liberated of this horrid name, and the actual area that is Spring Hill will be located along 19 near the waterfall and fountain.

About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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