Our Mission

Our Mission:

The Brooksville Belle’s mission is two fold…

Our primary mission is to further the agenda of the Free Dixie Project (FDP) which seeks to raise funds for the purpose of purchasing a chain of Pacific atolls that can be terra-formed into 3-4 man-made islands that are between 20 and 30 square miles in size. These new islands will be purchased legally from existing Pacific Island nations that have no use for the atolls, or from European Empires that waste millions of dollars a year by sending out naval vessels to check on the atolls. In the even the FDP can’t purchase its first main island, it will instead seize an abandoned one and worry about the consequences later.

Once the FDP raises $10,000 USD it will form a “Dixie National Congress” that will be based out of Montgomery, Alabama and will meet annually to further the agenda of the of the Project and help our cause reach its goal of $100 million USD by or before the year 2025.

The first free Confederate island-state will be named “Manassas” and this island-state will become new Confederate States in the Confederate States of Dixie, which will be the predecessor to the Confederate States of America which is presently occupied by the foreign Yankee controlled Federal Empire (i.e. United States of America). The Free Dixie Project is a peaceful separatist movement whose main purpose is to restore the Confederate States Government and the freedom of Confederates living in occupied Dixie in our lifetime by creating a series of island nations in the Central and Southern Pacific Ocean where our people can live in exile and in peace and work peacefully towards the liberation of the 12 occupied Confederate States and the Republic of Texas from Federal control.

The FDP is based on the 1960-1970’s Libertarian Minerva Project which was successful in founding the short lived Libertarian Republic of Minerva. Although successful in founding the Republic of Minerva, and terraforming the Minerva atoll to 1 sq mile over the course of 6 months, it was ultimately short lived. Not long after the raising of the Minerva flag over the 1 sq mile of terraformed Minerva soil, a coalition of despotic Pacific Island Kingdoms led by Tongo, invaded Minerva, arrested its government, seized its unarmed navy, and annexed the island. The FDP seeks to pick up where the Minerva Project left off and will use the lessons learned by the Minervians to ensure that the Confederacy doesn’t fall victim to Tongo and the other despotic Pacific Island Kingdoms who prey on the weak. Unlike the Minervians who were Libertarian-Pacifists, and as such didn’t have a standing army or navy, the FDP seeks to raise a Confederate Marine Corp and Confederate Navy immediately once setting out for our target island ((SOURCE)).

Once formed the FDP will establish a Confederate Capital in Manassas named Arlington, and will get to work on establishing a Confederate Navy, Marines, and Air-force to defend our claims. The Dixie National Congress will move forward with ratifying a new Confederate Constitution, forming a currency based on the gold standard, and gaining recognition from valid foreign powers.

By terraforming we mean physically expanding the size of the atoll from around 4 square miles (i.e. 48 real miles or 2,560 acres) to 40 square miles (i.e. 576 real miles or 368,640 acres), by way of dredging up sea floor sand and then dumping it on and around the atoll to build its land mass. Keep in mind that 40 sq miles is the phase one goal that is estimated to take around 5 years to build. Our ultimate goal is 50 sq miles and depending on the atoll is chosen might be impossible. Basically one square mile is 12 real miles, and there are 640 acres per every real mile. At 40 square miles the island-state of Manassas would be 5 square miles larger than the island of Manhattan, 32.4 miles larger than the island of Key West, and the 6th smallest nation on Earth. We would be lodged between San Marino (24 sq miles) and Liechtenstein (62 sq miles). ((SOURCE))


Once established the FDP will scour the Pacific Ocean for as many other uninhabited islands as possible. The goal would be to form 3 new Confederate island-states in the Pacific Ocean. The main “anchor” state of Manassas which will house the Confederate States government in exile and the Confederate States military; a Pacific arctic State named Kodiak, that will serve as a major supplier of fish, crab, beef, and other natural resources that are often abundant midst the massive Mountainous rocky islands that ring Antarctica; and a Southern Pacific island-state named Shiloh that will boast an economy that is dependent upon tourism, cruise ships, and off-shore banking. These three Confederate island-states will form the tips of a massive triangle that will start just South of Hawaii, stretch South to a few miles north of Antarctica, and then jut Northeast to the warm waters of the Pacific just a few thousand miles off the shore of Mexico. While these three island-states will not be connected physically, they will be tied together by the bonds of the Confederacy.

Our secondary mission is to further the agenda of the Florida Cracker Club, that will be based and headquartered out of Brooksville, FL. The FCC will be the primary co-ed social arm of the current Florida Nationalist Movement. The goal of the FCC will be to provide native Florida Crackers with a private social club where they can network and work towards retaking our native land from Yankee carpet-baggers and radical Marxists that have seized control over large sections of our native homeland by any and all peaceful, ethical, and moral means. The FCC will be a kin to the Moose Lodge, Free Masons, Masonic Lodge, VFW, American Legion, and other social fraternal clubs that currently exist to further their own agendas in secret. Like those social groups the FCC will exist to further the agenda of native Florida Crackers, namely self-governance, States Rights, and the dominance of the Florida culture over any foreign culture that seeks to supplant it. We will be successful when Floridians begin to act like Texans in regards to pride in their State identity (Floridian) over that of the Federal identity (American) that has been forced upon them at the point of a gun barrel.

Secondary goals of the FCC will be to establish the first ever Florida “State Defense Force”, a Floridian motorcycle club nicknamed the “Florida Crackers”, a Christian based home-school association for Native Floridians, a political party just for native Florida Crackers, and a number of other Cracker-centric social, political, economic, and commerce based groups, associations, and boards.

Florida Defense Force – The FCC will seek to form an active Florida State Defense Force Network (i.e. Florida State Militia) that will support local law enforcement with disaster preparedness, search and rescue operations, and be able to deploy to State Disasters. Currently Florida lacks a State Defense Force of its own, and is one of the only Dixon States to lack its own defensive military branch. The FCC would sponsor the creation of a SDF and will use whatever power it holds to see to it that the Florida Legislature recognizes it as the official SDF of Florida. Unlike other militias our goal will be to gain the official recognition of the State Government.

Note that the Florida National Guard is an unconstitutional  Federal extension of the powers of the Office of the President. When the National Guard was fully Federalized under the reign of the tyrant Woodrow Wilson (i.e. National Defense Act of 1916), he made it so that the National Guard would only answer to the Office of the President. Essentially the American National Guard is the private army of the President and acts very similar to the SS in Nazi Germany that only answered to Hitler, the KGB in the former Soviet Union that would only answer to the Soviet Premiere, or the former Iraqi Republican Guard that only answered to Saddam Hussein.  In response a number of States formed State Defense Forces to counter the Federally controlled National Guard, unfortunately Florida was one of the few States that failed to form a State Defense Force and essentially bowed down to Federal authority. We seek to stiffen the back of Florida and reassert our 10th Amendment rights as a sovereign republic like Texas, and cease being a servile vassal territory of the Federal Empire.

Florida Crackers Riding Club – The FCC seeks to form an active Motorcycle Riding Club run by native Floridians for native Floridians. Like the FCC this club will be based out Brooksville and will only admit members who were born in Florida and exhibit the qualities of a proud native Floridian. In other words no Federalists will be admitted into this club. Proposed mascots include a parrot, gator, shark, mocking bird, gofer turtle, and coyote.

Florida Home-School Association – The FCC seeks to form an active education based home-schooling network that will be open to native Floridians who opt into our home-schooling system. The FHSA will exist to ensure that future generations of Florida Crackers are properly educated and not brain washed by the existing Federal Education system that currently controls the Florida education system. Just an FYI the Federal Education system is controlled by liberal-Marxists.

Florida Party – The FCC seeks to form a very active political arm of the current Florida Nationalist Movement that will exist to serve the Native people of Florida, defend our native lifestyle, and uphold the sanctity and rights of Florida at all hazards. Currently the native people of Florida lack a viable political party that will defend their rights and their values in Tallahassee, and protect the 10th Amendment sovereignty of Florida from illegal Federal power grabs.

The Brooksville Belle exists to be a voice of the native Florida cracker. As the voice we will do everything in our power to further the agenda of the FDP and FCC.


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