Goals of the Free Dixie Project…

The first phase in the Free Dixie Project is to establish a unique cultural and ethnic identity for our people using the Doctine of Libertas Culturalis. In Dixie we have our own culture (i.e. customs, traditions, music, holidays, cuisine, religious beliefs, history, heritage, etc.) that is completely unique and separate from the toxic “melting pot” pop culture of the Federal Empire. Once we get a good percentage of Dixie’s population to declare their personal sovereignty, then we will start phase two. Both phase one and phase two will run simultaneously side by side.

A timeline or acceptable conversion percentage has yet to be to set. Once this has been set then we can estimate out when phase two can begin. Note we do expect a lot of resistance

This does more harm to our people and our chances of freedom then you can imagine.

This does more harm to our people and our chances of freedom then you can imagine.

from those who claim to be patriots and support the cause for independence for the Dixon people and Dixie, but in the end will choose to throw all of that away in support of the Federal Empire. Our goal is to not undermine our current efforts, but to instead succeed where others have failed. The current strategy is a strategy  that has failed for the past 150 years and is an out right acceptance of Federal Reconstruction efforts. The sad part is that many Dixons don’t even know they are undermining themselves and their efforts. Hence why we formed up.

Secondary goals of phase one include the formation of grass roots alternatives to existing local community groups that are loyal to the Federal Empire. This will be carried out by our supporters and not by the Project officially. To date we have interest from our founding fathers in forming the following groups:

  • Dixie Rangers (Dixon alternative to the boy scouts).
  • A Dixon alternative to the girl scouts.
  • Dixiepedia (Dixon alternative to Wikipedia).
  • Dixie Rifle Association (Dixon alternative to the NRA).
  • Dixie Cross (Dixon alternative to the Red Cross).

Our founders have already begun the process of founding these groups.

Phase two will build upon what we have established during phase one, which is a distinctive cultural identity all our own. During phase two we will establish ourselves as an official association so we can begin aggressive fundraising efforts. We will raise money to begin creating Dixon versions of existing Federal community groups and associations across Dixie and will begin raising money for Operation Phoenix.

Operation Phoenix is an ambitious plan in which we will raise money from patriots across Dixie and foreign nationals who are sympathetic to our cause, for the purpose of purchasing an uninhabited island or chain of uninhabited islands, preferably in the Pacific Ocean.  Currently there are over 347 uninhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean that range in size of just a few feet to the size of Connecticut.

Our plan is to use the raised money to legally purchase one or more of these islands, preferably a chain of islands, for the sole purpose of resurrecting and re-forming an exiled Confederate States government. Initially it would be called the Confederate States of America, and then during our Constitutional Convention we would change the name to the Confederate States of Dixie. Again we need to assert that we are not Americans but are Dixons. This is key to attaining our freedom.

We can only speculate from this point forward, but we have identified no less then 30 uninhabited islands that are valued between 2.5 million and 12 million US dollars. The nations that own them have no use for them and would most likely welcome a large payout in exchange for the unwanted islands. Once an island has been purchased we would then begin raising more money to form a Confederate Navy to transport our people and supplies to the island. We would also begin contracting out to dredging companies to raise the elevation of the island if need be, and expanding the size of the island. We would likely use the same companies that have successfully expanded the size of Japan and Dubai by hundreds of miles. While we would welcome an extra hundred miles of land, we could not afford it.

Again we can only speculate but based on the 30 islands we have identified the average size of the islands is 28.6 square miles. This would make our exiled nation roughly about the size of San Marino (24.9 miles) and this is before we dredge and expand the size of the island. We have estimated that we can easily expand each of these islands by as much as 5-10 square miles which would make our exiled nation the 6th smallest nation on earth.

san-marinoCurrently San Marino which currently is 6th smallest nation on earth, is home to 9 counties, a national capital, 8 cities, 12 high schools, 6 colleges, 3 airports, an interstate system, and a national population of 31,000. This small nation of San Marino which is actually centered within Northern Italy is also home to an army of 5,000 troops, and an air force that has 40 warplanes and 5 bombers. The only thing this small nation lacks is a  navy and that is because its a land-locked nation. It does however have a small coast guard that operates along the nations three rivers.

Now we know that this is ambitious and really out there given the current state our nation and our people are in today. But we believe with enough dedication and persistence we can make this a reality within our life time (i.e. before 2050). For proof of this look at the Free State Project which is about 5,000 people away from achieving its goal of taking over New Hampshire. Back in 1999 when they were founded and told people about their plans to get 20,000 Libertarians to move to New Hampshire for the purpose of taking it over politically they were called nuts. It will never happen. Well today they are 5,000 away from reaching their stage one goal of 20,000 people.

The founders of the Free Dixie Project have drawn a lot of inspiration from the Free State Project and its success. We believe that if we follow their model that we will be able to accomplish both phases of our own project within our lifetime. The key is ignoring the doubters and keeping your eyes on the prize.

Also take a look at San Marino above, that nation is only 24.9 miles in size. Our island nation would be anywhere between 28.6 miles and 38.6 miles, which is about 3.7 to 13.7 miles larger than San Marino. Also keep in mind that San Marino is hindered by their status as a land-locked nation. We wouldn’t be. We would be free to fish the surrounding waters, and drill for oil.

Currently the founders have yet to decide on a set of names for this island of ours, but we have tossed around a few possibilities. Currently we have on the short list the following names for our Island State. In the event we purchase more then one island, then we would likely form two or more island states.

  • Lee
  • Augusta
  • Manassas
  • Antietam
  • Kennesaw

Even though this is all a long shot, its still fun to imagine because imagining breeds hope. Its very exciting to discuss this and contemplate what might become.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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