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Black Hate Crime of the Week – The Great Mandela Lie


Don’t believe the media propaganda about ole boy Mandela. This man was not a saint, was not a uniter, and is not a legend. Mandela was the leader of the uber violent South African Communist Party and was behind the orchestrated campaigns of violence that toppled the 100+ year old South African government. Mandela’s supporters butchered thousands of white South Africans with machetes, and burned thousands of blacks that were loyal to the South African government alive.

Webster defines a legend as “a story generally of a marvellous character, told respecting a saint”.  It has an historical background, but is often padded and tainted by fantasy.  In Mandela’s case, when the facts are viewed realistically and objectively, any sensible person will no longer see a saint, but a fantasy blown up to something supernatural.  It will become clear that a false image of the so-called beloved Madiba is being presented to the world.  He is by no means the peace-loving, gentle daddy he is made out to be, but nothing less than a tyrant.  He did not spend 27 years in jail for no reason, as continuously maintained.  One example of these untruthful presentations appeared in the London Independent, May 1993: “Nelson Mandela is a noble man … imprisoned for 27 years for his dedication to the cause of Black majority in South Africa”.

How much of such misrepresentation could be ascribed to naive parrot-talk and how much to deliberate communist propaganda cannot easily be determined.  The truth is that he was not imprisoned on Robben Island without reason – not even because he was merely an opponent of apartheid.  He was there because he planned to overthrow a government and in the process, cause the violent deaths of thousands of innocent people (including blacks) – a crime which deserved the death penalty, and he must consider himself fortunate that the so-called apartheid-regime did not press for it.  In his auto-biography Long Walk to Freedom, het admits inter alia that he gave the order to plant the Church Street bomb during the 80’s, which killed 11 innocent people and injured many more.

In spite of this he was built up to an icon and held up as “a man of reconciliation”, as “essentially moderate, a man of special discernment, a courageous freedom fighter”.  His international praise singers went as far as comparing him to Moses and George Washington.  Topping them all was the American negro, Jesse Jackson, who blasphemously lifted him to the level of Jesus Christ.  What is equally dumbfounding is that the post-1966 SA government hardly ever tried to unmask the real Mandela or his share in the Rivonia complot or his close bonds with the ANC/SACP, or to enlighten the public as to the aims of this alliance. Read the rest of this entry


So Long… Farewell…


I won’t bore y’all with some long lecture. Instead I will keep this short and sweet. I have moved out of Hernando County and now live on a spacious 30 acre mountain top farm in Tennessee. I left Hernando County because I grew tired of hitting my head against the wall every day in my crusade to fight the Yankees. This is a waste of my energy. Instead I now live in a city where the city flag is a Confederate flag, the city does not celebrate July 4th (many businesses and schools remain open), where ole Confederate holidays are celebrated, some even with glorious local parades (Lee-Jackson Day, Dixie Flag Day, CS Decoration Day, Jeff Davis Birthday, death of Lincoln, John W. Booths Birthday, etc.)… and best yet there ain’t a Yankee around for 500 miles. Whenever one rolls through town they are told to leave and not come back.

In short I love this place… this is what Florida used to be like.

Now that I have chosen Exodus over fighting the fate of the Heckler now rests with my backup, Cracker Commander, who unfortunately still lives in Hernando County, Florida. It shall be up to him to write the stories, update the pages, and well change the name if he wants.

Right now “The Commander” is busy with personal items and will pick up as the Editor in Chief of the Heckler in mid December.

So I will leave all of my readers with this message… get out now while the getting’s good. Hernando is a lost cause and it can’t be saved. To the Yankees who hate me… well I hate you too and there is a special place in hell for people like you.

God Save Florida, God Save the South!

America is not the best, not even close…

Don’t believe this Imperial crap. America is not the best, its not the only free nation, and its far from perfect. It used to be, but not anymore. America hasn’t been the best since the 1950’s, and it hasn’t been a free Union since 1861.

Since the 1950’s the Empire has done a constant propaganda campaign through the media, through Hollywood, and through our k-12 school system to brain wash generation, after generation, after generation, into believing this lie.

America is ranked 49th in life expectancy (More Americans die from heart attacks and stress/work related fatalities then anything else. This ties into our hours worked which puts us 2nd only to Communist dictatorships and nations where slavery are still legalized).

America is ranked 7th in literacy / 22nd in math / 43rd in science / 64th in history (73% of all doctors, engineers, and scientists in the Empire are from China, India, Japan, or Europe). Read the rest of this entry

FACT – Lincoln was a Tyrant


Don’t just drink the kool-aid provided by the Imperial Loyalists, educate yourself. Lincoln was a tyrant, was guilty of treason, and was the father of the current Federal Empire.

Lincoln believed in the idea of an all powerful Central Empire in which the States and the People have no power or rights. The liberties of the people and the States should be dictated by the President and the Federal Empire… this is what Lincoln believed, and more so this was the back bone of the Republican Party.

FYI, the Republican Party was called “Red Republican Party” by Southerners, Texans, and many foreigners. It was labeled “Red” because Lincoln, Douglas, and many of its founding members believed in Imperialism vs. liberty. In essence the Republican Party of Lincoln resembled the British Empire in that liberty was no given to the people and the States by the all mighty, but were instead rationed out by the President, Congress, and the Central American Empire. Read the rest of this entry

Liberal Media – Why don’t you just Secede!

Yes, you read that right. The Liberal State Media, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and the hordes of internet sites, are all asking us, Southerners and Texans, to just secede already. They are apparently fed up with our attempts to bring accountability back and want us to leave.

I say that we should take them on the offer and just bolt for it. Let them sink in the abyss of socialism and debt that they are creating. Texas and Dixie will be fine without their Marxist Federal Empire.

Obamacare Website Crashing – Because They don’t want you to know how much it will cost

The Headline says it all… the Federal Empire’s Obamacare website is designed to crash on purpose to keep you from finding out how much this new mandated healthcare plan will cost.

The Federal Empire, namely the Marxist Democrats, and Socialist Republicans are afraid that if the public finds out how bad this is, then both sides will lose out big time in 2014 to more Tea Party candidates.

This news report comes from… it does not come from some ultra right wing loon site.

Facts about the Outburst on the House Floor, following the Budget Vote

18DEGREEFollowing the great Republican cave in on increasing the national debt of the Federal Empire, and putting all of us one step closer to a total bond and dollar collapse, a screaming woman, a congressional stenographer who has worked for the Federal Empire for 12 years, was removed from the House floor by force following the vote.

As she is escorted out  of the house chambers, the woman can be heard shouting out that the Freemasons wrote the Constitution, that the everything is a lie, and that the Federal Empire is not “one nation under God”. The woman also shouted “They go against God!”, “You cannot serve two masters, and as she is dragged out of the chamber she states, “Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ!”

The Federal State Media (CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc.) are not really reporting on this issue, and when they do its not serious reporting. All of the Federal State Media outlets do their best job to make this lady look like a crack-pot, even Fox has gone out of their way to call this lady, and label her a “typical Christian Wacko”. Read the rest of this entry

Left-Wing Blogger and his “Oh S^*T Moment” about Obamacare…

flyingmonkeyHere is a print screen of a former uber left wing blogger from the deepest part of libtonia, yes this guy is from Berkley, CA. Last week this loon received his 2014 insurance quotes, with the rate hikes from Obamacare factored in. Not surprisingly the new rate hikes were about 40% higher then his insurance was before Obamacare.

Well as you can guess this crackpot really got a shock when he not only noticed how much of a hike he was expected to pay, but that he was trapped into paying this new hefty rate, or paying the $100 per month penalty fee to the IRS. The blogger goes on to say that he will not pay the fine and that the Obama regime can go to hell. Well I hate to break it to this guy, but unless he is Amish, a Muslim, or a Jehovah’s Witness he will be forced at the barrel of a gun to pay this penalty.

If he doesn’t pay the fine then he will get a one way ticket to a Federal Prison for a minimum of 5 years, hard labor, in a facility mind you that is home to murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and gang members… basically the worst parts of Oz.

Without further ado here is a print screen showing the liberal bloggers utter meltdown: Read the rest of this entry

Can Texas Succeed and Seceding?

dont-mess1The simple answer is yes. Texas if it was a free nation would have the 13th largest economy, and its population is identical to Australia. Texas does not need federal tax money or grants to survive, it can support itself.

The next answer is, can Texas legally secede from the Empire, and that answer is no. It can’t secede legally from the Empire per the U.S. Supreme Court which does not really have a say in the matter. The Supreme Court can’t make laws, and can only interpret them, thus the opinion of the Supreme Court on the issue of secession is mute given that no Federal law exists that prohibits the act of secession, and given the fact that the U.S. Constitution is silent on the issue of States seceding from the Empire. Since no Constitutional law exists that expressly prohibits the right of self-determination (i.e. secession), then the Supreme Court can not, and shall not have an opinion on it.

The landmark case between Texas and the newly founded Federal Empire following the failed War for Southern Independence, that every anti-secessionist, Imperial lackey likes to point to as proof that Texas can’t secede was not over the question of secession, but over the terms by which Texas was admitted to the former Union. When Texas was admitted to the former Union back in the 1840’s the Texas Congress demanded that the treaty between the United States and Texas include a provision that would allow it to secede from the Union if it found that the Union was not working out for Texas. Instead of including this provision, the President of Texas included a provision to allow Texas to split itself up into 4 new States. Historical documents note that this was the mother of all miscommunications between the Texas Congress and the Texas President. Read the rest of this entry

The Enemy is not at the Gates… they are already here

1378614_558063404267084_1450578377_nThis is the enemy… know them, avoid them, don’t associate with them, don’t let them around your children, and if you own a business DO NOT hire them. Instead peacefully shun them.

You can’t win them over, or bring them over to your side. These people are maniacs, nuttier then squirrel turds, and no amount of logic, reason, or facts will EVER make them see how wrong and deluded they truly are.

These people will smile to your face, appear to befriend you, and behind your back they will curse you, call you redneck, hillbilly, or inbred… they will attempt to brain wash your children by overloading them with the “Do what feels right” failed mantra of the self destructive progressive fascists… and if you are dumb enough to hire one of these people then you are in for trouble. They will secretly work out a way to file discrimination charges against you for not being diverse enough. Read the rest of this entry