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Proof that Yankees are Stupid… Romney Wins Hernando…

While I will admit that there is a slim difference between the ethics of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, in this area they are both dirty individuals. While there is a narrow gap in this arena, there are light-years of miles between Newt and Romney in the arena of Constitutionality. Granted both are Federal Imperialists at heart and believe that the Federal Government is all powerful and all knowing, only Romney believes and supports the bulk of the Progressive (i.e. fancy term for Marxist) agenda of President Obama and the Democrats currently in power.

Basically yesterday when you trotted off to the polls to vote for the best GOP candidate then hands down that would have been Ron Paul, which is not a Republican per-say, he is instead a Constitutionalist that is hated by the GOP just like Reagan, Goldwater, and Eisenhower were. But since Paul does not stand a chance in hell at winning most GOP voters have gravitated to Newt because while he is not perfect, hell he is not even mediocre, but still has the best chance to get Obama out of office and keep a flaming RINO like Romney from taking office.

Thus why you have such a ground swell of support for Newt from the Tea Party… basically in a nut shell they don’t like him but have chosen to support him because (a) Romney is a flaming Progressive-Conservative RINO, and (b) Romney has no chance in hell at being able to oust Obama from the White House. Read the rest of this entry