Harvard Reluctantly Backs Out of Holding a Satanic Black Mass

harvardblackmassThe former religious school that used to train 90% of American pastors, Harvard University, has reluctantly nixed the scheduled Satanic Black Mass that was supposed to take place last week, on campus. Some of the attendees that were scheduled to attend this Black Mass include the University President, VP, a number of Faculty, and a large % of students. This event was planned by Harvard’s Cultural Studies Dept. in conjunction with the Boston Satanic Temple. To add fuel to the fire Harvard’s Cultural Studies Dept. even sponsored the Black Mass by reportedly giving the Boston Satanic Temple around $10,000.00. 

Keep in mind that the Boston Satanic Temple is the same group that is currently building a bronze statue of Satan that it plans to erect outside the Oklahoma State House. Also keep in mind that the Oklahoma Governors Office has stated that it will be a cold day in hell when that statue steps one cloven hoof on Oklahoma soil. So I guess this monstrosity will end up at Harvard in its Cultural Studies Dept. or outside of its Liberal Arts building. 

In the age old battle between God and Satan, God appears to have won the latest round in Boston.  A reenactment of a “black mass” was scheduled to take place the evening of May 12th on Harvard’s campus.  The event was sponsored by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club in association with the Satanic Temple. The school came under intense fire from students and religious groups for their involvement.  Nearly 60,000 signatures were collected from undergrads, alumni, and faculty.  A Eucharistic procession also took place, starting at MIT’s chapel and ending at St. Paul Church in Harvard Square.

Presumably it was this outpouring of concern within the community that lead the club to move the mass from a campus run building to a local nightclub, The Middle East.  In the hours leading up to the planned event, negotiations with The Middle East broke off and the cultural studies club pulled their sponsorship, and money.

The loss of venue, $$, and sponsorship did not deter the Satanic Temple.  They reportedly moved the ceremony to the second floor of the nearby Hong Kong Restaurant & Lounge.  The purpose of the re-located mass was to “reaffirm their respect for the Satanic faith and to demonstrate that the most powerful response to offensive speech is to shame those who marginalize others by letting their own words and actions speak for themselves.”

Parents please understand that Harvard is not the prestigious University of higher education it used to be… neither is Yale, Columbia, or any of the other Ivy League schools. They have been co-opted by violent radical Liberal-Fascists who are hell bent on brain washing your child to hate God, support infanticide (abortion), if they are white and successful feel guilty for being successful… assuming that they are successful, support the pagan act of gay marriage (no gay marriage is not the same as a civil union), illegal immigration, and hundreds of other Liberal corner stones.


You are basically spending $75,000 to send your child off to be brain washed and turned into a liberal dolt.  Also its an old wives tale that Harvard or Ivy league grads make more money and are more successful. During the past USA Today poll it was proven that graduates from Southern schools make more money, and are more successful. So do you and your wallet a favor and send your child to an SEC school. Not only do they have the best sports programs around, they also won’t tolerate Satanic Black Masses and for the most part Liberal non-sense.

Of course what can you expect from a University that has a number of frats who secretly dabble in the dark arts. While the Skull and Bones is located at Yale, Harvard has a number of spin-off copy cats that build on the same foundation. Furthermore many Ivy Leaguers frequent the ultra top secret Bohemian Grove Society function that is held annually over in California. This event is a Satanic event that is held in the middle of the California red wood forests at a secret elitist resort called Bohemian Grove, that is home to the Bohemian Grove Society. Only men are allowed at this event, and this event is frequented by a who’s-who list of movers and shakers. The list includes former Federal Presidents, Governors, Senators, legislators, justices, lobbyists, FBI, CIA, foreign heads of state, royalty, Hollywood celebrities, and the captains of industry (CEO’s). 

The Bohemian Grove Society hosts a week long summer camp for this rich leaders and for a week they meet in secret to discuss business, make secret deals, push secret laws that will be crammed down our throats down the road, and have sex… did I mention that only dudes were allowed in. Well who are they having sex with? Well gay porn stars of course. 

Alex Jones broke the story that a number of gay porn stars get flown in from New York and LA to service the politicians, celebrities, and other attendees nightly. Nearly all of these people who are invited are Ivy League graduates. So does it surprise you at all that Harvard was openly supporting and financially backing a Black Mass on campus? 

Ignore this advice at your own peril. 


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I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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