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If they were REALLY fighting for MY Freedom…



Its Not Freedom the Federal Military Defends, but its Imperial Power…


How’s that Federal Freedom Working Out For You?


Federal Education System = Re-Education Camps


Homeschool… Don’t Allow Your Children to be Brainwashed by the Federal Education System!


Judge Sentenced for Selling Kids into For-Profit Prison

Philadelphia, Federal Empire – A Pennsylvania judge has been convicted of selling children into prison for cash. The former judge, 61-year old Mark Ciavarella Jr, was sentenced to 30 years for taking money under the table from a developer and jailing thousands of adults and juveniles, some as young as ten. Ciavarella made more than a million dollars selling people into incarceration.

Are you outraged? You should be. This occurred in 2011, and in many states we still have a corrupt prison system that is owned by private corporations that profit from filling their jail cells. States and private prisons have struck deals that guarantee high prison occupancy rates, or “lockup quotas,” and when those quotas aren’t met, taxpayers pay for those empty beds anyway. Some of these deals require a 90 to 100 percent prison occupancy. Arizona has three privately run prisons that have a 100 percent inmate occupancy requirement. If any of these beds goes unfilled the state has to cough up the money to the prison. Three for-profit prisons in Colorado have forced taxpayers to pay an additional $2 million because of the occupancy requirement deal, making the drop in crime irrelevant to the budget. You pay either way, might as well fill the beds, right? Read the rest of this entry

Don’t Believe the ISIS Lies


Look at the above video… Currently ISIS doesn’t hold any territory along side the Mediterranean, also all of the detainees are about 5 ft, and their ISIS captors are a full 2 feet higher at 7-8 ft tall.

Do you see the lie yet?

Why Your Children SHOULD NEVER Join the Federal Armed Forces…


Federalized Police Mistakenly jailed a Georgia woman for more than a month after cops confused SpaghettiOs for meth

meth01n-2-webGainesville, Republic of Georgia (CSA) – A Georgia woman was mistakenly jailed for one month after cops confused her SpaghettiOs for meth. Ashley Gabrielle Huff was first detained on July 2 after officers in Gainesville found a spoon with a dried substance baked onto it inside her car during a routine traffic stop.

The 23-year-old, from Commerce, claimed it was residue from the canned pasta that she liked to eat in the vehicle. Police, however, believed it to be methamphetamine. Huff, who had no criminal history, was sent to Hall County Jail for two days so cops could conduct crime lab tests on the mysterious texture.

While she was waiting for the results to come back, Huff was also ordered as part of her court arraignment to seek drug counseling. When she wasn’t able to make all of the appointments, however, she was again arrested. Unable to make the bond payment, she was put in jail from Aug. 2 until Sept. 18, reports the Gainesville Times.

She was finally released Thursday after tests on the substance proved it wasn’t meth — and showed that it was in fact, as she’d claimed all along, spaghetti sauce.

Keep in mind that Federalized local police are just as bad as the ATF or FBI, and will arrest you and do everything in their power to make a conviction stick, even if there is ZERO evidence, because at the end of the day they get a massive check from the Federal Empire (i.e. Federal Grant) for their drug prevention activities.

How do you know if your local police or sheriff’s office is Federalized? Well if they have Yankee Flags on their uniforms or cars, then they are Federalized. This is the easiest way to tell. As part of the terms for being of the Federal payroll dole, any agency that accepts this blood money has to display Federal “Yankee” flags on their vehicles and or uniforms, and they can’t display ANY State or local flags whatsoever.

Locally the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office is likely Federalized because their squad cars display the Federal “Yankee” Flag. The City of Brooksville is likely not Federalized because they don’t display the Federal “Yankee” Flag.

Its not rocket science… and yet another reason to hate the Federal Empire, its flag, and its unconstitutional Imperial authority.

Freedom is an Illusion