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Fed’s Illegally Raid Homeschool Family, Taze, Pepper Spray, and Abuse them in the name of American Liberty

swatpoliceofficersNodaway County, MO – A police raid on the home of a Missouri homeschool family involved the use of a Taser and pepper spray. The children were ultimately removed from the home and placed in the custody of Federally funded social services. A Nodaway County Sheriff and an officer entered the home without a warrant, assaulted the parents by tazing them and using pepper spray, and reportedly assaulted them further.

The Sheriff Deputies were responding to a tip from a Liberal-Marxist family “friend” who did not approve of the parents homeschooling and anti-government ideologies. So like any good Liberal scum bag they told the Sheriff’s Office that the homeschooling parents were abusing their children. Naturally a social worker soon arrived at the front door of the homeschooling couple to investigate these allegations. The couple, unaware of their rights let this Federal She-Devil inside their house and naturally this vile Federal Social Worker was unable to find any signs of abuse. So instead of leaving and going after the Liberal wacko who made a false report, this Federal Social Worker fabricated a crisis out of thin freaking air. After spending hours going through the couples house with a fine tooth comb, she managed to findĀ a few stray toys and laundry and deemed the place to be too messy and accused the parents of neglect.

Lord help me if a social worker comes to my house… we keep a tidy ship, but I fail to see how a few stray child’s toys and some rouge dirty socks constitutes neglect.

A Nodaway County, Missouri, court has ruled against Sheriff Darren White and Captain David Glidden in the homeschooling family case. The court ruled that the use of a Taser Read the rest of this entry