How to Fix this Mess… “Passive Secession”


The problem we have today goes back farther then Wilson and the Fed, and goes back to Lincoln who enshrined the unconstitutional and dictatorial powers of the President.

Bare with me here because I’m gonna just rant…

– Lincoln jailed the US Supreme Court when they ordered him to stop the war.

– Lincoln deported and arrested sitting Congressmen that opposed him, and jailed any serious political threat to his re-election bid.

– Lincoln created a fiat currency to pay for the war, without the approval of congress. Again he did eventually get congress to approve it once he purged most of the sitting congressmen and replaced them with puppets.

– Lincoln declared war without the approval of congress. He eventually got congress to declare war but that is after he purged congress of anyone that didn’t fully support the war.

– Lincoln sent the military to arrest citizens, namely newspaper reporters and owners of newspapers that were critical of the war. He replaced many reporters with Federal Army troops (i.e. propaganda agents).

– Lincoln’s generals were allowed to carry out dozens of war crimes in the Confederacy (burning of cities, shelling civilians, looting, rape, etc.) none of them were ever reprimanded.

– After the Maryland legislature declared the State of Maryland to be neutral in the Civil War, Lincoln ordered the Federal Army to arrest the entire legislature and governor, many of which died in jail. They were replaced with Federal Army troops.

I could go on longer but you get the point. Lincoln opened up a pandoras box that has lead to the overtly abusive Empire we live in today. Big Brother, the Nanny State, and Federal Supremacy (Fascism) was born out of the ashes of the Civil War.

Without Lincoln we wouldn’t have had the long trail of Presidential dictators and Federal Congressmen and women that have slowly eroded our rights away. We wouldn’t have had them because the States and the People would had stood up to them vs. lying down and rolling over.aG9ZxBw_700b

We can’t fix the mess we are in today with voting… many think a super majority of Republicans will fix the problem. I disagree. We had a super majority of Republicans under Bush and they did nothing but make things worse. Hell they even banned light bulbs, tripled the size of the Federal branch, and attempted not once, but twice to pass amnesty. If anything they made it easier for Obama to do everything he is doing today.

The only good Republicans that might be able to fix things will never take the White House, because the Republican establishment will never allow them to do so. Look at the past two Presidential elections. The worst possible Republican was nominated to run, and the GOP got beat down by the entitlement crowd twice.

The GOP got beat down because the GOP is split between people like us, the Libertarian minded crowd, and the RINO “democrat-lite” establishment crowd. Meanwhile the Democrats are united under the flag of Marxism and big government handouts.

Based on the news it appears that the GOP has learned nothing from the past two elections and has dug in their heels by campaigning to pass amnesty, keep Obamacare “but change it slightly”, and many establishment GOP’ers now oppose open carry. Look what happened in the Tennessee legislature earlier this year… they had a GOP super majority and voted down a basic open carry bill that would allow people to legally carry a holstered gun on their hip.

If anyone thinks that the GOP will win the White House in a landslide in 2016 think again… the GOP will nominate two RINO candidates again ([I]most likely Santorum and Rubio or Jeb Bush and Rubio or Jeb Bush and Santorum[/I]) that will split the GOP voting base into two camps again… Libertarian and Establishment… and Hillary will walk away with an easy win.

Whats the solution? Since the system is inherently broke and flawed, and will never be reformed… there is too much corruption and too many hands in the cookie jar taking out Federal handouts to ever reign it in now… we are past the point of no-return in my opinion… the only way to fix the system is by way of “[B][I]preemptive secession[/I][/B]” (which won’t happen) or by letting the Empire fall (i.e. total economic and social collapse) through the process of “[B][I]passive secession[/I][/B]”.

The system is un-sustainable and will sooner or later collapse… given this inevitable fact we secessionists only have to wait for the day to come when the Federal Rag is hauled down and the Confederate Flag is hauled back up. We just have to wait them out.

Back in 1981 Joel Garreau theorized that “passive secession” would occur sometime after the year 2000 and that 9 new nations would emerge from the ashes of the former Federal Empire, Canada, and Mexico. One of these nations was a new nation called Dixie and it pretty much makes up the footprint of the former Confederate States.

For those that are not familiar with the Free Dixie Project we support the formation of Dixie as a Confederate Nation. We have already begun asking Southerners to call themselves Dixons in anticipation of this inevitable change. Here is a map of the “9 Nations of North America” as theorized by Dr. Garreau.



Now Dr. Garreau theorized that the Capital of Dixie would be located in Atlanta. We agree that this makes the most sense given that Atlanta is the largest city in Dixie. We pretty much agree with this theory except for the division of Texas into three new nations, and the division of the North into three new nations.

The Dixon Theory looks like this…


We believe that you will have Dixie (Red), Republic of Texas (Dark Red), Pacifica (Dark Green), Alaska (Orange), Plains States (Brown), America (Light Blue), Quebec (Purple), Canada (Lime Green).

In any event whatever you believe will happen, its going to happen. So we need to plan on what the post-Federal Empire world will look like now.

Better now than later.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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