Advancing the Colors of Freedom – Florida Cracker Club!

TRUEcracker1Well just when I thought that my Confederate Patriotic belly aching and soap box rhetoric about standing up and defending YOUR homeland of Dixie was waste of time, and just fuel for bigoted anti-Confederate internet trolls, I’m rebuffed by a fellow Florida Cracker. Apparently a group of readers and fellow Florida Crackers from Hernando County have stepped forward and answered my call to get off your butt and stand-up for Dixie and the Confederacy!!

While the details are still emerging, and things are still being fleshed out, this group of Confederate Patriots are in the process of forming the Florida Cracker Club (FCC), which will be a social and professional networking association for Florida Crackers along the lines of the Florida League of the South (FL LoS), Florida Sons of Confederate Veterans (FL SCV), or Florida United Daughters of the Confederacy (FL UDC). The FCC will be headquartered out of Brooksville, FL, which is also where the first Chapter of this association, the Brooksville Chapter, will also be located.

Unlike other like-minded associations that operate in a non-traditional manner with small Chapters covering a large regional chunk of Florida (i.e. one small Chapter in the middle of no-where covers 8 counties and 3 major cities), the FCC plans to operate in a more traditional manner where each Chapter covers only the county in which it resides. For counties that are home to a large metro area, those counties can have up to two Chapters. One for the county and one for the City. While the FCC is a long way from being formed they have stated that only five Florida cities qualify to have their own Chapter and these cities include Tampa, Orlando, St. Pete, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami. Jacksonville was not included because Jacksonville is both a city and a county.

The FCC will be a co-ed fraternal association that is open to both men and women, regardless of age, and regardless if their descendants ever donned a grey Confederate kempi 150 years ago. The primary membership criteria for this club is that you must have been born in Florida, or have lived in Florida for at least 10 continuous years if you are not from the Dixie. If you are from Dixie then you must have lived here for one continuous year. Outside of citizenship and birth location, the club also seeks to only allow like minded people into the club, and that means some kind of criteria (most likely a test) that requires prospects share the general social and political views of the club.

It will defeat the purpose for having a club like this if a bunch of Yankee’s, radical Liberal-Fascists, Racial Supremacists, or RINO Republicans are allowed into the association. The purpose of this club is to keep those kinds of people of out of the club, so that liked minded Florida Crackers can meet together in a mutually friendly environment where everyone gets along socially and professionally to advance the “Cause”.

The “Cause” as the FCC founders put it, will be to connect Native-Floridians together for the purpose of rebuilding a mutually beneficial network of liked-minded Florida Cracker social communities. In lamens terms the FCC seeks to rebuild and restore local communities which no-longer exist in many Florida counties and cities where Yankees and other nefarious demographic groups have taken root. For example in Hernando County, the Yankees of Spring Hill have all but eroded and destroyed the local Florida Cracker community that existed in and around the Brooksville area from 1800 till about 1985.

The FCC is currently in the early design and planning stages and hopes to begin holding meetings sometime around August of this year in Brooksville. Since the FCC is brand new and lacks enough funding to build its own private hall, the association plans on meeting in Brooksville at the old library until enough funds can be raised to erect its own private hall in Brooksville.

The association plans to raise funds that will go towards events and the eventual construction of an event/membership hall in Brooksville through fundraising programs and charging for membership. The FCC has two options, either purchase an existing structure and transform it to suit the needs of the association, or build a new building. Besides serving as a meeting location for membership, and a place to hold events, the building will also serve as the official headquarters for the FCC and will house the Offices of the FCC President, FCC Vice President, and FCC Treasurer.

Club founders have stated that they would love to raise enough money to purchase the old Rogers Christmas House complex and the adjacent Saxon Hall facility and transform those locations into a massive FCC managed Brooksville Convention Center Complex, Meeting/Event Hall, association headquarters, and turn the grounds of the Saxon Hall facility into a memorial battlefield park to honor past Brooksvillians who served abroad in the Confederate Army and locally in the Florida Militia to defend Dixie from the Yankee military. The founders also mentioned that if they could pull this off they would go all the way by erecting a massive 125 ft flag pole within the complex that would fly a massive 50 x 80 Florida Flag, that would be the largest State flag in Florida. The pole would also fly a 50 x 50 Confederate Battle Flag that would have the words Brooksville located on the top of the cross, similar to how battle flags flown by Confederate Armies would attach the names of important battles or their home towns, and a 50 x 80 Confederate 3rd National Flag. The Confederate flags would be flown for important holidays per the Dixon Calendar.

And they are going to follow the Dixon Calendar… and best yet they know what it is. This guys are on the ball. Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor. Now the Dixon Calendar is still in the works and has yet to be vetted by any other like-minded groups, but the mere fact that these guys know what it is, is something remarkable.

The founders have also stated that purchasing this location would be a dream scenario and would require a lot of money to pull off, but if they could raise the money then they would go all out. For now the founders are focusing on the basics such as a logo, association bylaws and charter, building a strong local Brooksville Chapter, a functioning HQ, expanding to Inverness or Beverly Hills, Gainesville, Dade City, Leesburg, Plant City, and other Florida Cracker towns in the area, and other entry level items that any group like this would need.

Now I could talk about this boring basic stuff some more or I could talk about the fancy stuff they want to do down the road. Its a lot funner to dream of things to come then to talk about the crap you have to wade through first.

The FCC founders have stated that they support the idea and concept of the Free Dixie Project that has kind of been de-railed, and have stated that their number one goal after fund raising, promoting Cracker culture, promoting the use of the Dixon Calendar, promoting the use of Dixon vs. American or Southerner, and growing the FCC, will be to push for a Florida Party and push for a Florida Confederate Convention for the purpose of founding the Free Dixie Project.

Since the last time I blogged about the Free Dixie Project a number of our supporters have fallen off due to political pressure. Apparently CNN heard about it and was in the process of getting ready to run a story about it, namely about the elected officials involved with the formation of the Free Dixie Project. Given this a number of anonymous founders have dropped off and the Free Dixie Project remains an unfinished shell that is stuck in the political mud.

The FCC knows it has a lot of work to do, and that a lot of it will be hard, but not everything. Apparently all you need in order to legally form a political party in Florida is 6 people that will become the leadership team of the party (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, PR Chair, Membership Chair, and Events Chair), a Charter and Bylaws, a political platform, and a bank account. Of course to smooth things out this entire thing should be incorporated to protect the leadership and membership from legal liabilities, but outside of that its not too hard.

The hardest part for the FCC won’t be raising money, finding members, or forming a political party. The hard part will be fighting the bigoted stereotype that has been placed upon the backs of  Florida Crackers and Confederates. Another hill that must be conquered will be Crackers who have been brain-washed by the Yankees into hating themselves, the Confederacy, as well as other Crackers. Until the FCC can defeat the enemies within, they won’t be able to take on the enemies outside.

We are excited to see what lies ahead for the FCC and if they can fulfill their vision. Time will tell, and if we are into gambling then we would bet that these people can pull it off and then some.






About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. I don’t reside in Hernando County, but Polk, and as a proud cracker (my ancestors entered Florida in 1805, Campbellton area) I applaud your efforts to bring back our heritage. Please keep on , do not become discourage as you and people like you are needed.

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