The Republican Party “Minority’s Should be Bused to Schools to Even out Diversity Quotas”

Yep, you read that right. The Republican Party in its continual slide into becoming a Liberal-Fascist Party has stated that it will make Racial Diversity Quotas one of its new platform planks going forward. Essentially the Republicans believe that the majority of  blacks and Hispanics are failing at school and life because they attend bad schools that under perform and are plagued with high crime levels… likewise they believe that Whites and Asians succeed because they attend these magic schools where the teachers have this magical ability to imprint knowledge upon the brains of their students, and where there is little to no crime in the school or in the surrounding communities.

If you couldn’t get it there that was called sarcasm. Here is what the Chair of the Republican Party Reince Priebus has to say about this new platform addition, which is just a page out of the Democrat Party platform…

Thankfully, the days of police physically blocking the school doorway to keep out minority students are behind us. But the fight for equal opportunity in education lives on.

According to a 2011 study, more than 40% of black students were assigned to schools that are underperforming, and they are much less likely to graduate high school. Among high school graduates in 2010, just 52% of black males and 58% of Hispanic males completed high school in four years, compared to 78% of white males.

That’s why education remains a civil rights issue — the civil rights issue of our time, and it demands action from all of us.

Fighting for school choice is one of the ways to take action. For most students today, their neighborhood or zip code determines their school. That means some kids, by no fault of their own, are forced into a failing school. They don’t have a choice.

I would love to see some of you Republicrats defend this statement and your Party’s new platform plank. Come on lets here how the Republican defense of a racists system called diversity is upholding the ideals of the founders.

Magic and Marxism aside the reality is this.

The reason why the majority of Black and Hispanic children attend under performing schools in high crime areas is two pronged for the most part. Hispanics actually have a three pronged problem, but lets start with the Blacks.

Black children suffer and have suffered for generations not because of the evil white man, but because Blacks live in a uber racist afro-centric culture (i.e. Black America) in which there is no family unit at all. Most children are born to single mothers out of wed lock, while the fathers bounce around from single woman to single woman as they impregnate as many women as they can trick into having sex with them. This lifestyle is further exasperated by the toxic Rap culture that upholds this self-destructive practice. The lack of a family structure leads to a lack of parental supervision and parenting in general as many young Black children are discarded by their single mothers who generally dump them off with a single grand mother who is left to raise between 4-7 out of control children. Naturally the grand parents or grand parent in most cases can’t keep track of the children let alone make sure they behave in school or study. These confused, under educated, and emotionally scared children grow up to be violent adults who turn to crime and gangs. These criminals and gang members eventually breed even more confused and even more emotionally scared children who have no regard for following the norms of society such as doing good in school and who can blame them… without any parents to guide them along in life what do we expect to happen? Seriously.

Also naming your child some made up African name, that is not really an African name but something that was made up by a person who dropped out of the 5th grade is not a smart idea either. Children with names like Laquanda, Shanikua, and such is a bad idea. A person with a face tattoo will get a job offer before these people will.

Meanwhile Hispanic children have the same issues that the Black children have plus an extra hurdle to jump through… many are illegal aliens and can’t speak English. So in most cases Hispanics have it even tougher.

Just like Blacks like to give their kids fake African sounding names that are just ignorant, Hispanics like to teach their children Spanish instead of English… this does great harm to their kids and sets them back in life. Spanish is the language of failure if you are planning to live in a Country that speaks English.

Its a cycle of failure.

Given all of these FACTS, the Republicans apparently think that its an issue of White Racism… whenever you hear a politician utter the phrase “school choice” in relation to minorities or diversity that is what they are implying… white racism. This is a ploy the Democrats have used to gain power in many urban areas, and apparently the power starved Republicans are borrowing this trick from the Democrat playbook.

The grand plan to fix this cycle is to take the confused, under-educated, and emotionally scared Black and Hispanic children from the ghetto and bus them miles from where they live and into areas where the crime is low, where the schools are better (i.e. the children perform better because they have functioning families), and where these under privileged kids will have a better shot at success. It sounds good on paper as does most things. However in practice its been proven to be another liberal failure.

What ends up happening is that the children from the ghetto that are bused in end up ruining the good school and turning it bad. 10 out of 10 times the bused children from the Ghetto transplant drugs, violence, failing grades, and crime to the good schools. After a while the good students begin to get corrupted by the bad students and the once good school goes belly up. When this happens parents begin to look for better schools for their kids, or send them off to private schools to avoid having their kids ruined by these bad eggs.

This is what destroyed the school districts of Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Los Angeles, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Oakland, Miami, New York, and Boston school systems where nearly every single school is failing or on the verge of failing. In these cities the only successful schools are the private schools.

Again its a cycle of failure and locally here in the West-Central Florida area Tampa is beginning to fail because its following in the failed footsteps of Miami and Jacksonville. Luckily Hernando County hasn’t begun to do this stupid policy but I’m sure our local school board is looking at ways to do it.

Going back to the topic at hand, we don’t have a situation where Black and Hispanic kids are receiving sub-par schooling, but where they are receiving top notch education and are not using it.

The Republican Party is no-longer a conservative party… its just Democrat-lite now.




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I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. This was tried in the past, didn’t work then, won’t work now. The ONLY way is for blacks to get their brains out of the jungle and join civilization. A few have, and look at the advancement these few have made.

  2. I feel as though black people should build and have their own schools. One for boys with male teachers and one for girls with female teachers. Of course, this would prevent the overcrowding of public schools where teachers are burdened with so many children per classroom. If black children had their own separate schools, it would also decrease the number of crimes committed by them. They will have a much better chance of being decent human beings and not a threat to society.

    Nowadays, black adults don’t give a damn if their sons sell drugs or join gangs. I was watching a program about Oakland gangs. A black female had loss 2 sons within a few months to gang violence. Towards the end of the program it was revealed that she was an original member of the same gang and she (along with the older male members) raised her sons to be gang member from the time they were young boys. She replied that her sons must’ve joined the gang over a weekend while she was out of time. Who did this heffa think she was foolin’?

    This gang problem, especially among blacks, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it has gotten worse. Black so-called leaders should have nipped this problem in the bud back in the 60’s-70’s. The civil rights movement was the downfall for black people. From what I’ve learned about that era, black people were doing well until Martin came along. I truly believe that he and other black activists set black people up to be put through the wringer. Blacks will continue to suffer and make life a living hell for others until they get themselves together.

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