When Are Crackers in Hernando Gonna Wake Up!

Hernando_County_fl_sealEvery morning I wake up and the same thought crosses my mind… when are the native Florida Crackers in Hernando County gonna wake up? Seriously Hernando does not have a jobs problem, it has a severe Yankee problem that is more of an infestation. All of Hernando’s problems can be traced back to the Yankees and their lifestyle, politics, and their way of life.

Hernando County is one of 20 Florida Counties that has an unemployment rate above 10%, a crime rate above 10%, and a population consistency of 70% Yankees to 20% Native Floridians or Dixons, with another 5% made up of roughly illegal aliens and legal foreign nationalist alike. In parts of South Florida the population consistency is even worse, for example in Miami-Dade County and Broward County the consistency is more along the lines of 80% Yankee, 15% illegal alien / legal foreign nationalist, and 5% Native Floridian or Native Dixons. Nearly all of the crime in the State, about 72.5% of all crime in Florida occurs in these 20 Counties, and nearly all of the unemployment in Florida occurs in these 20 Counties.

Heck according to USA Today, Hernando County, namely Spring Hill is the prescription drug capital of Florida and has a growing epidemic where 3 out of 5 babies born in Spring Hill are born with a severe addiction to prescription drugs. Note that this breakdown is comparable to the 70-20 breakdown above. That means that for every 5 babies you see at a local Spring Hill park are likely born with a prescription drug addiction.

To make matters worse I can personally attest that jobs in this county are only given out to Yankees. I currently hold a Masters Degree from UCF and have applied for hundreds of jobs in Hernando County since 2009 when my family and I moved here. If I had to give an exact number it would have to be in the ballpark of 250 jobs easy. All within my degree field mind you. Out of those 250 applications I only got an interview for 3 of those jobs I applied for, and in every case the jobs was given to a person that was transferring down from New York, New Jersey, and Michigan.

I know this because of sunshine laws and a FIOA request.

Furthermore I did a simple Google search online for a current staff directory of the agencies I applied with and easily determined that the Yankee that was hired has a relative working for he agency that hired them.

Still not sold on the FACT that Yankees are ruining Hernando County? Well I’ve done a FIOA request to obtain a list of current inmates currently being housed locally and asked that the info include each inmates “place of birth” and low and behold the data showed that our local County Jail is about 78.7% full of Yankees.

Still not buying it? Well look at the retired population in Hernando County its about 71,000 people… our total population per the last census was only 162,000. Out of these 71,000 people only about 8,340 are retired Native Florida Crackers or retired Native Dixons, and even out of this number only about 3,000 or so are from Hernando County and are retired. The other 62,660 are nearly all from Yankee Land or Foreign Nationals. At 71,000 people we currently have about 43% of the population sucking social service dollars out of local government, ever wonder why gas and taxes in Hernando County are higher then they are in Tampa or Orlando? Well its because between the unemployed and the retired population we have more people in Hernando County living off the Government then we have paying into the Government. So again please tell me how retired Yankees are a good thing for Hernando County? Apparently its only good for the Builders and Developers that are ruining the County by paving over Native lands to build more cheaply built shacks for more retired Yankees.

Listen I don’t care if you “buy” into this or not… its a fact.

The majority of people in Hernando County are from New York, New Jersey, and Michigan.About 47% of the people in Hernando County are from these three hell holes. These are all bankrupt failures that are home to some of the most corrupt and repressive Tyrannical Governments in the Federal Empire. In New York they tried banning large soda’s and large pizzas on top of legalizing the process of unconstitutionally stopping and searching anyone at any time… in New Jersey if you are not part of a Union then you can’t get a job, heck you can’t even pump gas in New Jersey, its illegal to pump your own gas because in NJ only Union Gas Pumpers can legally pump gas… in Michigan the State is a bankrupt ruin and the murder rate has long ago surpassed the combined fatality rates of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Each of these States have banned guns in one form or another, and just like the rif-raf that has moved down here lives off of tax money from Florida. Because these three States are bankrupt the Federal Empire takes their share of tax money from Florida and redistributes it to these three States to keep them afloat. Like Texas, Florida gets no benefit out of being in the Federal Empire. Texas has to support California and Florida has to support New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Michigan.

You know whats worse? Well New York is a Republican controlled State for the most part, and so is New Jersey. Again the Republicans are not the answer because they don’t practice what they preach and are just as bad if not worse then Democrats. At least Democrats are honest with you about how they are screwing you over. The GOP lies to your face and once they get your vote they stab you in the back. A vote for the Republicans is a vote wasted. New Jersey is case and point. The Republicans campaigned that they would put an end to Government waste and the Union control of the State. Well five years later New Jersey is even more bankrupt, about $32 million worse, and the Unions have an even tighter grip on the State. In fact the Republicans have expanded Union Control by handing them contract after contract, which in turn worsens the bankruptcy conditions.

This leads me to the purpose behind my rant today which is the Blaze Ingoglia campaign. Three of my neighbors put his signs up in their yards and I hit the roof. Seriously this guy is a Yankee from New Jersey, he is not from Florida and hell he doesn’t even live in Hernando County from what I have been told, and apparently lives down in Tampa on Harbor Island. The only reason he qualifies to run for the Florida House Dist. 35 seat is because he owns a Spring Hill based building company and is apparently listing one of his companies houses as his place of residence? Again I was told this by several people in Brooksville that are part of the local Republican Party and can’t stand this man so take it for what its worth.

Besides being a Yankee I don’t like Blaze because he is a local builder and he contributed to the housing bubble collapse back in 2008. Albeit no more then the next Yankee Spring Hill builder. Again if you build too many houses when there are zero jobs, this leads to unemployment and a dip in demand, combine that with the Federal Housing Bubble Pop and you have the economy we have today. Currently Hernando County has a surplus of 1.5 years worth of empty houses sitting on the market, and has held the highest foreclosure rate in Florida for three consecutive years running… note that Flaggler, another Yankee infested County was a close second.

I also don’t like Blaze because it has been rumored that he has hand picked candidates to run for local offices via back room deals, and those that cross him are targeted by the local Republican Party and destroyed. Again this is a popular rumor in Hernando County, I’m just repeating what others have said and continue to say. What started this rumor was the epic Jason Sager vs. Rich Nugent primary runoff in which Jason Sager, which at the time was backed fully by the local Hernando County TEA Party in addition to every Florida based TEA Party was a shoe in to replace the corrupt Ginny Brown-Waite who stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment on her way out of office (laptops, and such when missing), until former Sheriff Rich Nugent (another Yankee) registered to run against Sager on the last day you could register. The rumor is that Sager and Blaze didn’t get along and that Blaze tapped and forced Nugent to run even though he didn’t want to run. Well the campaign got nasty as the Blaze run Hernando County Republican Party “claimed” that Sager was a communist, and the TEA Party called Nugent (and continues to call Nugent) a RINO. After all Nugent supported the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban, supported the Obama ban on off-shore drilling, and believes like every other Republican RINO and Marxist Democrat that the Federal and State Constitutions are “living documents”. The phrase “living document” is code for “Progressive Doctrine”.

Don’t believe us well the proof is in the pudding, watch the Sager-Nugent debate… this video is one of six. You can see how Sager is more of a Ron Paul / Rand Paul type of guy and Nugent is more of a John McCain / Lindsay Graham kind of guy. In the end Sage lost 34% to 66% thanks to all of the stupid RINO Republican voters in Hernando County from up north that voted for their dude from Chicago, Rich “The Rino” Nugent. Sager is not only a Florida Native but also a Brooksville Native to boot.

Now of course Sager was destroyed a few years later in his bid to become a Hernando County Commissioner by cheating on his wife. As a result Dianne Rowden is in office instead of him, and if not for the “leak” about this illicit affair three days before the general election it would be Jason Sager on the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners instead of Dianne “Castro” Rowden. Again, this is not me saying this, but it is rumored that someone within the Hernando County Republican Party leaked this news, and if the rumors about Sager and Blaze hating each other were in fact true then it doesn’t surprise me in the least that the leak came from within the Hernando GOP.

So take the info about Blaze with a grain of salt… 99% of it is based off of rumors and hearsay from locals within the Hernando County GOP, or are based off of my personal views. None of it is concrete. I’m sure that a pro-Blaze guy or gal can dredge up all kinds of nice things to say about him so remember that info on the net about a candidate is all based on perspective.

The info about the Yankee issue in Hernando County outside of Blaze is fact based. We rounded up a lot of numbers and DID NOT SPECULATE on the percentages used.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. It is not only Hernando County, but all of our state, yes and even the other southern states. Ask how many cops in your area are native Floridians, or mayors. And where are the illegals being shipped to? you guessed it, southern states. The war of northern aggression as never ended.

    • Cracker Commander

      You are correct. Nearly every cop in Florida is from up north, and most of the politicians in Florida are from up north as well. Its time that we Dixons began to take a stand and finally wake up.

      I own a small business and one of the questions I ask when I hire people “Is where are you originally from?”, “Where did you go to college?”, “What was your major?”

      This tells me everything I need to know. If the person is from up north or a Western Yankee State (California, Oregon, Washington) then they won’t get hired… If they pass the first question then its on to the next one, if they went to a Yankee school or a very liberal school then its a no and won’t get hired… Finally if they passed both of the first questions then its the last one, if their major is a liberal major or if the candidate buys into the hole “GREEN” sustainability crap then its a no.

      If every Son and Daughter of Dixie did this then we wouldn’t have the situation we have today. Yankees go where they can get jobs and make money. If they can’t get money they won’t stay and move. The trick is cutting them off at the knees and keeping them from getting hired.

      I also ask “If you could move to any State, where would it be”… this is the fail safe that weeds out more Yankees or Self-Hating Dixons then any other question.

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