Lawyer Argues Police Have No Right To Stop You At DUI Checkpoints

DUI1Brooksville, Republic of Florida – At any checkpoint, most people will silently roll down their windows, and willingly hand out their license and registration and allow themselves and the inside of their car to looked upon with unknowing eyes. But, not Attorney Warren Redlich, he claims that police officers cannot lawfully do anything but tell you to have a good night if you present your driver’s license at the window.

Have you ever been pulled over at one of these “DUI” checkpoints, even if you had not been drinking? Probably! Most of the tickets handed out at the checkpoints do not even have anything to do with drinking!

Warren Redlich found a way around the law by holding a sign that read, “I remain silent. No Searches. I want my lawyer,” and his license and police let him pass without asking any questions.

He says his goal is not to protect drunk drivers, but to inform innocent people that they have rights. If you have not been drinking there is no lawful reason to be searched, and therefore you should have the right to drive through with no trouble at all.

He says that he has had clients that have not even had a drop of alcohol that have been wrongly slapped with DUI charges, because of officers wrongly claiming that they could smell alcohol on them or by saying that their speech was slurred.

“The point of the card is, you are affirmatively asserting your rights without having to speak to the police and without opening your window,” Redlich explained.

“I’m not anti-cop. I’m anti-bad government and anti-bad cop. I support good cops,” Redlich said. “I would like if police didn’t waste their time with something like checkpoints and would focus their attention on violent crime.”


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