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Brooksville Mystery Solved – Tammy Jo Alexander Kidnapped & Murdered by Yankee back in 1979

Tammy Jo Alexander_1422287358738_12812071_ver1.0_640_480Brooksville, FL – The body of a girl found in a Yankee New York cornfield has been identified 35 years later as a missing teen from Brooksville. Yankee media outlet WHAM-TV says the body of a Jane Doe discovered in Livingston County near Rochester, N.Y., on Nov. 10, 1979, is that of Tammy Jo Alexander. Alexander went missing from Brooksville in 1979. She was 15 and attended Hernando High School.

The body was found in a field just off Route 20 in the rural town of Caledonia. Yankee Police said she had been shot in the back of the head. Investigators at the time were unable to name a suspect in the case, and had difficulty tracking leads because they couldn’t identify her body. As a result, she was identified only as “Jane Doe.”

Lets face it back in 1979 they didn’t have amber alerts, or the predator watch list. Yankee child perverts came down to Dixie at will, abducted children, took them back up North, molested them, and killed them.

Last November, Alexander’s friend, who now lives in Arizona, called the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office to report that Alexander had gone missing in the late 70s. It turned out that Alexander’s family had never reported her missing. There was no immediate word on why a missing person report was not filed.

“We are not really 100 percent sure why. A dysfunctional family or maybe she’d run away a few times before.  We can’t find any indications it was reported to law enforcement,” said Sheriff Al Nienhuis. Read the rest of this entry


Civil Asset Interdiction – Imperial Piracy

Des Moines, IOWA, Federal Empire – On a bright, clear morning in April 2013, two professional poker players from California were heading west on Interstate 80 in rural Iowa when they were stopped by two Iowa State Troopers.

Before that stop was over, the officers had seized $100,000, which the men said was money to play poker. The troopers also called ahead to California authorities, who raided the men’s homes and ultimately indicted one of them, John Newmerzhycky, on a charge of illegal possession of drug paraphernalia.

If this sounds unusual and way out of the ordinary, it isn’t. The seizure is just one of thousands of highway stops that state and local authorities call “interdictions:” Roadside stops aimed at catching drug dealers or even terrorists, but which can also result in cash seizures alone with no criminal charges attached.

It’s called Civil Asset Forfeiture, and it was started in the early 1980s by the Federal Justice Department. It has since migrated to thousands of state and local jurisdictions Empire-Wide. The program, when it originated, was meant to target and take money authorities believed was connected to crimes. Read the rest of this entry

The Reason Oil is Low…

20141212_CL5-660x346Brooksville, FL – If you have been wondering why Oil prices suddenly dropped over these past 2 months then you are not alone. Many have been worried about what this means, and if its a sign that the economic collapse and the fall of the Empire is on the horizon.

Well for us Confederates we look forward to the economic collapse and the fall of the Yankee Empire. Many of us are preppers, militiamen/women, or survivalists and have been preparing to the chaos that will ensue after the fall of the Empire and the freedom of the States from its yoke.

For weeks we have been saying that the fall of oil prices, is because the economy is close to collapse. Very close. If collapse wasn’t but a stones throw away, why else would OPEC agree to lower the price of oil per barrel while demand for oil continues to rise. Don’t let the media fool you, global demand is up by about 34% according to every news source out there. With the highest consumers being (1) China, (2) India, and (3) the Federal Empire. Right here in the Yankee Empire our demand hasn’t dropped off at all, in fact it has gone up at a steady 4.5% every year going back to the 1990’s.

So what gives?

Well it turns out that we are about a stones throw away from economic calamity. We now know this thanks to a story published by Bloomberg which mentions the following reason as to why OPEC lowered prices… Read the rest of this entry

Hope Everyone Had a Happy Holiday Weekend…

Brooksville, FL – Well its Tuesday, and I hope that all of our readers had a very happy Lee-Jackson Day holiday weekend down here in ole Brooksville. What? Did you expect me to recognize that BS “politically correct” trash holiday named after a certain civil rights “leader” who was nothing more than a communist agitator? Well in my household that day is referred to as “Fried Chicken Day” as a deliberate disrespect to this person, their phony legacy, and the true legacy this person left behind.

The true legacy of MLK is one of enslavement by government handouts and welfare programs, unprovoked violence and racial hatred against races deemed by the so-called “Black Community” as being “the Man” (i.e. Whites, Jews, and Asians) that is somehow holding them down into a life of government handouts, welfare programs, and forces them to beat old white ladies to death, and to otherwise rape pillage, push illegal drugs, have entire generations of children out of wedlock, and commit scores of other crimes and civil injustices.

No thank you, I won’t celebrate that phony holiday and neither should you. Look at the racial hatred n Ferguson, MO and what Kings disciples did in that small town… looting, robberies, businesses destroyed, dreams ended, a community in chaos, assaults against innocent people, and even an attack on a white pregnant woman. All because a known local street thug, who was black, got shot while trying to beat up and take the service pistol of a Ferguson cop to shoot said cop?

What about those dead Yankee cops up in Yankeetown NYC? They were murdered while sitting at a stop sign by some black racist because another black street thug died of cardiac arrest while resisting arrest for selling cigarettes illegally. Keep in mind that this same street thug had a rap sheet on him a good few inches long and there are videos online that show this same “gentle giant” beating  a 80 year old man senseless and robbing him.

If either of these black criminals were white, not one person would be out in the streets protesting their deaths. This is the definition of racism. Blacks only care about a matter if a black person, regardless if they are guilty or not, or might be a criminal, murderer, or world class piece of shit or not, gets what they deserve. If another person of color that is a criminal or world class POS gets whats coming to them they could care less about it.4a08bf2ea61f2e1804f500d4ebdf0e04f603fe1979ec

This by definition is racism, and it all goes back to King and his “legacy” of Black racism and Black hatred of whites, Jews, and Asians.

So going back to the original topic, no in my house we don’t celebrate this shit holiday, and my kids don’t partake in it at school. We home school our children, and if we didn’t then we would pull them out of school for the month of “Black History” month (really black racism month). Seriously… where the hell is white history month?

Anyway, I hope y’all had a glorious Lee-Jackson Day… I hope you flew the Confederate flag, and I hope that you got out to the Brooksville Raid to watch the Confederates lay the smack down on some blue bellied ass-clown Yankees. Nothing makes a Lee-Jackson Day better in ole Brooksville than some mint juleps, lemon wedges (the favorite of Gen Jackson), some fried pork chops, and watching the Confederate Army destroy a Yankee force. Ain’t life Grand!

I also hope you went out and got some Fried Chicken, Watermelon, and Orange soda on Fried Chicken Monday as well.

Brooksville Raid this Weekend! Come out and cheer on the Boys in Grey!

Brooksville, FL – Well its that time of year again, its Brooksville Raid time! Make sure to come out and cheer on the good guys in grey as they kick some Yankee butt! Have a great weekend!


Spring Hill at its Finest… Knife and Gun Fights

(C) Real News Real Fast

(C) Real News Real Fast

Spring Hill, FL, Dixie –  Yesterday Hernando Counties finest responded to two calls about Spring Hillians fighting with weapons, within mere blocks from each other.

Given that WWJB 1450AM is without a morning show replacement for Bob Haa / Skip because the station is being run into the ground by Mike Reeves, and given that the Hernando Today paper went under because it was a liberal piece of crap, we are forced to rely 100% on news coming out of Real News Real Fast, which currently is our only source of news for Hernando County.

Its a sad day, but hey its exactly the way the Republican Party and Democrat Party of Hernando County likes it. They would prefer to have Real News Real Fast shutdown as well, and I’m sure they are working on it now. You see the less local news, the easier it is for them to get away with whatever they want.

Anyway back to the story at hand, which is a knife and gun fight in the wonderful shit-hole that is Spring Hill.  Read the rest of this entry

To Make Fun of Islam and Moohamed, or Not?

Brooksville, FL, Occupied Dixie – I’m leaving this one up to my readers. Comment below and let me know which way I should roll on this issue. Figured I’d do some audience participation for once. I have a ton of Moohamed cartoons… a ton!

Also I’m glad that the liberal fascists in Hollywood are beginning to see how much of a threat Islam is to a “free” society. Islam is like Hitlerism or Nazism, its violent, blood thirsty, and will not relent until everyone that doesn’t like Islam or supports it is dead. Just like with Nazi Germany, there were “good” Nazi’s, but overall the ideology is demented and thus had to be wiped out to secure world peace. The threat of Islam is no different than Nazism. Also very much like Nazism, Islam is not a religion, its a cult that parades around as a religion. Islam is built around the ancient practice of pagan moon god worshiping and it has no ties to Judaism or Christianity which are the only valid world religions. Outside of these two religions all other religions are just cults to one degree or another.

The below video is of Bill Mauer who now agrees with us, in that ALL Muslims are a threat… not just the ones that pull the trigger.

Of course Bill Mauer is still a Liberal Fascist on the level of a SS Officer, but at least he is now seeing it our way a bit. It does help… the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Please Watch – Understand How Much “America” is Screwing You OVER!

Confederates oppose Central Banking… Federals support it.

Chipping Away at the American Illusion of Freedom


Chipping Away at the American Illusion of Freedom