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Charleston, SC

Brooksville, Republic of Florida – Our hearts and prayers go out to the nine victims, their families, our fellow Christians who attend the church where this occurred, the great State of South Carolina, and the City of Charleston, about the senseless actions of the evil and deranged gunman who murdered these nine innocent Confederate people.

There will be time for debate and rhetoric later, but for now we offer condolences and heart felt prayers.

We will add though, that ANYONE born in Dixie is a Confederate by birth regardless if you have actual Confederate blood in your veins. We all are the decedents of the Confederacy because of the land that we are born in, and the Dixie soil that we call home. Its not about white or black, or whatever race you are, its about your homeland, Dixie. There are just as many black Confederates out there today, as there are white Confederates. Race is a non-issue for modern Confederates, we don’t see race like our Yankee cousins to the North do. Instead we see loyalty, shared culture, and an invisible bond that transcends time, race, and everything else. We are one people, one culture, and we Confederates are united.

You hurt one of us, you hurt us all. We hope that this gunman, gets whats coming to him in prison. Frankly if it were up to us, the gunman would be hauled outside and hung, shot, and electrocuted for good measure. He is nothing more then Neo-Nazi filth.

The gunman was not a Confederate, he was instead a neo-Nazi by his own admissions. Over the next few weeks the Federal Media will do its best to convince you that the Confederate Flag somehow had something to do with this shooting. Unless the Confederate Flag can talk to people, like some kind of evil relic, then I doubt it can talk someone into committing mass murder. This gunman likely associated with the neo-Nazi scum on the internet and was talked into killing these innocent Christians, by them, not some inanimate object.

Again our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this senseless tragedy, but we will not stand idlely by while our people, the Confederate people, are attacked for something we did not do.


Liberals Attacked by Black Racists in NYC

This is a hilarious video… Liberal Hipsters in the Peoples Republic of Yankeestan (i.e. NYC) are confronted by a group of angry racist Black Supremacists. The outcome is hilarious.

The Great American Infanticide

A main reason why I’m a proud Floridan and not an American.

Americans support the murder of unborn babies, and Floridians do not.


Fed’s a Pen Stroke Away from Destroying “The American Family”

036ca8d72292e08284c3873b0b295fe4(Editor’s note: Dr. Dobson has prepared this letter for the constituents of his ministry, Family Talk. It is being shared here before being widely disseminated.)

Dear Friends,

May I urge you to read this letter carefully? It has been written with a fervent prayer that you will recognize the urgency it conveys. It deals with a decision that is about to be announced by the U.S. Supreme Court, dealing with the definition of marriage. In late June or early July, the justices will reveal their decision to either affirm the definition of marriage as being exclusively between one man and one woman, or it will redefine this institution to include same-sex unions. If marriage is to be reconfigured in the law, which court-watchers predict is almost certain, every dimension of the culture will be adversely affected. It will be one of the most momentous rulings in U.S. history, tantamount to the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. As we know, that terrible ruling 42 years ago divided the nation irreparably and has resulted in the deaths of 58 million babies.

I do not recall a time when the institutions of marriage and the family have faced such peril, or when the forces arrayed against them were more formidable or determined. Barring a miracle, the family that has existed since antiquity will likely crumble, presaging the fall of Western civilization itself. This is a time for concerted prayer, divine wisdom and greater courage than we have ever been called upon to exercise. Read the rest of this entry

WWJB Survey Friday – 11/21/14

1 – Will the (impending) violence in Ferguson bring about anything positive? No, this is the biggest domestic quagmire since the black race riots of the 1970’s, the white Yankee hate riots of the 1970’s, and the black hate riots of the 1990’s. The only thing that Ferguson will bring about is a greater hatred between the races, namely black and white. As long as the government props up these black hate groups (NAACP, SPLC, etc.) with affirmative action plans and such, and as long as the media turns a blind eye to the crippling wave of minority based hate crimes in Dixie and America, nothing will ever get better.

2 – Which group in today’s American society is generally the most vain Actors/actresses Sports Stars Politicians? Hollywood types…

3 – Whose interview silence makes a bigger statement Jonathan Gruber or Bill Cosby? Who is John Gruber? Should we know who he is? Regarding Bill Cosby he is being targeted by the liberal media and the black supremacist groups who don’t like the fact that he has been out spoken against black based racism and entitlement programs.

4 – Fried or baked turkey? Fried

5 – Which recent price change has had more impact on your budget: lower gas prices of higher food prices? The price of gas is still higher than it should be. $2.25 a gallon is still a crippling amount for a family especially in Hernando County. If I had to choose higher food prices. But people need to wise up… why are gas prices so low right now? They are low because the government and their overlords on Wall Street and Kay Street have temporarily lowered the price of gas so the consumer buying market can get a bump and in turn the politicians and lobbyists can get that much more richer by way of the stock market this holiday season. They believe that if you can save money at the pump then you will just throw it away at Wal-Mart and other retailers this Christmas Shopping season on junk you and your family does not need. So please use this time to save money and reduce / eliminate debt. Don’t be a dummy.

6 – Is a fence along the Mexican just America’s version of the Iron Curtain? LOL, seriously? Talk about a biased pro-liberal question. The fence along the border is the only thing keeping the hordes of violent and largely uneducated Mexicans from flooding north into the Southwest States and turning both Dixie and America into a 3rd world banana republic. Dixons and Americans have nothing to gain from the Mexican people who are largely a bunch of cowards that have surrendered their nation to drug cartels and despotic Marxists.

7 – Should former politicians have their pensions stopped if they take on a job with a larger salary? Yes, and furthermore pensions for politicians in general should be eliminated since they are not full time employees.

8 – Are movie westerns dead? No

BONUS QUESTION: Name one positive thing you can say about the President of the United States. I have nothing positive to say about this naked Marxist dolt.

Whatever Possessed You?: The idiots who called into the show today to bitch and moan about how East Pasco and in turn East Hernando needs a homeless shelter to house the hordes of homeless Yankees to have voluntarily come down here to be Florida beach bums vs. Yankee street bums. Instead of wasting our money to build a shelter for homeless Yankees that have migrated down here, how about we buy each of them a one-way plane ticket, a warm meal, and a change of clothes and fly them out to Hawaii or California? It will save us money in the long run. Instead of wasting money on the Yankee homeless problem, how about we focus on the less fortunate and disadvantaged Florida families who are ignored and forgotten.

Confederates are Christians… so here is our Confederate solution… we ship out the Yankee homeless to other warm weather states and we focus on getting native Floridians who are homeless or within the poverty level connected with local churches who can provide food and housing for these native crackers who deserve support. Problem solved.

Hero?: Robert E. Lee

Before you Donate this Holiday season, Read this!

A timely reminder before our generous spirits open up our wallets. How many ways can you spell G R E E D ?      
SOMETHING TO  THINK ABOUT BEFORE YOU MAKE CONTRIBUTIONS :   As you open your pockets to do a good thing and make yourself feel good, please keep the following facts in mind:
American Red Cross

President and CEO Marsha J.
salary for the year was $651,957
plus expenses

It is called the March of
Dimes because
only a dime for
every 1 dollar is given to the
United Way

President Brian
receives a $375,000 base salary
along with numerous expense benefits.
CEO Caryl M. Stern
$1,200,000 per year (100k
per month) plus all expenses including a ROLLS
Less than 5
cents of your donated dollar goes to the
CEO and owner Mark Curran
profits $2.3 million a year.
Goodwill is a
very catchy name for his business.
You donate to his business
and then he sells the items for
He pays nothing
for his products and pays his workers minimum wage!
Nice Guy.
$0.00 goes to
help anyone!
Stop giving to this
Instead, give it to ANY OF THE
Salvation Army

Commissioner, Todd Bassett
receives a small salary of only
$13,000 per year(plus housing) for
managing this $2 billion dollar
96 percent of donated dollars go
to the cause.
American Legion

National Commander receives
 $0.00 zero
Your donations go to help
Veterans and their families and youth!
Veterans of Foreign Wars

National Commander receives
 $0.00 zero
Your donations go to help
Veterans and their families and youth!
Disabled American Veterans

National Commander receives
 $0.00 zero
Your donations go to help
Veterans and their families and youth!
Military Order of Purple
National Commander receives a
$0.00 zero salary
Your donations go to help
Veterans and their families and youth!
Vietnam Veterans Association

National Commander receives
 $0.00 zero
Your donations go to help
Veterans and their families and youth!
Make a
For children’s last
100% goes to funding trips or
special wishes for a dying child.
St. Jude
Research Hospital
100% goes towards funding and
helping Children with Cancer who have no insurance and
cannot afford to pay.
McDonald Houses
All monies go to running
the houses for parents who have critically ill
Children in the hospital.
100% goes to housing, and feeding
the families.
Club International
(ONLY $1.00 PER SHOT).

The USA is the Land of the Slave! Wake Up!!!


The USA is NOT the land of the free. Wake Up!! You live in a despotic Empire!


Changes Coming to TRY

The Rebel Yell will be changing its name because I, the “Cracker Commander” has decided to remain here in Brooksville to fight the good fight and do everything I can do to stop the Yankees plans to destroy Hernando County and restore local governance to the native born people of Brooksville.

Right now Hernando County and by extension Brooksville is run 100% by Yankee scum from up north that have infested our county like a swarm of locusts… or a bunch of illegal Mexicans in Southern Texas.

Either way we are here to stay and our name will be changed to reflect our commitment to fighting for Florida’s liberty and right to exist!


BonnieBlueFlagflyingWe the members of the Florida Party, Southern Department of Cultural Defense, The Rebel Yell, and the re-founding members of the former Southern Party of Florida (2008-2011) do here by establish the Free Dixie Project on July 5, 2014. We have formed this project for the purpose of establishing a distinctive ethnic and cultural identity for the people of Dixie which will be key if we are to rise up and free ourselves from Imperial oppression and once again join the free people of the world as equals.

We seek to peacefully rise up and liberate ourselves through the Doctrine of “Libertas Culturalis” (i.e. Cultural Freedom) which is a socio-political doctrine developed by the Free Dixie Project as the first step in our peoples path towards freedom in our lifetime.

The Doctrine of Libertas Culturalis calls on all Southerners (i.e. Southern Americans), especially patriots within the various Southern nationalist and Confederate heritage movements, to declare personal independence from the yoke of the Federal Empire by dropping the second class designations of Southerner (i.e. Southern American), American (i.e. person from the Federal Empire), and South (i.e. American South or American Southern States) by adopting the distinctive ethnic and cultural identity of Dixon (i.e. person from Dixie) and by asserting that they live in and are from Dixie (the former Confederate States).

Many in Dixie today cry out for the former Confederate States to secede from the Federal Empire and re-declare its independence. While the Free Dixie Project supports secession, we do not believe that the former Confederacy will ever truly be in a political position to rise out of its ashes as long as her people are socially confused about what they are. In other words as long as Dixons are duped into proudly proclaiming themselves to be Americans or Southern Americans, how do you expect for us to ever rise up? If our own people are not willing to personally shake off the chains of occupation that keep us bound and under the heel of the Federals then how do you expect the former Confederacy to rise up?

If a nation without the support of its people is doomed,  then the opposite can be said of a people that have abandoned their identity.