The Great American Infanticide

A main reason why I’m a proud Floridan and not an American.

Americans support the murder of unborn babies, and Floridians do not.



About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. Belle, I half agree with you on abortion, however I would like to point out one thing. If abortions are illegal in this country, those with money, wishing an abortion, will just go to another country to have it. Those without money will go to a back alley clothes hanger doctor.
    This is a subject with many shades of grey, it is not the black and white issue most make it out to be.
    Love your column.

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