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Republicans Pass Amnesty, Obama Set to Sign it into Law…


Brooksville, Republic of Florida – Well thanks to the Republican Party, and its mindless supporters, Amnesty has now been passed, and Obama plans to spend about $1.7 Billion of your dollars to make about 35 million Mexicans feel like they are at home. Let that sink in for a good minute or two. Real good.

Besides blowing the hard earned money that was stolen from you, illegally I might add, you can kiss any chance of EVER fixing this mess by way of the ballot box, again. Now that 35 million liberal, mindless, spineless, Mexicans are set to become Mericans, any chance of using elections to fix this mess are now long gone.

The Mexican-Mericans will undoubtedly vote Democrat, and will support even the most ardent Socialist Dictator that should find its way on a ballot. If you want proof of this look at Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba, etc., etc.

Mexicans are Socialists, and the Federals have just naturalized 35 million of them for the purpose of spreading their Imperial Power and at the same time silencing the Libertarian Tea Party movement.

Our only options now are as follows…

  1. Secession: In order for secession to work, we Florida Crackers will need an active Florida Secession Movement, an active Home-Rule political party, the Florida Party, and last but not least a majority of native Florida Crackers. Currently Florida Crackers make up about 67% of Florida’s population, and this majority resides exclusively in 58 out of Florida’s 67 counties. We estimate that 12 entire Counties are controlled and run by Yankees and Mexicans, and nearly all of our major cities, with the exception of Jacksonville, Pensacola, Tallahassee, and Panama City are run by Yankees. Also Florida Crackers will need to embrace the Bonnie Blue, the Florida Flag, Confederate flags, and their Southern heritage, while entirely dumping Yankee Flags and their phony Imperial “American” identity. At best it will take 30-40 years for this strategy to work out, and if we are lucky we might be able to have a fraction of the success that the Scottish Secession Movement, Quebec Secession Movement, or Texas Secession Movement has had over that same period of time. The only way we can speed this time table up, and increase our chances will be if the Federal Empire collapses due to economic conditions. If that were to occur, and as long as we had a successful secession movement in place, and a successful political machine in place, then we could very well gain our freedom, become the Republic of Florida, and then begin the long process of purging Yankees and Liberals from our newly freed Republic. Currently there is a newly formed Florida Secession Movement that is growing on Facebook, and there is a brand new Florida Party that was also formed on Facebook… about 2 days ago. Please like them now.
  2. Revolution / Civil War: This is the least favorable option, but is the most likely option to occur. Revolution and Civil War between Constitutionalists and Socialists will likely occur long before secession has a fair shot to work. Millions and millions of Tea Party Libertarians are stocking up on ammo, guns, and military equipment for an eventual war, and in kind, the Federals are stocking up on tanks, ammo, and guns as well. Even the US Post Office has purchased thousands of rounds of ammo, and guns. When Hillary wins in 2016 she will likely push to ban guns, and when this happens it will be the final straw that ignites the Civil War. With the passage of Amnesty by Obama, it all but ensures a Clinton victory in 2016. There will be no-middle ground in this Civil War, the first real Civil War fought in “Merica”. If you are a Constitutionalist you need to join your local militia, or form your own unorganized minutemen militia unit.  This will be the only way you will be able to survive this coming conflict. We estimate that Civil War could break out sometime between 2017 and 2020.
  3. Pilgrimage: Next to secession, this is the option that we are pushing by way of the Free Dixie Project. Essentially a group of ethnic people need to get together, in our case it will be Dixons. We Dixons would form a Dixie National Congress which will coordinate all fundraising activities with the goal of purchasing a massive deserted island in the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. Once purchased this island will become the 14th Confederate State and the home of the exiled Confederate States Government. From this remote island based nation-state, and lone member of the Confederacy, we Dixons will be able to do everything in our power to undermined the Federal Empire and liberate the Occupied Confederate States of Dixie. Currently the Free Dixie Project is in its planning stages and has a time frame for success sometime between 2025 and 2030.

Take your pick. We choose secession and pilgrimage.


Mexican Gangs Attacking Border Fence

Republic of Texas – Well the video speaks for itself. Over the past few weeks Mexican street gangs have attacked the border fence at its strongest points. These attacks have been unarmed up until this point, but is confusing and alarming. Why attack the most fortified part of the wall? Also the Mexican street gangs have far out number border security every time they faced off… so what gives?

Well besides the obvious, which is these street gangs are creating a diversion for others to cross the border miles to the east or west of where they attack, we are stumped.

Obama gives $30 Million to LaRaza… The Hispanic KKK

la-raza-get-out2The recipient of a $30 million grant as part of President Obama’s “promise zone” initiative is an affiliate of the radical National Council of La Raza, WND has learned.

A group called the Youth Policy Institute, or YPI, was approved by the Obama regime as the lead agency for Los Angeles when the city was selected by the White House and Department of Education two years ago to receive “promise zone” grants.

With little fanfare, YPI was awarded a $30 million grant in January 2012 as the “promise zone” recipient for Los Angeles.

The organization is slated to receive potentially tens or even hundreds of millions more, with the “promise zone” program pledging up to $500 million in grants over 10 years to help revitalize central Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Promise Zone is Obama’s signature education and anti-poverty program aimed at transforming schools and communities “into vibrant centers of opportunity and excellence.”

Unreported by the news media is that the Youth Policy Institute is an affiliate of the National Council of La Raza, or NCLR.

La Raza, which means “The Race, supports amnesty for illegal aliens. Among its affiliates are chapters of the radical MEChA – Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán or Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán – which promotes the “Reconquista” movement. The movement calls for the “liberation” of Aztlan, the mythical ancestral home of the Aztecs, which MEChA regard as Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico and parts of Oregon.

La Raza is directly tied to the White House. Cecilia Munoz, former senior vice president of La Raza, now serves as director of the White House Domestic Policy Council with specific focus on immigration issues.

La Raza itself highlighted its relationship with YPI in a press release in January boasting about the Obama regime grant. Read the rest of this entry

Armed Stand-off between Mexican Troops & Federal Agents in Arizona

Illegal-Immigration-Profiling-e1335420234397The Federal Empire is taking no action on an “unbelievable foray” in which two Mexican soldiers came across the border near Sasabe, Ariz., and held Federal Border Patrol agents at gunpoint for half an hour, according to a government watchdog organization.

Judicial Watch said that after the 35-minute “tense confrontation,” Jan. 26, the Mexican soldiers retreated south across the border “as if nothing ever happened, and the Obama regime just let it slide.”

Judicial Watch, which keeps an eye on government behavior, such as the mega-million dollar vacations for the Obamas, said that incident was , which obtained government documents with details of the incident.

According to a Border Patrol foreign military incursion report and a letter from Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske, the Mexican soldiers retreated when the  Federal Agents drew their weapons and summoned assistance.

The report said the Mexicans “misidentified themselves to border agents, claiming to be pursuing drug smugglers.”

Judicial Watch said, however, the Mexican soldiers aren’t chasing drug smugglers but instead are protecting cartels as they transport their cargo into the FEDERAL EMPIRE through the desert.

The incident, said Judicial Watch, is just the latest in a long string of incursions by the Mexican military into the FEDERAL EMPIRE

Records from the Department of Homeland Security show Mexican military incursions occur often and go unpunished by the FEDERAL EMPIRE, Judicial Watch said.

The problem has only gotten worse over the years. Read the rest of this entry

Another Reason to Home School…



The Rebel Yell and FLAP (Florida Party) encourages parents to home school their children so they don’t have to learn a foreign language. We live in a State and region (Dixie) that speaks English, and thus there is no need to waste your time or that of your child learning a FOREIGN language. Especially Spanish which is a language of failure.

Instead we encourage parents to teach your children Sign Language which is something that might actually come in handy.

The Mexican Invasion…



Sums up the problem with illegal Mexicans living in Merica and in Dixie. TRY supports the forced removal of every single illegal Mexican, it worked for Eisenhower back in 1950 and will work today.