Spring Hill Healthcare Claims the life of a Young Mother…

Hernando_County_fl_sealPeople of Hernando please heed our warning, for the most part the Hernando County healthcare system is a joke, and you would be better off seeing a witch doctor in the event you have a major life threatening emergency, then you would be going to Oakhill or Bayfront Spring Hill.

Over the years we have warned you and warned you and warned you and warned you… how many people are going to have to die in Spring Hill hospitals before y’all wise up and stop going to them.

Seriously I won’t even get my teeth cleaned in this county, not even over in Brooksville. I drive all the way over to east Orlando to my old dentist, and this is just my teeth.

In the event of an emergency I’m not calling 911, I’m calling my wife who will rush me out of Hernando County and down to Florida Hospital in Pasco County, Florida Hospital at USF, or Tampa General. If my wife can’t get to me in time then I’ll call a taxi… if they take too long and its a real bad emergency then I will only go to Brooksville Regional, which is the best hospital out of the three in this county.

Now Brooksville Regional has its own issues, but one thing is for sure they have less foreign doctors on staff and a lot more locally raised and educated physicians than either of the two Spring Hill hospitals put together. Just saying.

In the past when we have reported on gross malfeasance and a local persons death it has ALWAYS been at the hands of an Omar, Mohammed, Abban, Abdul-Matin, or any other sort of name of Middle Eastern origin. Now don’t get me wrong, my doctor out in Orlando is named Nadir and he is from India, but ole boy Nadir again is from India and not from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or Syria… you know the places where everyone hates Americans and Dixons alike.

So it doesn’t surprise me when I hear of local people dying of easy to avoid complications from having surgery at Oakhill or Spring Hill Regional. I would really like to see some kind of formal investigation by the Florida Dept. of Health into the total number of patient deaths at Hernando’s three hospitals, however based on local news, and given that we follow local news all the time I can tell you from memory that out of the three Brooksville Regional would be the best with Oakhill and Spring Hill lagging far behind. Again this isn’t scientific, but is based on my observations of news coming out of these places so take it for what its worth.

Also I don’t know about y’all but I would let anyone from a Middle Eastern nation fix my toilet, let alone cut me open. Again this is just my 2 cents. If it was 1940 I wouldn’t let a German or Japanese doctor work on me… if it was 1861 I wouldn’t let a Yankee doctor work on me… if it was 1776 I wouldn’t let a British doctor work on me… and if its today I damn sue wouldn’t let a person from a nation / region that we are locked in war with touch me. Just my 2 cents.

Middle Eastern names aside, lets ask ourselves this question… why are there so many of them here? Well that is because Hernando County can’t keep decent doctors, let alone young to middle aged, college educated adults. The reason why? Well because Hernando County spends millions of dollars directly and indirectly to lure elderly retirees down here from out of state. These Yankee retirees consume far more social services then they will ever pay into. Keep in mind that social services are locally funded for the most part, our police, fire, and what not are funded locally, and our food stamps are funded at the State level. So just because some old Yankee paid into the New York or Ohio social services for decades doesn’t mean that any of that translates into Florida’s social services. So while you and I, the Florida Crackers have been paying into our local and State social services for our entire lives, our State and local government has a hard time funding these programs because its being sucked dry by a ton of Yankee retirees who haven’t paid one dime into the system before they begin to consume the funds in its shrinking coffers. Florida is a skinny dog, and the Yankee retirees are fat ticks.

Besides social services why can’t Hernando County keep local Flo-Grown professionals? Well it all goes back to the retirees from up North and a local government that caters to their needs. Every time a new business owner seeks to open a bar, pub, or even a children daycare or toy store the retirees throw a fit and do everything in their power to snuff it out. The retirees only want businesses in the area that caters to their needs and their retired lifestyle. The local government caters to this delusional line of thought and does its best to make Hernando into a generic version of “The Villages” or “Port Saint Lucie”.

Seriously for those that can remember, think back to when Hooters was trying to build a restaurant in Hernando County. If you were around back in the 1990’s then I’m sure you can remember the huge fuss this made. The retirees picketed, and packed the County Commission chambers for weeks on end trying to block Hooters from being built. The Yankees even tried to get a ballot initiative started to block it construction and even called for a boycott of other local area Hooters establishments that went nowhere, because lets face it, the retirees don’t go to Hooters as it is so how can they begin to boycott anything if they don’t go there to begin with. Eventually the County got involved and tried to block the Hooters but failed, in the end Hooters came out and agreed to a compromise put forth by the County in which Hooters agreed to build an ultra tiny version of what it had originally planned to build on US 19.

There is a local joke going around about how Hernando has he smallest Hooters in the World. Its true and its thanks to the retirees.

So again I ask you, why would a person who graduated from UF, FSU, or any REAL college with honors and a M.D. want to move to a city like Spring Hill that is basically a massive retirement home? This is one of many reasons why Hernando County can’t keep college graduates from moving out of the area. This is why Spring Hill is full of Islamic doctors from the Middle East because we can’t get quality doctors or professionals to move to this area, so we settle for the left overs who are not the best or brightest of the medical world.

I’m getting off track here and will detour back to the topic at hand. I do get carried away with my hatred of Spring Hill and the Yankees that infest it so I must digress.

Earlier this week on Monday, a local Spring Hill mother of two Kristin Zinkiewicz was recovering at home from the recent birth of her second child, and a gallbladder surgery she had at Oakhill Hospital in Spring Hill. She noticed around the gallbladder scar area a protruding bump, like a surgical instrument was left inside her body kind of bump, and called her surgeon at Oakhill, which was surprise-surprise an Islamic doctor. He told her to come back first thing in the morning to have it looked at. Keep in mind that Kristin was running a fever. This is a sign of infection and should had sent a red flag up with her surgeon at Oakhill. Running a fever after a medical procedure is something that should always be considered an emergency, but instead of rushing her into the ER, her doctor instead ignored her concerns and told her to not come to the ER and wait 18 hours to get it looked at the next day.

This is a recipe for disaster, and resulted in her death. Early Tuesday morning Kristin died in her sleep from apparent complications of her clearly botched gallbladder surgery. She leaves behind a boyfriend and two very young children that will have to live a life without a mother.

I know all of this because the entire ordeal was posted on her Facebook account. She told her friends what was going on, what her doctor said, and even posted a picture of the protrusion. A friend of mine told me about what happened and I went on Facebook to check it out.

THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!! These poor children lost their mother because of another inept Spring Hill doctor. I’m pissed beyond words. Seriously I’m fuming mad livid to the point that words can’t even describe my anger right now.

Please if you read this DO NOT GO TO SPRING HILL HOSPITALS FOR SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES. Instead when in doubt drive down to Tampa General or Florida Hospital by USF. I can’t recommend any Orlando hospitals because they are too far away and Tampa is a lot closer.

The family is asking for donation for a memorial fund and we here at the Rebel Yell HIGHLY encourage you to donate as much money to this fund as humanly possible (link below).


To the family of Kristin, you need to sue and do everything in your power to bankrupt that shit hole that is Oakhill. Go out and stomp that mud hole, and stomp it dry. Make an example out of them so this will never happen again. Hire the worst and most sleaziest attorneys you can find. Seriously run them out of business. PLEASE!!!!


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. Former Hernando Chick

    Do I feel bad for the woman and her family? Of course. Do I agree with you at all? Hell no. She could tell something was wrong. She should have called someone to take her to the hospital, even if it was out in Pasco. She should not have just sat on facebook posting about how something is not right. She knew what was wrong and did not get help. Instead she listened to a doctor who probably was not told full detail of what was wrong. Maybe I am incorrect in this, but yes. If something is wrong and you think the doctor is wrong, fucking go to a different doctor.

    As far as you, the author, I can tell just how inbred you are. It is absolutely horrifying realizing that Hernando county is still filled with such uneducated people. Anywhere you go, there is going to be a person with a “middle eastern” name. That doesn’t make them bad doctors. They are humans to. They have to become educated and earn a degree and take exams and tests. They have to recertify frequently enough to make sure they haven’t forgotten how to practice medicine.

    I will go on to argue that in my extensive experience with doctors, the white doctors are the bad ones. I have gone to plenty of white doctors that were horrible, rude, and clueless. They, like you, probably think that they are some gift to the world because they are white. I have gone to many doctors who were Indian or Middle Eastern and they were the best doctors I have ever met.

    Pull your head out of your ass and stop blaming the system. Stop being a racist and prejudice asshole and realize that everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, this one caused a woman to lose her life. But she should have gotten a second opinion instead of doing what a doctor said when she knew he was wrong.

    I am so glad I no longer live in that county. Not because of the medical there, but because of the uneducated lowlifes who live there.

  2. To Former Hernando Chick. I’m Kristins father and you don’t know what you’re talking about regarding my daughter.

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