Hernando County Commissioners – Not Living in Reality…


The proposed $3 Million dollar Hernando County Tourism Center… located just miles from the heart of a landfill known as Spring Hill.

According to the Hernando Today, YOUR Hernando County Board of County Commissioners are planning to spend $3 Million dollars of your tax money to construct a massive Education and Tourism Center inside the ever-shrinking Weeki Wachee Preserve. The HCBCC and County Manager Len Sossaman plan on having the Center as a way to attract more tourists to the Preserve and the Weeki Wachee area to spur the depressed Hernando economy.

So what is the issue we have with this plan? Well for starters this Weeki Wachee Tourist Center is about 40 years late and a dollar short.

Back in the pre-Yankee development era 1900-1965 the Hernando US 19 corridor was the most heavily visited location in Hernando by out of state tourists. Currently this area is nothing but an area that motorcyclists ride through on their way to Citrus County. Today in the year 2014, the most heavily visited part of Hernando County is East Hernando and again the primary tourist/visitor is yet again motorcyclists and sport bikers who prefer the Old Florida back roads of East Hernando County and Brooksville to the crime and traffic clogged highways of Spring Hill and West Hernando County which has been ruined by Yankees.

To give you an idea as to how bad Spring Hill is to tourism, the annual Cruising for a Cure motorcycle poker run , that starts at the Spring Hill AAA Auto Club on US 19 has issues with convincing riders to actually start at the first stop which again is in the heart of Spring Hill. Instead many riders, especially those from out of the area, stop at the starting location just long enough to check in and get their score card, and then speed off for the safety and beauty that is Brooksville. I belong to a local MC and none of our members stop and hang around at the Spring Hill AAA. Whats fun about hanging out in a Publix parking lot for an hour and then driving east down Spring Hill Drive? Our group stops in Spring Hill long enough to get our cards, a free chicken sandwich, and maybe a patch before we roll out to the Brooksville Airport Flea Market until the poker run officially begins. Every June we basically spend about 20 minutes in Spring Hill for this run, and the rest of the time, about 3 hours before the run begins, we spend at the Brooksville Airport Flea Market which is more enjoyable then anything Spring Hill has to offer.

Our MC is not the only group that does this… I personally know of 7 other groups that won’t step foot in Spring Hill for this run, and when they go up to Citrus County they take the long route through Brooksville… which is about 30 minutes to an hour longer… then taking the short cut through Spring Hill. The only MC’s that like Spring Hill are Yankee run MC’s.

Spring Hill is a death trap for bikers thanks to the Yankees squatting in this area… according to FHP stats, the accident rate in Spring Hill is about 67% higher then it is in Tampa or Orlando if you break down the stats based on the amount of accidents and the amount of people living in Spring Hill. Seriously when I moved out of Tampa 10 years ago and moved into West Brooksville (which borders Spring Hill) my insurance went up about 6%, and its because I live too close to Spring Hill. GEICO actually told me this is why it went up.

Its sad when a run down Airport Flea Market is the best thing in town… seriously. But this is what happens when you allow a bunch of slimy builders from New Jersey and Ohio destroy the natural beauty that once made West Hernando, one of the hottest tourism locations in all of Florida and replace it with row after row of duplexes, shacks, and retirement houses for more slimy people from New Jersey, Ohio, New York, and all of the other Yankee states.

If motorcyclists won’t even hang out in the area, then how in the hell is the County planning on keeping actual tourists in Spring Hill for any amount of time? Why would someone choose Spring Hill over Homosassa or Cross City, let alone Orlando, Tampa, Miami, or Key West?

If the County was serious about increasing tourism in Hernando then they would mark all of the Weekie Wachee preserve as off-limits to development, and they would label all of West Hernando off-limits to any large family or commercial developments as well. Outside of the occasional single family home built for single families, there shouldn’t be anything built in these two areas if the County was actually serious.

Since the County refuses to do any of this, and has been secretly working on allowing some politically connected builders in Hernando to build unwanted developments in these areas… developments that will destroy what little economy and Old Florida nature we have left in this County… then I don’t believe that they are serious.

To me this entire deal is a scam.

Its a scam orchestrated by the County to repay political debts to the Hernando Developers Association that bankrolled all of their election / re-election campaigns. Its not easy to figure out where the corruption in this County rests, and anyone can figure it out by simply following the trail of money. In Hernando the majority of the money flows from your wallet, into the Counties coffers, and then down the road and into the bank account of a handful of well connected Yankee Developers… most of which don’t even live in Hernando!

This isn’t about spurring Tourism in Hernando County, and I have explained why its not.  This is about an arrogant Yankee Developer from New Jersey, who uses illegal Mexican labor mind you, using his bought and paid for puppets on the Board of County Commissioners to rubber stamp a massive $3 million dollar development project that he and his buddies get to build and profit from… all on your dime.

So feel proud Hernandoians… your hard earned money is being taken from you to bankroll another yacht, gambling tournament, or vacation mansion for your local Yankee Developer / Over Lord.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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