Hernando Motorcyclist Murdered by a 80 Year Old Yankee Retiree

Dead1_smallSpring Hill, Republic of Florida – Late last week a local Hernando County motorcyclist, a John C. Canna of Spring Hill was murdered by a senile Yankee retiree while he was riding his Suzuki motorcycle westbound on Spring Hill Drive, just west of Mariner Blvd. As Mr. Canna was approaching the Village Plaza parking lot on Spring Hill Drive, a Lincoln Town Car (we hate Lincoln, to a Confederate Lincoln was just as bad as Mussolini or Hitler), failed to yield to oncoming traffic, and pulled directly into the path of Mr. Canna.

Mr. Canna was a young father, and now his son is missing and has run away from home. All because some 80 year old ass-hole named Jessie Sanchez from up North somewhere came down here to become a safety hazard to Floridians and the residents of Hernando County.

It must be nice for Yankee States like New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and the rest of these shitty states to off-load their homeless, child predators, clinically insane, and senile old people on the poor people of Florida. Its because of Yankees like Jessie Sanchez that our insurance rates are so high; its because of Yankees like Jessie Sanchez that there is so much traffic and grid lock today in a county mind you, where nobody works; its because of Yankees like Jessie Sanchez that should not be on the road that Florida has the highest traffic fatality rate in Dixie and the highest motorcycle fatality rate in the world (Source AIA, AMA); and lastly Its because of elderly Yankees like Jessie Sanchez that Hernando has the 2nd highest unemployment in all of Florida, and is considered the poorest County, 2 years running, in all of Florida…

Remember that we could have had a State-of-the-Art USAF Regional Command Drone facility at the Brooksville Airport if not for the flood of retired Yankees storming into the County Commission Chambers two years ago to kill this great opportunity…

Remember that we could have had the Amazon.com shipping center at the Brooksville Airport if not for another flood of retired Yankees storming into the County Commission Chambers three years ago to kill this great job creator…

Remember that we could have had the Bass Pro Shops store instead of Plant City, over at the corner of 50 and 19 in Weekie Wachee, if not for the Yankees complaining to the County Commission four years ago…

Remember that Masyrktown was home to 5 massive Chicken Processing Facilities and Farms, that was going to be purchased by Tyson Chicken back in 1977. Masyrktown was even home to the world Chicken Plucking Contest. People would come from around the world to compete in this contest. These farms and facilities employed 40% of the local population and accounted for 30% of our economic GDP. So what happened to this great opprotunity? Well you guessed it. Back when the Yankees first came to Hernando County, when Deltona Corporation was developing what would become the shit hole that is today’s Spring Hill, a handful of old retired Yankees with the aid of Deltona Corp forced the County Commission to pass ordinances and rules that prohibited the existence of livestock within Spring Hill. This ban still exists to this very day to a degree. By 1987 the Masyrktown Chicken facility was shut down because Yankees complained about the “odor” of chicken poop. Nevermind the FACT that Spring Hill was originally settled by transplants from Georgia and South Carolina in 1858, and was a major agricultural area within the Nature Coast as far as chickens and pigs went…

I hope you can see my point by now. Yankees have ruined everything in this county going back to 1960 when Deltona Corporation first bribed the Hernando County Commission into allowing them to begin developing Spring Hill from a agricultural area into the crime invested shit hole that is over-run with Yankees that it is today.

This father didn’t have to die. I don’t know about the rest of y’all out there but I have had enough of Yankees and their endless invasion of our County. We need to stop being nice to them, and they need to stop coming down to Hernando. They do NOTHING for our economy, seriously. All they do is clog the roads, bring violent and drug related crime, run down innocent motorcyclists, and pedestrians, and drive up our insurance rates to the point they are today.

Seriously insurance is cheaper in both Tampa and Orlando, than it is here.The reason being old retired Yankees.

My heart goes out to the Canna family, and his son. I can’t imagine the pain you are going through right now. But remember that Yankees did this, and that we Confederates have been trying for the past 8 years to keep them from coming down here and doing this.

Also if you are motorcyclist then you need to AVOID SPRING HILL, FL… drive around it if possible, even if it takes you miles out of the way. Seriously avoid this death trap!!!


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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