Rosetta Spacecraft Upholds Creationism!!! Dispels Popular Athesit Myth that Comets Made Life on Earth

Comet 67pThe Rosetta spacecraft which landed on 67P /Churyumov-Gerasimenko last month has detected water which contains about three times more deuterium – a heavy form of hydrogen – than water we have on Earth. This scientific fact destroys the popular Atheist myth that ancient comets brought water to Earth and thus created life.

Scientists say this may mean that rather than comets carrying water to Earth as was once believed. Instead scientists are now scrambling to keep the Atheist myth alive and are now theorizing that asteroids brought water to Earth instead of comets. Note that this theory makes zero sense.

Comet 67P is believed to have come from the Kuiper belt, which is beyond the orbit of Neptune. Scientists will take more measurements from the comet as it nears the sun and starts to emit more water vapor into space.

So take that you Satan worshiping Atheists!


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  1. I hardly know where to begin. For such a short article you have made so many strange statements.
    The discovery about the nature of the water on the comet having more deuterium than we have on earth is more a relection of where the asteroid has travelled, how much water it was carrying (and how long it has been travelling). Firing neutrons into water changes water first into water with more deuterium and eventually into tritiated water (ie water with tritium instead hydrogen in the form of the more common protium.) If there is a small amount of water and a small number of neutrons arriving there will be more deuterium / volume of water than would be the case for a large body of water and a small number of neutrons. This would happen for example if an asterioid or comet passed through space in the Solar system and would also happen if an comet or asteroid spent a long time in the solar wind.
    Since the debate about asteroids bringing water to the Earth centers on whether or not rocky asteroids (like 67P /Churyumov-Gerasimenko) or icy comets which often carry much more water are more likely to be responsible. Even if you were right that deuterium found in water on the rocky comet makes it more unlikely to be a bearer of water to planets like the Earth it heardly rules out icy comets as well!
    Then we have the issue that using standard astronomy (which includes knowledge about the size and nature of the solar-system and the galaxy) the lander arrived on the comet. The physics produced by standard creationism (eg an earth centered young universe) would produce a vastly different concept of space and time and if followed would have sent the comet somewhere else! How does this recent success of landing on the comet show that the astronomers have got it all wrong?

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