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EXPOSED: Governments Pay News Networks To FAKE Stories All The Time

distrust-the-mediaBrooksville, Republic of Florida – This week, news reporter Brian Williams created global controversy when he admitted to lying about being in a helicopter crash in Iraq. His admission is just the most recent revelation in a long line of situations that have exposed the corruption that exists within the mainstream media.

While it is fairly common for reporters like Williams to get caught up in lies, it is equally common for mainstream media whistle-blowers to leave their jobs and speak out against what they had seen.

Amber Lyon, for example, is an investigative journalist and photographer, who is most well known for her work reporting human rights abuses against pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain. She has also done extensive work on the power of psychedelic drugs as well as the problem of police brutality.

Lyon was thrown into the spotlight in 2012, after she conducted a groundbreaking investigation on the violence that the government in Bahrain was carrying out against their own citizens.

Unfortunately, before the episode that she recorded was able to air, CNN cancelled the report because the government in Bahrain paid them to cover it up. Instead of remaining silent about this cover-up, Lyon spoke out about the censorship and publicly left her job at CNN. Read the rest of this entry


Black Race Riot at Ocoee West Oaks Mall… Shots Fired

Ocoee, Republic of Florida – Chaos erupted over the weekend as an estimated 900 black teenagers stormed a Florida Mall robbing people, assaulting moviegoers, and even shooting into the crowd.

The chaos happened on Valentine’s Day at a movie theater in West Oaks Mall in Ocoee, Florida. An estimated 900 black teenagers stormed the theater, as hundreds outside the mall intimidated those trying to enjoy their weekend. Approximately 200 of the teens made it inside before security rushed to lock down the building, which witnesses say only made matters worse, because they were then locked in the theater with the violent teens.

According to people on the scene, the thugs that were locked outside began to fight and harass innocent people who were waiting to get into the theater.

Police in Orange County are still trying to determine whether the chaos was organized by an individual or group of people. Police from four area departments had to be called in to get the situation under control. Read the rest of this entry

The Federal State Media, and its Lies…

906x904xScreen-Shot-2015-02-08-at-2.39.21-PM.jpg.pagespeed.ic.kMDBztUij_K_j0zaGqkYBrooksville, Republic of Florida – The news that NBC’s Brian Williams was not, in fact, on a helicopter in 2003 that came under fire from an Iraqi Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) should come as a surprise to no one. Williams had repeated the lie on several occasions over the course of a decade until a veteran, who was on the actual helicopter that was attacked, had enough of Williams’ war porn and called the TV host out on Facebook.

In a quite pathetic effort to cover his tracks, the anchor—who makes in excess of $10 million per year— claimed that his fairy tale was, in fact, “a bungled attempt by me to thank one special veteran and by extension our brave military men and women” who had served in Iraq. Twelve years, it seems, is enough time for Williams to confuse being on a helicopter that came under fire from an RPG with being on a helicopter that did not.

Given that Williams works for NBC, his participation in the construction of a piece of fiction during the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq is apt. US network news, together with outlets such as CNN, aggressively cheer-led an invasion predicated on a massive falsehood: the Iraqi possession of WMD. What is jarring, however, is the fact that Williams’ sad attempt to inject himself into the fabric of the violence is getting more ink and airplay than the non-existence of WMD did back in the early-to-mid 2000s: a lie that provided the justification for a military action that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Read the rest of this entry

Global Economic Collapse Begins – Ukraine’s Economy is Collapsing, Currency Drops 50 Percent in 48 Hours

Kiev, Ukraine – Global economic collapses take YEARS to unfold, they don’t occur over night, despite what many would like to have you believe. The Great Depression that began in 1929 and ended shortly before the start of WWII in the 1940’s began as early as 1920, shortly after WWI ended. History will repeat itself again.

The Great Depression began when the German and Austrian markets collapsed after WWI. Over the next 9 years from 1920 to 1929 the collapse that began in Germany and Austria spread throughout Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. In late 1929 the collapse hit the markets of Britain, France, and the Federal Empire.

The same thing is happening today. History is yet again repeating itself. Read the rest of this entry

Monsanto – The Nazi Party of Corporations


Another Day, Another Hernando Biker Seriously Injured by a Retired Yankee

Spring Hill, Republic of Florida – Late last Sunday afternoon, a blue SUV driven by 54 year old Debra Wright narrowly avoided crashing into one biker, before hitting another. The collision sent 37 year old Seth Carroll of Spring Hill flying out of control into a fence, and into critical care. Today Mr. Carol is in stable, but still critical condition and from what we have been told, is still on life support.

This is the second serious motorcycle crash in Hernando County this month, and both were caused by a elderly Yankee not paying attention to bikers on the road. Luckily this time the crash didn’t result in a dead biker. Our prayers go out to the Carol family, and we hope that you make a speedy recovery. We also hope that you sue the ever living hell out of this lady and send her back to the Yankee state that she came from.

The HCSO should charge her with attempted manslaughter, but that’s just me.

The only local news agency in Hernando County, Real News Real Fast, has obtained video of the crash, which you can view below.

Satanic Symbolism during the Super Bowl Halftime Show…

Brooksville, Republic of Florida – While many will call us crack pots, we here at the Brooksville Belle believe that there is a current Occult presence in Hollywood and among the ruling elite. We believe that these people are esoteric in nature (i.e. this means in essence that these devil worshipers like to flaunt their “hidden knowledge” in front of the un-educated masses) and are Luciferian (i.e. satanic worshipers).

Remember just because you don’t believe in this crap, doesn’t mean that others do. Look at ISIS, I’m sure 99.9% of the people in Brooksville don’t believe in what ISIS believes in, however their is that one lone Muslim crack pot that likely does. Now imagine this crack pot owning a billion dollar company, a major news outlet, or perhaps is a very powerful and wealthy elected official. Regardless if the other 99.9% of the people in Brooksville think this guy is a nut job, and his beliefs are crazy, it  won’t matter. This person has the power and money to push their beliefs on the public. While ISIS likes to blow stuff up and behead people and let everyone know where they stand, Luciferians like to do things in secret and via secret symbolic acts. This is why cults have existed for thousands of years throughout human history, and groups like ISIS come and go in a fraction of a second as far as history is concerned.

Well without much ado here is the video:

CERN To Attempt ‘Big Bang’ In March, Stephen Hawking Issues Warning

OhshitCERN is due to re-open the large hadron collider in March of 2015 in order to recreate the big bang, despite warnings from top scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Neil de Grasse Tyson. reports:

Dr. Stephen Hawking recently warned that the reactivation in March of CERN’s large hadron collider could pose grave dangers to our planet…the ultimate reality check we are warned. Hawking has come straight out and said the ‘God particle’ found by CERN “could destroy the universe” leaving time and space collapsed as shared in the 2nd video. Is CERN the most dangerous thing in the cosmos that could lead to the ultimate destruction of the Earth and the entire universe?

Recent developments prove to us the scientific community is no longer able to explain ‘reality’ without looking at the ‘supernatural’. Will we soon learn CERN is really the ‘ultimate stargate’ and one of the gate-keepers most closely guarded secrets? Will this be the way man attempts to break the ultimate ‘God barrier’, an attempt to encounter demi-God’s in an all-out rush towards the destruction of all creation? We understand they won’t be releasing the secrets until they’re prepared to release them.

Does CERN headquarter’s symbol of Shiva, dancing the cosmic dance of death and destruction, signal the TRUE purpose of CERN’s existence? A look at the ‘Shiva’ (the Hindu God of Destruction) symbology surrounding CERN’s headquarters gives us the beginning of what we need to know. “The men who would play God, in searching for the God particle, are truly going to find more than they bargained for as they open the gates of hell” we are warned by Stephen Quayle, “they will find inter-dimensional beings who have a taste for human flesh and humanities destruction. Most scientists, in lacking an understanding of the ‘supernatural entities’ that are going to confront them, are way beyond their ability to comprehend, let alone control, the forces of Pandora’s box that will be released.”

Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson has also sounded the alarm in a hypothetical manner by telling anyone who might want to ‘blow up a planet’ how to do so…is this CERN’s attempt to do so by attempting to ‘recreate’ the big bang within a man made structure that has frightened Stephen Hawking so much? Do they know that they know that they know what they’re doing?

“Ask yourself: how much energy is keeping it together?” Neil deGrasse Tyson told co-host Eugene Mirman on his Star Talk radio show. “Then you put more than that amount of energy into the object. It will explode.”

“In the movie Star Wars, we see the Death Star blow up the planet Alderaan,” Mirman said, reading the question. “Setting aside the question of how [such] a thing would be possible, what would happen to our solar system if the Empire blew up, say, Mars?”

First, deGrasse Tyson said, any Imperial sympathizer looking to make that happen would have to calculate the planet’s binding energy, in order to determine how much energy it would take to overcome the gravitational forces binding the planet together.

“Now you have a device that can pump that energy into your planet and have that planet absorb the energy, rather than have the energy come out the other side, it will completely destroy the planet to smithereens, entirely,” he explained. “So, that’s how one would go about it.”

The 3rd video below is an excellent compilation called “CERN: Supercolliders, Subliminals, & Stargates: Illuminati’s Plan for Satan’s Arrival” while the 4th video is a NOVA documentary on CERN and the final video is from FreedomFighter2127 in which the videographer offers his own evidence and opinions on CERN and its’ tie in to “2015: The International Year of Light”.

Cops Put Hood Over Woman’s Head, Restrained Her, Choked Her Out to Draw Blood


Austin, Republic of Texas – A lawsuit has been filed alleging that Austin police put a hood over a woman’s head, restrained her arms and legs, put her in a choke hold until she went limp, and pinned her arm down with a boot, all to draw her blood over a DUI test.

Caroline Callaway is suing the city of Austin, Travis County, Austin police officers, county sheriff’s officers, Pro-touch Nurses and one of its employees, alleging unlawful search and seizure, excessive force, assault and battery, negligence and medical malpractice, Court House News reports.

The scene painted by the lawsuit reads like the horror stories we hear from Guantanamo Bay, yet it took place here in Texas- over a would-be misdemeanor.

Now before you shit on Texas, the City of Austin is a liberal “Banana Republic” and this practice is only being done in Austin, TX. No other city does this in Texas despite the fact that Texas opted into this program last year. This comes down from the Federal level, and is what you call a “forced mandate” that States either “voluntarily” accept, or have their interstate revenue yanked. Texas fought this law as long as they could before having to accept it.

Not sure why Texas doesn’t secede. Texas, like Florida, would do better on its own.

The woman, who suffers from an anxiety disorder that she uses prescription medications to manage, was arrested by Officer Patrick Oborski after refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test.

Callaway claims that upon arriving at the Travis County Jail she was taken into a small padded room and strapped into a chair with her legs, wrists, and shoulders restrained; all while surrounded by police officers.  The situation caused the woman to tremble with fear, which she says prompted the officers to place a “protective hood” over her head.  The bag covered her eyes, nose, and mouth and made it difficult for Callaway to breathe.

Callaway was still shaking during the first attempt at drawing blood, which reportedly caused the needle to pop out of her arm and blood to squirt onto one of the officers.

“(D)efendants continued the abuse determined to take Ms. Callaway’s blood. In order to stop Ms. Callaway from trembling, one of the officers used choke hold pressure points on her neck, until her body went limp. Defendant Ramsey-Graham stabbed Ms. Callaway again while Ms. Callaway was limp. When the officer released her neck, Ms. Callaway gasped for air. She could not see because there was a bag over her head, but she felt the weight of a boot in the crook of her arm, which, along with the rest of her body, was still tied to the chair. Ms. Callaway was suspected of committing a misdemeanor,” the complaint reads.

The woman claims she only passively and verbally resisted, and that none of these measures were necessary.  Callaway was ultimately charged with a misdemeanor DWI based on the blood sample.

Just last month we reported on military police from the torturous Guantanamo Bay being recruited as cops here in our local police departments.  Something tells us they will fit right in.

If you don’t think this could happen to you, watch the video below; those people thought the same thing.

Why is a bunch of “3 letter agencies” gathering intel on gun owners?

Ogden-PoliceBrooksville, Republic of Florida – The NSA is monitoring phone calls and data, the Internet is an open book to the government and recently we learned that Uncle Sam has been tracking our vehicles. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The Justice Department has been building a national database to track in real time the movement of vehicles around the Federal Empire, a secret domestic intelligence-gathering program that scans and stores hundreds of millions of records about motorists.” We are continually assured this is for own safety; the government is not opposed to the citizens’ rights, it is only looking to protect us with the data.

At the same time, we are told there isn’t a governmental assault on the Second Amendment. The government is not overtly or covertly trying to suppress gun ownership or form any secret list of gun owners. However, new revelations developed over the last week or so that would make you question the government’s sincerity.

Now personally, I feel it is my duty to earn a spot on at least one government watch list. I might even be suspect of anyone else who wasn’t! However, that does not excuse the government’s behavior nor are the events of late anything to laugh about. The ACLU is not exactly a favorite organization of many, however occasionally, it does come across a gem. This is one of those gems and it should scare every law-abiding gun owner.

Recently, the ACLU received documents from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. It would seem the DEA was planning on, or at least contemplating, using Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs or LPRs) to gather intelligence about whose cars were attending gun shows. The emails obtained in the FOIA were highly redacted which makes getting the whole scoop difficult if not down right impossible, but suggests the program was well past the brainstorming stages. Read the rest of this entry