Brooksville Golden Corral Closed – Part of Yankee Plan to Destroy East Hernando

0433807176_13362367_8colBrooksville’s beloved Golden Corral was gone, now a building with bare buffet tables and a sign encouraging people to visit the chain’s other locations. While overseeing cleanup, district manager Jerome Kelley “claimed” that after the restaurant lost a chunk of customers to the Spring Hill spot that opened in December, it wasn’t making enough money to stay afloat. The restaurant closed on Wednesday.

“We were hoping we’d have enough to keep both of them open, but we didn’t,” Kelley said.

The company is working to place the 42 employees and three managers at other locations, but the regulars were at a loss. The regulars were at a loss because the Brooksville Golden Corral was always full of customers, and there was always a line out the door. The claims of the District Manager don’t make any sense and are obviously a bold faced lie.

It is impossible for the Spring Hill location to “steal” the business of the Brooksville location given the fact that both locations were always at capacity for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I, the author of this article, can personally vouch that both locations were at capacity because I drive by both locations weekly. Every time I pass by the Spring Hill Golden Corral, its overloaded… every time I drive past the Brooksville Golden Corral, its overload. So the claims of the District Manager are not true at all.

Furthermore people from Brooksville aren’t driving to Spring Hill for Golden Corral when they have one in their own area. Its like the Brooksville McDonald’s closing because Spring Hill has a McDonald’s, or the Horse Lake Beef’s closing because Spring Hill has a Beef’s… oh wait, Spring Hill has a number of McDonald’s yet the Brooksville McDonald’s remains open… so does the Horse Lake Beef’s, and so does the Brooksville Publix, Brooksville Wal-Mart, and all of the other stores for that matter. Seriously how dumb do these Yankees think we are?

The real reason why the Brooksville Golden Corral closed is simple… the developer from New Jersey owns a lot of property out in Brooksville, and seeks to purchase more property so he and his buddies from Ohio, New York, Illinois, and Wisconsin can bulldoze the beauty that is East Hernando and turn it into one large housing development along the lines of Fish Hawk Ranch in Hillsborough County, or a poor mans Villages. No doubt that this District Manager or one of his bosses, or heck the franchise owner himself is some how connected to the New Jersey Developer and closed the Brooksville location to put the screws to the younger people of Brooksville that will eventually inherit the farms and ranches of East Hernando from their aging parents that have long ago told the locust that is the Developer from New Jersey to go screw off.

If there is nothing in Brooksville then why put down roots and settle in this region? The people of Brooksville HATE the people of Spring Hill and many refuse to drive into Spring Hill and will instead drive South to Tampa, or East to Orlando before driving 35 miles West into Spring Hill. So if the son or daughter of a local farmer that owns a few hundred acres of land in Brooksville inherits the family farm 10 years down the road, and nothing is located in Brooksville besides a gas station, a Publix, and a Wal-Mart then why keep the land? Why not sell it to this nice guy from New Jersey who is offering a million bucks for this farm?

Do you see the plan that has been put into play? Today its a Golden Corral… tomorrow its an Applebees… next year its the Biglots… the following year its the Tractor Supply, and then you have a hollow empty shell that used to be a city that a wealthy carpet baggar from New Jersey can buy lock, stock, and barrel… demolish, and rebuild so this developer can recoup his investment money and move up to Citrus County to start over.

You want to see what the future of Hernando County will be, then look no further than Pinellas County. Back in 1970 Pinellas County has mostly wooded, with only a few beach areas along the coast. Today Pinellas County is over populated, has a crime rate comparable with that of Oakland, has zero open land… literally. No farms, no ranches, and no natural woodlands outside of local parks. Its one big polluted and crime ridden concrete jungle that is populated by 90% Yankees, 9% illegal aliens, and less than 1% of Floridians.

This is what the developer from New Jersey wants to do to Hernando County… ruin it, run of its native population of Floridians, and all for his own gain.

My fellow Crackers there is a reason why the plants on the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners, plants that were bankrolled and hand-picked to run for office by the developer from New Jersey, spent millions of dollars to build sidewalks deep into rural areas instead of along the busy over crowded streets of Spring Hill. These plants did this because the developer from New Jersey and his buddies from Ohio, Illinois, New York, and Wisconsin own property that runs up next to these new side-walks to nowhere. Once the developer has effectively gutted Brooksville of any businesses, and have run off as many land owners as possible, then the developer and his pals will buy the land they need to complete their grand housing development plan, develop the land, sell a few houses, and move onto the next Florida County to ruin.

This developer is what is wrong with Hernando County… this person is evil and must be stopped.

My friends you have been warned.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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