About the Brooksville Belle:

The Brooksville Belle, formally the Hernando Heckler (2005-2012) and formally the Rebel Yell (2013-2014), is the voice of the native Florida Cracker, and was founded in 2005 for the sole purpose of fighting the legal passage of the Communist Govt Mandated Health Care System (i.e. Obamacare) we have today. We bagn blogging because we do not believe that we no longer live in a Republic, and haven’t lived in one since 1861. Instead we believe based on the actions of the Federal Branch of Government that we instead live and have lived under the yoke of a tyrannical, liberal leaning, Socialist Empire for the past 150 years. Likewise this problem can’t be solved by way of the ballot, so voting to mend and fix this broken Imperial system, let alone restore the Republic, is borderline insanity. Thus this here blog was born for the purpose of rallying our people, the Native people of Florida (i.e. Florida Crackers), with the hope to educating them about their current status as serfs of a vast Global Federal Empire (i.e. the United States), and how it can best be fixed. Our motto has and will remain “Wise Up and Rise Up”. We believe in educating the Florida Crackers about their grim social and economic reality, the fact that they are not free men or women, and the fact that there is no United States, let alone this mythical place called America. Instead there is only servitude, invisible chains of bondage, and a vast Federal Empire that ensnares and entraps us all in its web of deceit, tyranny, and corruption. We educate and beat the proverbial dead horse because nobody else will do it, this is what we call “Wising Up”. Currently there is not one single media publication, either in print or on the air waves, that is the voice of the Native Floridian, much less cares about the Native Floridian, let alone the fact that we live under the banner of an Empire. Instead all local/regional media publications are foreign centric and statist in nature. Your so-called local media are just appendages of the massive American State Media complex and as such do everything in their power to prop up the current Federal Regime in Washington D.C. and squash any who resist its power or attempt to call it what it is, a truly evil Empire… a wolf in sheep’s clothing… and a greater threat to the God given rights of a free people then the British Crown ever was to our founders.

Its funny that our colonial founding fathers went to war over a 3% tax on Tea by the British Crown, yet we sit back and tolerate a nearly 70% tax (when local taxes and “fees” are added in) on our income and livelihood. Worse yet we sit back and have allowed the “government” to seize our right to own land and real-estate away. News flash, you merely rent your land and house from the government by way of the unconstitutional and unjust “Property Taxes”. If you paid your mortgage in full, but went broke or poor after paying off your mortgage, and couldn’t afford to pay the taxes, then the “government” would come in and take your land and home from you, and effectively throw you out in the cold. Worse yet, many “home owners” have to apply for permits from their “government” just so they can paint their house, buy a shed, erect a fence, or own backyard chickens, assuming that they even have the ability to do these things in the first place. If you have to ask permission from the government to do something on your land that doesn’t affect the life or liberty of your neighbors then you don’t own your property, you are renting it from the “government” who really owns it. This is why our Confederate Founders declared their independence in 1861 and tried to start a new nation that would be built on the bedrock principles of our Colonial Founders, and that principle was that the basic rights of people should not be infringed upon, and that power does not lie with government nor does ones rights come from the grace of government or the ruling elite. No, rights come from our creator, and power in a free society should lie with the people at the local level.

Many like to bash Confederates over slavery, if you are a Confederate basher then keep in mind that the Federals also had slaves and legal slavery until well after the war ended. Your beloved Federal Empire didn’t liberate the slaves until nearly a year after the war ended, and worse yet allowed the States loyal to the Federal Empire like Delaware to keep and retain slaves until 1901. Also keep in mind that the entire fight for Civil Rights in the Federal Empire was 100% the fault of Washington D.C. and your “America”. Richmond nor the Confederate States had any hand in that mess, and contrary to Federal Propaganda (i.e. American History) the struggle for Civil Rights in the North were far more violent than they were in the South. You see its easier to beat the Confederate scapegoat down in Dixie for racial issues, that still exist today mind you, than it is to admit that “America” has a racial problem that may never be repaired. Back during the 1960’s it was common for white mobs to beat black children and black parents who attempted to integrate their children into the white Boston, New York City, Chicago, or Philadelphia school systems.

We challenge our readers to find one single Federal text book that mentions the violent Race Riots of the North during the Civil Rights Movement, or that dares to ask a simple question about if the War of Secession was truly fought to free and liberate the slaves then why did it take over 100 years after the fall of the Confederacy to actually free them? As a bonus item we also dare our readers to find a “Government” text book that even mentions that the Confederate States free’d its slaves in March of 1865 of its own free will, about a year earlier than the 13th Amendment was ratified by the Federals; how Lincoln and his Federal Senators begged the Confederate States to rejoin the Empire and in exchange the Federal Empire would pass a Constitutional Amendment (i.e. the Corwin Amendment) that would had protected slavery forever and made it impossible to ever be repealed.

You won’t find these facts, because these facts tarnish the fake image of “America” that you have been spoon fed your entire life. Empire’s lie to its serfs because if serfs hate their Empire they won’t fight for it, won’t defend it, and its only a matter of time before the serfs turn on the Empire to retake their liberty from it. Hence why you are lied to and why none of the local “media” outlets are staffed with local Florida Crackers. Every single reporter in West Central Florida, and perhaps all of Florida, all hail from Northern States (i.e. foreign centric). Yankees tend to be mindless puppets of the Federal Empire more so than Dixons. 

By “foreign centric” we mean that the local/regional media publications either in print or on the air waves that cater solely to Yankee carpet baggars from the Federal Empire, Pro-Republican voters (i.e. Conservative-Progressives), Pro-Democrat voters (i.e. Liberal-Progressives), illegal aliens from Latin America, Marxist-Socialists from the Metro Areas, minority groups with a major radical ethnocentrist slant, or  a mix of all of the above. We will guarantee that you will not find one local/regional media publication that takes into account the views, ideologies, or the economic, legal, social, and political beliefs of the Native Floridian.

We are a news digest publication that will publish one new blog post every few days that will tackle one topic that is important to the Native people of Florida. We are also not afraid to cut through the B.S. and call it like we see it. As such we will likely offend a lot more readers then we would if we were to sugar coat our words to make them easier to swallow. While you might not agree philosophically with what we publish you will have to agree with that everything we publish is based on black and white facts. In other words we offer no quarter to the ignorant beliefs of Moral, Political, and Social Relativism.

If you are a proud Native Floridian (i.e. Florida Cracker) or fashion yourself a newly assimilated Floridian (i.e. Cracker Jack or Cracker Jane) then this publication will be for you.

However if you are a Yankee, a Guido (un-assimilated Yankee), illegal alien, reverse racist, militant homosexual, atheist (closet Satan worshiper), socialist, Marxist, RINO Republican, Establishment Republican, Uh-Merican Patriot, pacifist, or dope head then this publication won’t be up your alley. We strongly encourage you to go seek reassurance of your failed lifestyle by watching MSNBC, Fox News, or CNN.

God Save Florida!


  1. Mike Reeves is a plastic surgery junkie!

  2. Leroy, thanks for spelling my name correctly, that’s a good sign. Your post concerning my show is very accurate, except I didn’t say Sheldon himself was at the dinner. I just now have heard of your blog and have enjoyed skim reading parts of it…bob

  3. Bob, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I will personally edit that story to take Sheldon out of the dinner portion. I tried doing the WWJB transcript program of writing all of it down, but I guess I did not write quick enough 🙂

    I do my best to ensure that we post the facts and not speculation. I also like your show a lot and listen every morning. Who knows I might actually get up the nerve to give you a ring one day.

  4. Nice blog!

  5. Greetings Compatriot LeRoy, Please add me to you email list. Harry Hurst SCV Ocala Fl

  6. Your publication is a credit to our beleaguered nation. We have become a nation of Marxist and agnostic people who are clueless as to the consequences of a Godless and corrupt Central power with no checks on its excesses! Thank you for reminding us that there is a payday coming! Bob Lovell, Lt. Col. Hardee’s Corps, C S A (reenactment) Army of Tennessee.

  7. You People Arent Americans. Youre Reborn British Socialist. You Fly The English Flag Oh And Have Independence And Come And Take It On You Home Page. You Contradict Yourselves On You Own Home Page. Get A Life And If You Want Socialism Move To Britain Theyll Welcome You With Open Arms

    • Where are you seeing a British flag? Are you confusing the Florida flag with a British Union Jack?

      If so then sir, you are the stupidest Yankee I have met so far. Just when I think that you idiots from up North can’t get any stupider someone like you comes along and proves me wrong.

      Why do you dumb-asses always roll South?

  8. Throughly enjoyed reading your posts. How refreshing… Thank you very much. I found you while researching politics in Hernando County. We’re older Southern Conservatives. Though not native Floridians we are Crackers! We’re living in the liberal swamp of Palm Beach County, and have been for 20 years. Looking to leave this area and am considering buying in Masaryktown. Disheartened to see it in the pink zone. At our age wherever we buy we’ll live live till we die. Any advice? We’re looking for American neighbors – not just people living in America (I know you know what I mean). Thank you in advance for your thoughts. And thank you for taking the time to publish The Heckler. We’ll continue to read it no matter where we land. Really really like your work. Thank you again and God Bless.

    • I’m very pleased that you enjoy reading our little publication. I’m equally pleased that you all will be moving out of the wasteland Marxist banana republic that is the Cuban coast and into Hernando County! We need more people like you that value Florida culture and our Florida way of life, and I look forward to y’all moving here! Also being a Cracker is a state of mind, more so than a birth right… I know plenty of 5th generation Crackers that would give some Yankees in Brooklyn a run for their money as to who the bigger Yankee is.

      Masaryktown is a very nice little community, and is very old. It was founded in 1926 by LEGAL immigrants from Czechoslovakia, and is only pink on our map because it sits next to Spring Hill and the Suncoast Expressway. Also note the pink regions on the map are areas where we need more Crackers to move to prevent future development over the next 20-30 years. Right now Masaryktown is very old Florida and is very beautiful. It’s very low crime, and full of good clean living.

      I would also check out the Spring Lake section of Hernando, and the areas just southeast of Brooksville. These areas are very nice as well.

      • Thank you so much for your help. Sorry for the delayed reply. I came back a couple of days after posting and didn’t see my post. Thought it had been deleted. Stopped by today to get your take on the current mess in Washington, checked the About Page just out of curiosity, and whala! There was your very kind reply. Thank you again.

        We’re still on the hunt for a home up there. Can’t get the realtor for that property in Masaryktown to return calls. Even our realtor can’t get hold of her. Sounds like a wonderful town though – right up our alley. Thank you too for your advice on spreading the search out to Spring Lake and SE of Brooksville. We need all the help we can get 🙂 From everything we’ve learned about Hernando I’m sure we’ll be very happy there, as Phil Robertson says, “Happy, Happy, Happy…”

        Keep up the good work, and thank you again for running this blog. I know it’s time consuming, but it’s much appreciated. On a personal note, you’re very kind to share your advice. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you again.

        I’ll let you know where we land 🙂

      • LeRoy Jenkins

        Glad I could be of assistant and thanks for reading.

  9. This is a great blog! I LOVE native Florida. ❤ I have taken the time to learn the culture, and though there are many times where i still have my old yankee cringe at some things, I consider myself so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn the lessons of Florida, and the south, and look forward to learning more!

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