Google Celebrates Communist Terrorist Day!

If you visit Google today then you will see their loving tribute to everyone’s favorite murdering South African Communist Terrorist, Nelson Mandela!


I don’t know about y’all but I’m fed up with Google and Apple. We Dixons need our own anti-libtard technological super power. I’m tired of depending upon people that loath me and my people for access to the internet and technology.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. Mandela is just a taste of what the Yankee’s will write about Obumo. Yankee history of Obumo will put their history of Lincoln to shame. Our children will see great monuments built honoring this …….. (I can’t come up with a descriptive word.).

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