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Satanic Stars on the Republican Logo?

republican-logoThis is not so much a story, but instead a request to my readership to help me find out information about why the GOP’s logo has three satanic stars (inverted stars) on its logo (see logo to the left). Also why only three stars and why not 1, 2, 4, 5, etc? For those of you that don’t know occultism like I do, the number three in Christian religious dogma stands for the holy trinity, and since the number three is a very holy sequence in Christian terms, the satanists love to mock it.

Hence the number 6, and the combination 666, which according to the Holy Bible is the mark of the beast, or the sign of the Devil. Satan and his followers despise all things holy and sacred, which is why they came up with the 666 deal to contradict the number three.

So stay with me here because I doubt many of you understand the occult… since the inverted star is the sign of the devil devil-symboland is no different then the number 6, or 666. Essentially 6 stands for imperfection, and if you tack on two extra sixes then multiplies the imperfection while at the same time mocks the holy trinity. Got it? If not then re-read the first three paragraphs and stay with me. Now that you have it let me make my point… the inverted star is the sign of the devil or goat, and essentially stands for the number 6, and three sixes (i.e 666) is meant to mock the holy trinity and with it Christ… So why in the hell does the Republican logo have three satanic stars on its logo again?

Now I know some of you “Republicrats” out there are probably rolling your eyes and laughing at this so far. If this describes you then please consider laying off the RINO kool-aid a bit.  I’m making a serious point and I’m asking a serious question here. If the Republican logo had a Rebel Flag on it, or a crossed star pattern then people would be needlessly outraged about this… but since it only has a satanic symbol its okay. Read the rest of this entry