TST_BigBook_1024x1024_0To all of our readers in Orange County, FL this is an urgent message to you. Please if you read us and live in Orange County, or know of anyone who lives in Orange County, and is not a liberal wacko then pass this warning along. Especially if you or someone you know has a child enrolled in the Godless Orange County Government School System.

The AMERICAN Satanic Church (i.e. not Dixon or Floridian), and the leading AMERICAN Atheist Group (i.e. not Dixon or Floridian), Freedom From Religion, have teamed up to distribute Satanic literature to children within Orange County, FL. Some of the literature includes coloring books about Satanic orgies, connect the dots pentagrams, and it has been rumored that they are even distributing information about how to sacrifice animals, which is a major part of satanic worship. Note that according to the FBI and the California Dept. of Justice, satanic groups prefer to sacrifice white and black colored animals on certain “un-holy” satanic holidays called “Black Sabbaths”. Also note that while the AMERICAN Satanic Church has stated that they no-longer condone human sacrifice, you must note that at one time they did condone it, which means that it likely occurred between their founding in the 1960’s and when they publicly denounced it sometime in the mid-1980’s during the massive satanic conspiracy craze.

In our book you can’t trust a murderer who confesses that “Yeah we used to do that, but not anymore, you can trust us”.

For those too young to remember, from the mid 1970’s until well into the early 1990’s there was a great satanic conspiracy craze gripping AMERICA (i.e. not Dixie). The majority of the issues revolved around Michigan, Ohio, California, Nevada, New York, and Massachusetts. Children were going missing and a few were found and claimed that they were kidnapped by a satanic cult along with a bunch of other children who were sacrificed.

The FBI investigated this thoroughly and failed to find a trace of any satanic cult, but did unearth a massive online homosexual child abduction and molestation ring in the 1990’s that was based out of Miami, the Yankee infested, illegal alien sanctuary, and homosexual haven that is the butt hole of Florida.

The FBI also found a number of suspected sacrificing sites where hundreds of pairs of children and adult shoes and clothing were unearthed in shallow graves, but found no bodies. Many theorized that the remains were dissolved in acid baths to prevent evidence from being unearthed. The authorities also found signs that a black mass had taken place at these sites (black altars, pentagrams, butchered animals, black candles, etc.) but never found any bodies. All of this was documented in the pre-internet era news papers and publications. For a full history of satanism, the satanic church, the online gay child molestation ring, and the satanic conspiracy craze check out the book “Satan Wants You” by Arthur Lyons.

Note that these are the same two groups who have been trying to build a Satanic Monument in Oklahoma, and who have partnered up to found the Satanic Church of Detriot, which is the first and only Satanic Church outside of San Fransicko. We keep telling y’all that the atheists and the satanists are one in the same. Both satanists and atheists worship themselves, because in their distorted mind there is no God, no Devil per-say, everyone is an animal, science is God, and there is no right or wrong, just the means to their own survival.

In the eyes of a satanist killing a human is no different than killing a dog or deer, because satanists believe we are all animals. Note that atheists share this view, but will deny it till they are blue in the face.

There is no difference when you break down Atheism and Satanism, they are both an anti-religion in which its followers worship themselves above all else.

Atheists believe that they must live in the now because when they die that’s it. So in their realm anything is fair game. You want to have sex with children then do it, you want to cheat on your wife then do it, you want to kill people (i.e. animals) then do it, you want to be rich then cheat and steal, oops you got pregnant and don’t want a child then murder it, again its all relative and you get one life so go all out and do whatever you want.

Satanists believe in the exact same thing, only at the end of their demented lives they go to hell where they will either be rewarded for their evil by Satan by becoming a demon or demonic spirit, or if you weren’t loyal enough and didn’t do enough evil then you will be tortured for eternity with all of the other lost souls. Lost souls are Atheists, Agnostics, Disloyal Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Non-Converted Jews, Muslims, and anyone else that did not accept Christ before death, or did but was too evil to be forgiven.

Despite popular belief all sins can’t be forgiven. So keep this in mind. There are some that God set out in the 10 Commandments that “shall not be broken” and if you break these commandments all cards are off the table. Again its up to God, and not me, I’m just following his word.

Anyway despite their continued verbal commitment to keeping religious materials out of public schools, both the Satanic Temple and The Freedom From Religion Foundation have publicly announced plans to disseminate printed information among public school students in Orange County, Florida.

Some of the educational materials produced by the organizations include  The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities and An X-Rated Book: Sex & Obscenity in the Bible.

On the Satanic Temple’s official website, the New York-based groupstated that, “In cooperation with The Freedom From Religion Foundation, and in accordance with School Board policy that allows religious material dissemination, The Satanic Temple announces they will distribute Satanic literature in Florida Public School district.”

According to the announcement released on Sept. 14, distributed materials will include “pamphlets related to the Temple’s tenets, philosophy and practice of Satanism, as well as information about the legal right to practice Satanism in school.”

The Satanic Temple’s website also advertises activity books for children, including coloring pages and connect-the-dots activities to help children learn to draw pentagrams.

Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves told during a phone interview that the Satanist group decided to pass out their own materials after talking with The Freedom From Religion Foundation.

“I don’t know if you could define it as a partnership, but we consulted with them and we ran it through them because we knew – we found out about this through the stories that were written about The Freedom From Religion Foundation,” Greaves explained. “They had a previous lawsuit and they took issue with the previous religious materials being disseminated in schools.”

“We’ve been quite clear about the fact that we don’t want to disseminate our own materials in the school, if the other materials aren’t there,” Greaves said.

“[FFRF’s] thinking is the same as ours: that religious materials are probably better off left away from the schools. But so long as there’s going to be one represented, they have to accept them all,” he said, adding the group plans to pass out information primarily to high school students.

The day after The Satanic Temple announced their plans to give out their own materials in conjunction with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the foundation issued a statement apparently seeking to distance itself from the Satanic Temple’s materials.

“FRF does not believe that Satanists or Christians or even atheists should be distributing literature to public school students,” the group said in a news release on Sept. 15.

When asked if he thought passing out Satanist materials while condemning the distribution of any religious information could be considered hypocritical, Greaves said he did not think so.

“Well, it would be hypocritical of us if we were to push to have our literature disseminated to the school when there wasn’t already this breach of church and state, but I don’t think there’s a hypocrisy in us putting our material out when the other material is there. Because that is our position, that so long as that is taking place, it’s orders of magnitude better that a plurality of voices is represented rather than just one,” he said.

Like The Satanic Temple, the Freedom From Religion Foundation claims to be against the distribution of materials of any kind, religious or non-religious, in public schools,  but has filed lawsuits demanding the right to do that very thing.

After discovering a local Christian group was handing out Bibles in Orange County public schools,The Central Florida Freethought Community, a subgroup of The Freedom From Religion Foundation, sued the Orange County School last year over the right to distribute their own atheist materials. While the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed, the group has since been permitted to pass out their materials.

In the latest news release, the group announced it will distribute its materials again in January to public school students in Orange County.

“FFRF will only distribute its own materials this January, including pamphlets such as An X-Rated Book: Sex & Obscenity in the Bible, the group announced.

This book, essentially a small collection of brochures the foundation has passed out for nearly two years, includes a cover showing an image of an anthropomorphized, cartoon Bible sexually assaulting a screaming woman.

In the news release, the group also claimed to be “consistent” in their message.

“FFRF has remained consistent throughout this ordeal: Public schools should not be allowing the distribution of Bibles, atheist materials or any other religious or nonreligious material,” the group said in the news release. “We do not want the Satanic Temple preying on students any more than we want evangelical Christians preying on students.”


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