Boycott List

This list is under construction – MANY States, Cities, foreign nations, companies, tv networks, and products will be listed here. They will be ranked with a Top 10 list that will round out the overall list. We are currently busy with the Free Dixie Project, so it will take some before we can really dedicate enough time towards finishing this list.

Last updated – 7/10/2014



Social, Government Agencies, Religious Groups, and Political Groups to Ban:

This is a list of social groups, political parties, government agencies (i.e. colleges, etc.), religious groups, and politicians that should be banned and considered the enemy of freedom. Do not join them, support them, or donate to them.

  1. The GOP or Republican Party Party of Lincoln and the sole group responsible for the occupation of Dixie and the oppression of the Confederate people. Also the Republican Party of today are full of RINO’s who are nothing more than “Democrat-Lites”. The real conservatives in the Party are marginalized and labeled “Kooks”, while the establishment RINO Republicans maintain a firm grasp of power over the party thanks to an un-educated so-called conservative base, that are really just soft-core Marxists, but are too dumb to understand what they are.
  2. The DNC or Democrat Party – Turn-Coat Party that abandoned Dixie (i.e. Solid South) in favor of hardcore Marxist and Secularist political ideologies. The Democrat Party of today is a hybrid abomination of the Socialist Party of America, the Communist Party of America, the Workers Party, the Feminist Party, the LBGT Party, and the Labor Party all rolled into one putrid package.
  3. Hate Groups – Includes every White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. known Supremacist Group:
    1. KKK
    2. Aryan Nation / Nazi’s in general
    3. Black Panthers
    4. Nation of Islam
    5. Uhru’s
    6. LaRaza
    7. NAACP
    8. Rainbow Coalition
    9. Southern Poverty Law Center
  4. Harvard UniversityLiberal Fascist institution that financially backed a Satanic Black Mass that was scheduled to be held on-campus with the Universities full consent.
  5. Dixie State University – Has recently (2014) began a campus wide cleansing (i.e. removal) of all Confederate symbols and flags, because one black student complained that Confederate offend her. Nothing offensive was done, she was merely offended by some Confederate statues on campus. This is not being offended, this student was and is a anti-Dixon bigot.
  6. World Vision Church – Acknowledges “gay marriage” and hires gay staffers and clergy. This is in direct violation of the word of God in both the Old and New Testaments. When this “church” began to recognize Gay Marriages and hire Gay clergy it stopped being a church, and is now instead a pagan cult.



Politicians to Ban:

A list of past and present politicians to ban. We included past politicians so you wouldn’t be tricked into looking up to these people as idols.

  1. Abraham Lincoln – Tyrant, Despot that killed 300,000 Confederates and 10,000 Indians, jailed the US Supreme Court, deported dozens of Congressmen, and arrested millions of innocent Americans opposed to the illegal war against the Confederacy.
  2. Andrew Jackson – Tyrant that abused the Constitution, threatened to invade South Carolina, and murdered an estimated 30,000 Indians in cold blood.
  3. Alexander Hamilton – Father of Federalism, the idol of Lincoln, and the architect of the Empire we live under today… also the father of Central Banking in the United States.
  4. John Adams – Passed the Alien and Sedition Acts
  5. Woodrow Wilson – Signed into law the IRS and the Income Tax, also got the United States involved in World War I.
  6. Ulysses Grant – Federal War Criminal, also allowed rampant corruption and legalized crime to occur under his watch.
  7. Franklin D. Roosevelt – Father of Social Security and the supported an expansion of the income tax to an unconstitutional increase social programs. Also illegally confiscated gold from Americans and Dixons, and was rumored to have advance warning of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  8. Lyndon Johnson – Created the Welfare State we have today, also expanded the illegal War in Vietnam, and trampled the 10th Amendment Rights of the States
  9. John F. Kennedy – Trampled upon the 10th Amendment Rights of the States with the Civil Rights Act. Social change should come from the people, not from a decree. Decrees only lead to an extension of social problems. Expanded the illegal Vietnam War.
  10. Harry S. Truman – Signed the National Security Act into law, created the CIA, NSA, and other unconstitutional agencies. Also created a new monetary system that went bankrupt by 1971.
  11. Dwight D. Eisenhower – Instituted the Military Industrial Complex that we have today, also expanded the number of unconstitutional intelligence and spy agencies we have today. Also started the illegal Vietnam War.
  12. Jimmy Carter – Nearly bankrupted the economy and created a dozen illegal government agencies.
  13. Calvin Coolidge – Ordered the Federal Army to open fire upon World War I vets who were protesting the fact that the Federal Empire never paid them for their service during the First World War.
  14. Richard Nixon – Extended the illegal Vietnam War, engaged in rigged elections, illegal wire taps, extortion, used political power to punish his political enemies, and created the failed fiat monetary system we have today.
  15. George Bush Sr. – Extended the power of the Federal Empire, and was the father of NAFTA, a free-trade agreement that ended up shipping millions of American and Dixon jobs overseas.
  16. Bill Clinton – Signed NAFTA into law which caused millions of Americans and Dixons their jobs, Signed the Assault-Weapons Ban into law, abolished the Glass-Stiegl Act that kept oil off the international commodities market. The abolishment of this single act has caused gasoline prices to soar to record highs today.
  17. Barack Obama –
  18. George W. Bush –
  19. Hillary Clinton –
  20. Al Gore –
  21. Ted Kennedy –
  22. Nancy Pelosi –
  23. Harry Reid –
  24. Diane Fienstein –
  25. Chuck Shuemer –
  26. Olympia Snow –
  27. Lindsay Graham –
  28. John McCain –
  29. Jeb Bush –
  30. Joe Biden –
  31. Howard Dean –
  32. John Edwards –
  33. Rahm Emmanuel –
  34. Al Franken –
  35. Charlie Crist
  36. Rick Scott
  37. Rick Santorum
  38. Newt Gringrich
  39. Mitt Romney


Businesses to Ban:

This is a list of businesses, corporations, and franchises that you should ban because of their beliefs, or anti-Dixon views. Now if you choose to purchase a product from one of these companies in defiance of the boycott then you are free to do so, just remember if you do purchase something then purchase it second hand. This way the boycotted company gets zero profit from you. For example if you choose to purchase an iPhone then do so through a carrier like Virgin Mobile vs. Apple directly. If you choose to purchase a Dodge Ram or Jeep Wrangler then buy a used one from a private seller or from a used car dealership vs. Dodge or Jeep directly (i.e. Nissian, Ford, Suburau, etc.). Also if you get your Jeep or Dodge serviced then do so using generic parts and not official factory parts.

This list will likely fill up with businesses so it will be hard to avoid violating the boycott. But with careful planning and buying stuff second hand you will be able to walk the tight rope.

  1. Burger King – Is currently selling “Gay Pride” Whoppers in San Fransicko, and has plans to sell them every year.
  2. Apple Computers – Is currently a nationwide leader in funding the Gay Crusade to force gay marriage and other openly gay social practices upon Christians and Jews. Currently I have an Apple iPhone
  3. Applebee’s – Has issued a soft-concealed and open firearms ban in all of their restaurants.
  4. Target – Has joined Apple in calling for the abolishment of the sanctity of marriage.
  5. BJ’s Wholesale Club – Has maintained a standing prohibition against employees displaying the Confederate Flag on their personal vehicles on BJ’s property since 1999.
  6. Chipolte – Has issued a soft-concealed and open firearms ban in all of their restaurants. In addition Chipolte is based out of San Francisco and also donates millions to radical homosexual groups, the Hispanic KKK LaRaza, and other anti-Dixon causes.
  7. Chrysler Motor Company (Includes Dodge) – Owned by Federal Empire and received billions of tax dollars to pay Union Contracts.
  8. General Motors Company (Includes Chevy) – Owned by Federal Empire and received billions of tax dollars to pay Union Contracts.
  9. Jack in the Box – Has issued a soft-concealed and open firearms ban at all of their locations.
  10. Progressive Auto Insurance Owner is a radical secular-Marxist who uses profits from the company to push a radical secular-Marxist agenda.
  11. Sam Adams Brewing Company – Owner uses profits from the brewery to push a radical homosexual agenda.
  12. Sonic – Has issued a soft-concealed and open firearms ban in all of their restaurants.
  13. Starbucks – Has issued a soft-concealed and open firearms ban at all of their locations.
  14. Wendy’s – Has issued a soft-concealed and open firearms ban at all of their locations.
  15. Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market – Located in McDonough, GA this business has banned concealed and open carry and the sign states if you are an on duty law enforcement officer on official business that is fine otherwise no FIREARMS permitted.


Celebrities to Ban:

This is a list of Hollywood celebrities you should ban:

  1. Ben Affleck
  2. Woody Allen
  3. Edward Asner
  4. David Axelrod
  5. William Ayers
  6. Alec Baldwin
  7. Warren Beatty
  8. Joy Behar
  9. Harry Belafonte
  10. Bon Jovi
  11. Steven Breyer
  12. Jimmy Buffet
  13. Warren Buffett
  14. Ron Burkle
  15. Steve Capus
  16. James Carville
  17. Cher
  18. Chevy Chase
  19. Margaret Cho
  20. Noam Chomsky
  21. Ramsey Clark
  22. Eleanor Clift
  23. George Clooney
  24. Ben Cohen
  25. Katie Couric
  26. Walter Cronkite
  27. Matt Damon
  28. Larry David
  29. Ward Churchill
  30. Leonardo DiCaprio
  31. P. Diddy
  32. The Dixie Chicks
  33. Sam Donaldson
  34. Maureen Dowd
  35. Richard Dreyfus
  36. Ebert and Roeper
  37. Jane Fonda
  38. Mike Farrell
  39. Tina Fey
  40. Larry Flynt
  41. Kim Gandy
  42. Janeane Garofalo
  43. Richard Gere
  44. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  45. Danny Glover
  46. Whoopi Goldberg
  47. Green Day
  48. Kathy Griffen
  49. Gary Hirshberg
  50. Arianna Huffington
  51. Jeff Immelt
  52. Robert Kennedy Jr.
  53. John Kerry
  54. Jimmy Kimmel
  55. Paul Krugman
  56. Lady Gaga
  57. Jessica Lange
  58. David Letterman
  59. Spike Lee
  60. Peter B. Lewis
  61. Bill Maher
  62. Madonna
  63. Rachel Maddow
  64. Chris Matthews
  65. Dave Matthews Band
  66. Aaron McGruder
  67. Cynthia McKinney
  68. John Mellencamp
  69. Lauren Michaels
  70. Moby
  71. Julianne Moore
  72. Michael Moore
  73. Viggo Mortensen
  74. Bill Moyers
  75. Michael Newdow
  76. Rosie O’Donnell
  77. Keith Olbermann
  78. Oprah
  79. Pearl Jam
  80. Sean Penn
  81. David Plouffe
  82. Dan Rather
  83. Robert Redford
  84. Rob Reiner
  85. REM
  86. Frank Rich
  87. Tim Robbins
  88. Anthony Romero
  89. Linda Ronstadt
  90. Susan Sarandon
  91. Al Sharpton
  92. Cindy Sheehan
  93. Martin Sheen
  94. Russell Simmons
  95. George Soros
  96. David Souter
  97. Steven Spielberg
  98. Jerry Springer
  99. Bruce Springsteen
  100. George Stephanopoulos
  101. Howard Stern
  102. Jon Stewart
  103. Barbra Streisand
  104. Oliver Stone
  105. John Sykes
  106. James Taylor
  107. Ted Turner
  108. The View
  109. Jann Wenner
  110. Kanye West
  111. Robin Williams
  112. Joe Wilson & Valerie Plame
  113. Jeff Zucker


Food to Ban:

This is a list of food that has been tainted by toxic chemicals, radiation, contains GMO crops, or contains poisonous fillers. This list also contains a list of food additives that you should avoid, and a description of what these food additives are.

  1. Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico – Between the 500 metric tons of crude oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico by BP, and the dumping of two thirds of the worlds supply of oil dispersent (Corexit) into the Gulf, the seafood in this area is now tainted beyond any hope of saving. There has been a rash of Floridians and other Gulf Coast inhabitants being treated in local hospitals for odd medical disorders. Victims of this disorder show signs of hair loss, a blistering rash, temporary blindness, open sores, confusion, diarrhea, and unexplained weight loss. All side-effects of exposure to Corexit. Recent tests of seafood caught in the Gulf show high levels of Corexit to the tune of 67% contamination. This makes the food not safe for human consumption, and the Gulf waters not safe to swim in either. If you want to go fishing please do so in fresh water lakes and streams. Avoid the gulf at all costs. Scientists believe that the levels of Corexit will begin to fade away by the year 2030 at the earliest.
  2. Any Food from Japan, the Pacific Ocean, Southeast Asia, the Pacific States of California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Coast of Canada – This entire area has been contaminated with high levels of extremely hazardous radiation that is about a hundred times worse then Chernobyl. Avoid anything that comes from these areas.




Cities, Towns, County’s, and States to Ban:

This is a list of

  1. California: Besides being contaminated with nuclear radioactive fallout from Japan, this State is also contaminated with Marxism and Liberalism. California is home to the Church of Satan, the Socialist Party of America, and the Communist Party of America, and is the home-base of every single homosexual group, and feminist group outside of New York City. This State is also home to a record number of illegal aliens (about 14.5 million Mexicans), and is a bankrupt State that consumes tax money from other States so that it continue to provide welfare benefits for illegal aliens and liberal-fascists who refuse to work. If you support the constitution, conservative values, and common sense then avoid this State and give it zero money. Don’t purchase products and or goods from California, don’t support sports teams from California (in fact route against them), don’t purchase foods from California, and don’t visit California. Give them ZERO money. Now this boycott doesn’t include films, but should include liberal films, or films that star liberal actors.
  2. New York: See above, New York is the Yankee version of California and is just as bad. The only good thing about New York is that it hasn’t been irradiated with nuclear fallout from Japan, other than that its just as bad and in some cases worse. In New York, especially New York City, its legal for police to randomly stop and search you without cause, most guns are illegal (just like in California) and as a result only criminals own guns, large pizzas and large soft drinks are banned (give me a break!), and this place is crawling with all sorts of Liberal-Fascists. Avoid this place like the plaque it is… Don’t give them ANY money… don’t buy goods / products from New York, and most importantly don’t visit New York State or New York City. Starve them of money.
  3. Saint Petersburg, Florida: Home of the largest “Gay Pride” festival in Florida, and St. Pete is also home to a massive group of racist black supremacist groups (NAACP, Black Panthers, and Uhru). This city is so bad that the mayor of St. Pete will fly the Gay Flag for the week before, during, and after the Gay Pride festival. Everyone needs to avoid the City of St. Petersburg and starve them of ANY money. Note that St. Pete Beach is a different City and should not be banned.
  1. Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market in McDonough, GA has banned concealed and open carry and the sign states if you are an on duty law enforcement officer on official business that is fine otherwise no FIREARMS permitted.

  2. John Repischak

    Thanks to this website I left Progressive Motorcycle Insurance behind!

    • Cracker Commander

      I’m glad we could share the news. We need to starve companies like Progressive of our business.

      • Howard Dennard

        Walt Disney Corp. pushes the leftist line. Gay Pride day at their theme parks and movie, T.V Shows.

  3. SPLC. is one of the worst hate groups. Differently anti-White

  4. Excellent article and information!

  5. I think that you and all you anti American nutjobs should be shipped off to somewhere where you dont have to pay taxes. No government. A free for all. Uh huh. we will see how long that lasts.

    • Cracker Commander

      We are Confederates, and we are where we belong. Perhaps someone should cart all of you Yankees back up north so we can live free of your tyranny and socialism.

  6. Shouldn’t AARP be on this list?

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