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Get Your Facts STRAIGHT!


Confederates believe in a modified Christian version of Libertatianism…

Republicans believe in pure Corporatism…

Democrats believe in pure Statism…


Welcome to Hernando County… Home of the Sidewalk to Nowhere!


Hernando County has more sidewalks going nowhere then they do sidewalks in neighborhoods. This project to nowhere has cost Hernando County tax payers over $13.5 million dollars.

People get run down in Spring Hill every year because of a lack of sidewalks, meanwhile the county is spending millions building 20-30 miles worth of elaborate sidewalks that lead out to cow pastures and farmland where they are not needed.

The Futility of Voting for the Left or Right…


WWJB Survey Friday – 11/26/2014

1 – Will you be shopping on Thanksgiving Day? Nope, and anyone that does should be flogged for making the working poor spend Thanksgiving at work and away from their families.

2 – Can a good version of the National Anthem bring tears to you eye? Not tears, but I do get nauseous when I hear it. As a Confederate and a States Rights 10th Amendment Advocate I HATE the Federal Anthem, the Federal Flag, and the Federal Union. If it was cost effective I would wipe my butt with the Federal rag every single day vs. using toilet paper.

3 – Have you personally seen any impact of Hernando’s lower unemployment rate? LOL, I work in Orlando and have lived in Hernando for going on 15 years now. I have a Masters Degree from UCF and I’m working on a Ph.D. from UCF as well. I have applied to over 400 jobs, if not more, over the past 15 years and have only gotten three interviews. The only people that get jobs in Hernando are Guido Yankees from up North or a cousin, relative, or buddy or son or relative of a buddy of a person who has a job in Hernando.

4 – Budweiser Frogs or Clydsdales? Clysdales

5 – Will we see a spike in ISIS activity during the Sec of Defense transition period? I don’t think they care who is in charge.

6 – What’s a better Thanksgiving treat: the leftovers, or eating somewhere where you don’t have to clean up? Clean up for sure. Its supposed to be a holiday, not a time to cook and clean.

7 – Will Congress drag it’s feet until Obama is out of office? Yep, and guess what when Obama leaves they will still drag their feet. Republicans are just as bad as Democrats.

8 – Will the President’s immigration executive order have a noticeable impact life in the Nature Coast? Yes, it will make it harder for people born here or here legally to get jobs.

BONUS QUESTION: Burt Lahr’s Cowardly Lion costume just sold for $3.5 million…what piece of Hollywood memorabilia would you like to own? I would like to have my own submarine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ferguson “Protesters” = Violent Marxist Thugs


Don’t let the so-called media confuse you, these so-called “protesters” are nothing more than a coalition of various Pro-Marxist / Pro-Minority Supremacist groups that have banded together to riot, pillage, loot, rape, and murder.

Frankly we wish that the Missouri Governor would send in the National Guard already and put the entire region under Marshall Law. But again the governor is too concerned with hanging onto his power, so he won’t do anything but sit back and try to ride the fence.

The most disguising thing so far has been the reaction of these “protesters” who are upset that a police officer lives and a violent minority criminal is dead. The autopsy report was clear and conclusive, it showed that Michael Brown (i.e. the violent minority criminal) was attempting to kill a cop and that the police officer did his best to protect his life from this thug.

Please if you read our blog and live in Ferguson you need to arm yourself and barricade your home. This will not be getting better anytime soon. In fact if its possible you likely need to think about moving out of this crap hole town altogether. Since 2005 the towns population has doubled in size because of refuges from Hurricane ravaged New Orleans. Is it any wonder why these protests are so violent given the fact that over half the town migrated up from New Orleans?

If you don’t live in Ferguson you need to be wary and on guard. Apparently these Violent Marxist Thugs are everywhere and are “protesting” in nearly every state and city. So if you have a concealed weapon, then you need to consider arming yourself when you go out in public. Read the rest of this entry

Robin Hood was not a Thief… He was a Hero!


Americans are Mindless SHEEP


The Biggest Criminal in History…


You were Born Free and Government Took Your Freedom Away… Why Do Y’all Celebrate This Enslavement?


So stop waving this flag, the flag of the Federal Yankee Empire that has enslaved you…


And start waving the flag of the Rebellion… its time to take your freedom back!

Dixon Flag

UC Berkeley Students Love ISIS and Hate Israel…

A Yankee political satirist staged a social experiment at a prestigious university. Waving an ISIS flag was met with no negative reaction, but with an Israeli flag he got a less-than-warm reception from the students.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz headed to the University of California, Berkeley, one of the most prestigious and selective universities in the country, to assess students’ reactions to two very different, but powerful symbols.

He took to the university campus waving an infamous black-and-white flag – the emblem of the Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL, formally known as the Federally funded and trained Syrian Rebels).

“ISIS is misunderstood. We just want our own state. Why does America keep bombing us? America and Western imperialism are to blame, not ISIS,” he was shouting in the video released by Fox news on Wednesday.

However, the students, who Horowitz says in his blog “clearly have a lot of intellect,” didn’t react at all.

“A couple of thousand students walked by me and not saying anything negative. In fact, there were some positive responses. [It] really blew me away,” he said in an interview with RT. “Not a single person has a negative response. It was completely shocking.”

There was no harsh condemnation of the group and no one mentioned the IS’ beheading of three Yankees.

One passerby nodded towards Horowitz and said, “Good luck.”

“The blood of the Middle East is on the hands of America. American imperialism is responsible for death all around the world,” yelled Horowitz, trying to catch more attention.

“Right?” he asked a passer-by student, who was seemingly nodding in agreement to him. Another student gave him a thumbs-up of approval to his phrase.

Finally one student approached Horowitz, a possible breakthrough moment of IS criticism.

“You can’t smoke on campus,” the student informed the satirist, adding that college police were “going to cite” him.

‘Tolerance has always been an important value of Berkeley’

The IS flag was only the first part of Horowitz experiment. After he met no critical response on the Islamists from the students, he returned with an Israeli flag, trying to show the ‘tolerance’ of Berkeley students.

However, he received less-than-warm reception as the students started assailing him with hatred.

“F*** Israel,” exclaimed one man, “You’re killing kids,” said another.

“All of Israel are killers,” added a woman.

“That flag you wave is the psychological genocide of this planet. This institution is part of the people who enslaved the whole planet,” one of passerby said in a tirade.

In his RT interview, Horowitz said that one student told him that Israel is “the worst country in Europe,”not actually knowing that Israel is located in the Middle East. “It made me wonder about the educational system we have in the US unfortunately,” he added.

“If these are our best and brightest then we should all be afraid. Very afraid,” Horowitz said on his Fox News blog.

We here at the Brooksville Belle are in complete agreement with Mr. Horowitz. Liberals support facist and hateful regimes the world over. As long as a regime is Marxist, Radical Islamic, or a mix thereof the Liberals will flock towards this regime in support. Meanwhile on the flip side Israel and our Confederate States are looked down as hate filled symbols that need to be abolished? Hopefully this experiment shocks y’all into understanding that colleges are no longer places of higher education. They are instead over priced liberal brain washing camps. So parents beware!