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Ron Paul’s Fairwell Address…

Ron Paul the father of Libertarianism and the modern States Rights/Secessionist movements issued his farewell address on the floor of the House of Representatives. During his farewell address Dr. Paul chewed into both the Republicans and Democrats, called them Autocratic/Authoritarian Psychopaths, and has openly declared that the Constitution of our founders has been abandoned by the Federal regime and has failed. Paul went on to add that this Empire is doomed and that it will collapse under the unsustainable weight of its debt, that the current leadership (excluding him and Rand) are all tyrants, and that despite his best efforts to stop this from occurring he has failed at stopping this collapse.

Ron Paul will finish out his current term and will then opt to retire, and not run for re-election.

Here is a video copy of Ron Paul’s farewell address:

Ron Paul vs. Lincoln…

Enough said… while this meeting is fictitious it is based on Ron Paul’s real stance on liberty (secession) and his actual writings/speeches… Lincoln’s talking points are based on what Lincoln actually believed in, and what the “church” of Lincoln proclaims as the truth.

For those of you that are not into history, or have never attended a grade higher then the 12th grade/a real college, the “church of Lincoln” is the group of historians that make up the American Historical Society and are responsible for spewing pro-Federal, pro-Lincoln, anti-secession, and anti-Dixie propaganda to our kids by passing it off as historical facts.

Its these propaganda spin-masters were responsible for stoking the flames of racism in America for the hundred years following the War for Southern Independence. You see Confederate historians were black listed and were not hired by the Federally funded and controlled government school system, which was established shortly after the end of the war.

The violence that occurred during the 1960’s Civil Rights movement was brought about by generations of Southerners who had been brain washed by the “Church of Lincoln” (i.e. the Federal Education System) to believe that black people cost them their freedom from the Federal Empire, and that they as Southerners should hate blacks. The propaganda based education system reinforced the culture of the post reconstruction South, and the culture reinforced the education system.

You see the Yankees made the black people out to be the bad guy to the Southerner so that they would take the brunt of the Southern rage, and that the Yankees could continue their occupation of Dixie without fear of the South ever rising against them. After all how could the South ever rise again if it was divided amongst racial lines of black and white?

This nasty cycle of the Federal education system brainwashing white Southern youth into believing that they should hate blacks still carries on to this day. Hopefully we can break the cycle and start preaching the truth before we the Southern people lose the culture war and are lost to history forever. Lincoln was correct in saying that a house divided cannot stand, and that saying holds true in Dixie. Right now Dixie is divided between white and black. If we are to ever rise we need to unite together to take back our freedom, otherwise we will continue to be used as an internal colony by the Yankees for the duration of their corrupt Empire.

Can there be a Peace between Paulites & the GOP?

The short answer is yes, but only with some major concessions from the GOP, and by major concessions I mean major ones, not just a head nod that acknowledges us or some kind of backroom deal. The concession would need to be public, open, and overly generous to the Libertarian wing of the GOP, Constitution Party members, and Libertarian Party members as a whole.

Why should they be generous to members of the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party? Well this is where former Republicans have been going in droves since the RNC Convention in Tampa. I myself have denounced my membership in the Republican Party and have proudly joined the Libertarian Party of Florida. I would had joined the Constitution Party, if not for their overly fondness for the imperial Federal system of government. While I support the Federal Republic our founders created I now believe that it will be impossible to return to that nearly perfect system of government, and anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial or knows jack about socio-political history.

Going back to the concessions, if the GOP wants to recapture its lost members then it will need to not only appeal to the shrinking number of Ron Paul supporters within the GOP, but it needs to bend over backwards to appeal to the droves of Ron Paul supporters that were enraged enough by the GOP’s actions to leave the party altogether.

In biblical terms this is the lost tribe of the GOP, and by my summation I don’t see them ever coming back. Which is why the GOP needs to get busy kissing their butts if it hopes to remain a relevant party. Read the rest of this entry

GOP Continues to Attack Ron Paul Delegates…

Shortly before the big RNC sham that occurred in Tampa last week, the RPOLA (Louisiana) used hired Shreveport Police Officers to forcibly remove a Ron Paul delegate who was stating his case for Ron Paul and against Mitt Romney. The RP delegate was recognized by the Chair of the meeting and rightfully had the floor to speak for five minutes before a vote was called. However after 2 minutes of listening to this 70 year old delegate talk the leader of the Louisiana Republican Party ordered the hired Police, which were there as private security officers to remove the RP delegate.

Apparently the leader of the “Grand Old Party” of Louisiana did not like the fact that this 70 year old crippled and handicapped war veteran was making a pretty sound case against Mitt Romney and for Ron Paul. Some in the audience that were thought to be pro-Romney delegates began to clap and cheer and that is when the Chair ordered the hired Police on duty to remove the delegate because “he was a rabble rouser”, and this is where the below video begins. The below video was taped by another Louisiana Ron Paul delegate that had joined the elderly gentlemen that got attacked by the guard dogs of the RPOLA.

Just before the video starts the Police surround this 70 year crippled delegate and demand that he leave now… the delegate refuses because he has done nothing wrong, has a legal right to be there as a delegate, and was given the floor. (This is when the video starts) Once the elderly man stated his case the Shreveport Police jumped the elderly man and attempted to drag him out of the meeting and in the process broke his hip in 2 places… not only should these officers be removed from the force for just “following orders” and using excessive force against a 70 year old crippled war vet, but those in the RPOLA that ordered them to remove a delegate should be sued to high heaven and jailed.

This man did nothing wrong and (a) had a legal right to be at the meeting, (b) was given the floor to speak, and (c) was invited by them to come to this meeting after knowing that he was going to make a case in favor of Ron Paul.

Its now crystal clear to me that we Ron Paul supporters, our ideas, our morals, our economic/foreign policies, and our candidate is not welcome in the GOP… since we are not welcome I say that we should all leave the GOP and start our own “State Based” political parties. We don’t need the GOP… they need us.

What Really Happened at the RNC & Why I’m Voting for Paul ANYWAY!

For those that did not get a chance to see the chaos that ensued on the convention floor when the GOP violated its own rules, when it changed its rules to excluded Ron Paul delegates from having the ability to nominate their candidate on the floor.

FOX News covered up this near uproar and how the GOP used every crooked Lincolnesque technique to ensure that Ron Paul’s delegates and supporters were not allowed to do anything at the convention except  support Mitt Romney that is. Its now obvious that we Ron Paul supporters, the only true Constitutionalists left in this nation are left without a media outlet… FOX News is clearly in the pocket of the GOP, and the other alphabet soup stations are in the pocket of the DNC.

I guess the only person that we can rely on would be Michael Savage.

For all of you Republicrats out there that are angry that we Ron Paul supporters are not going to vote for YOUR candidate then maybe you should look at this below video. Remember you guys NEED us… we do not NEED you… by cheating and pissing us off you have likely just cost yourself the 2012 election since we make up about 20% of your voting bloc.

Chaos Erupts on Convention Floor Over Ron Paul Delegates

As I predicted it got real nasty yesterday at the GOP Convention down in Tampa. As a number of Ron Paul delegates were trying to take the floor and be seated the GOP intervened and tried to toss them out. During the process a virtual floor fight almost started as the GOP called in their hired security to escort out unruly Ron Paul delegates and reclaim order. This move only made matters worse as other delegates that either support Ron Paul or are partial to him and his cause began to get involved. This issue got so nasty that the entire Texas delegation threatened to rebel and throw its hefty vote count behind Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney.

Other then trying to throw out Ron Paul delegates, the GOP also pushed threw some GOP election rule changes that will effectively ban any future possibility of another rouge Ron Paul candidate, and virtually insures that every future GOP Presidential candidate will be an establishment RINO candidate.

All of the trouble began when Credentials Committee Chairman Mike Duncan got up on the stage and announced the results of several appeals requests to have three delegations controlled by Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters seated at the convention. The GOP decided to seat only two out of the three delegations, and refused to seat the Maine delegation, instead choosing to seat a bogus pro-Mitt Romney alternate delegation.

The announcement that the Maine delegation would not be seated met with audible booing and pandemonium from the Texas delegation and the other two Ron Paul delegations . The decision to not seat the Maine delegation was done by way of a voice vote which was totally flawed and rigged to benefit the pro-Romney bunch. It was obvious and very audible that the Pro-Paul supporters were much louder then the pro-Romney bunch, but hey this is the GOP… why let fairness and doing the right thing spoil a good shake down. Read the rest of this entry

GOP Bans “Paul Fest” at Florida State Fair Grounds

For over a year now the Ron Paul Nation has been working stead fast on getting a special event created just for Ron Paul supporters called “Paul Fest”. This “Paul Fest” was planned to be held at the Florida State Fair Grounds and would feature a venue just for Ron Paul and his supporters that would not be a separate or competing event to the RINO “Romney” Convention that is being held 10 miles away in downtown Tampa at the Tampa Times Forum, but would be an addition to it. This event was slated to be the largest ever gathering of Ron Paul supporters, and early estimates showed that attendance estimates for “Paul Fest” were around 12,000. While the event was constructed to cater to Ron Paul supporters and their libertarian agenda, it was not going to be a libertarian event and instead was going to serve as a way for Ron Paul to bring many of his third party and independent supporters into the GOP.

There is only one problem with this… and that is the GOP. Despite planning this out and negotiating a contract with the Florida State Fair Grounds, the GOP blocked the “Paul Fest” leadership from scheduling this event. You see the GOP grew concerned that there are Republicans out there that don’t like Mitt Romney and after learning about “Paul Fest” decided to move in and book the Florida State Fair Grounds right out from under the Paul Fest group and sit on it, thus preventing Paul Fest from becoming a reality.

This move makes no sense to me and as a Ron Paul supporter I can honestly say that this does absolutely nothing to make me want to vote for Mitt. In fact by sabotaging “Paul Fest”, which is an event that I have been looking forward to for just over 3 years now,  the GOP has effectively pissed me off beyond the point of reconciliation. After all a person can only take so many hints from someone before they have to come to the simple conclusion that they are not wanted, and as a Ron Paul supporter the GOP has made it clear to me, and the millions of other Ron Paul voters out there that our candidate, his ideas, and support of him and his ideas are not welcome under the GOP’s tent. Read the rest of this entry

Its War – Ron Paul refuses to endorse Mitt Romney, rejects convention speaking slot

After months of attempts by Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment to bully Ron Paul into abandoning his beliefs by endorsing Mitt Romney and the GOp machine, the issue has come to a head. Late last week Ron Paul announced that he has refused to endorse Mitt Romney and will not speak at this week’s GOP National Convention in Tampa.

News of this came as little surprise to us Ron Paul supporters given the nasty treatment that Dr. Paul and his supporters have received from the establishment candidates and their supporters. Its obvious in my view and in the view of millions of other Paul supporters in the GOP that there is not a place at the table for us and our ideas. In other words we effectively stand apart from the Republican Party and as such we will need to find a new party or start a new party that will support Ron Paul and his plans, but that is a topic for another story.

In an interview with the liberal dirt rag known as the New York Times, Paul said convention planners had offered him an opportunity to speak under two conditions: that he deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign, and that he give a full-fledged endorsement of Mr. Romney.

“It wouldn’t be my speech,” Mr. Paul said. “That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.”

Ron Paul refused both of these demands, which has exasperated the division between the RINO GOP Establishment and the Ron Paul supporters. Read the rest of this entry