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A Must Watch!

For those that are confused over the terminology the Heckler uses, and why we hate the GOP just as much as we hate the DNC you have to watch this video.

The video was aired on February 13, 2012 and was the last episode of Judge Andre Napolitano’s show on the Fox Business channel. It was his last show because he told the truth about how the GOP is no different then the DNC. In case you did not know they are the same political party minus a few items, which each party has chosen to rally around in order to control the electorate and ensure that its either a Republican or a Democrat in office. Essentially these two parties secretly work together to keep 3rd party candidates out of office.

He was also fired for pointing out how the state media complex, which includes Fox News, is used by the 2 party system in America to ensure that the public opinion of the electorate is controlled. Essentially the media’s goal is to build on the few minor differences between these two parties in order to control and “herd” voters into two primary controlled political categories.

The Marxist-Progressives (DNC) and Conservative-Progressives (GOP) fear the 3rd parties and will do everything in their power to keep them from EVER getting elected to office.

Here is the video…


Don’t Hate on Herman Cain…

Again, I’m forced to waste my valuable time responding to another stupid thing that Mike Reeves has done during this AM WWJB segment.

As I have stated numerous times before Mike Reeves used to be a disc jockey for AM820 down in Tampa. Prior to Mike Reeves coming on board, this station was the best news talk station in town. The station became the best station in town because of its prior morning news talk show host, Mark Larson, who was fired for pissing off the wrong people. In a nut shell Larson’s show was canceled after a very successful 12 year run because Larson, a devout Libertarian, openly criticized the the wrong person who knew the station manager. Needless to say this cost Larson his job.

Following the termination of Mark Larson and his show the station then hired a slew of rotating talk show hosts who came in and out over the course of a 6 month period. Like Larson these talk show hosts were libertarians and did not last long.

About 8 months or so after Larson’s was let go the station management hired Mike Reeves, and his cast of reject morning-zoo crew gang from Q105, to do a new news talk show. The show was called the “Big Show” and was on the air for about 2 years. Keep in mind that AM820 was still the number one news talk show in Tampa. Read the rest of this entry

Bob Haa, Why Do You Support the GOP?

Well it has been 2 weeks and a day since Bob Haa has been on the local airwaves which is not a good thing. While many have issues with Bob’s unwavering “lock step” loyalty to the Republicrats and RINO politicians like Dick Nugent, and his teetering and constantly changing support of the three stoogies – Romney, Santorum, and Newt.

Personally we hear at the Heckler like ole Bob and believe that he is just a confused Constitutionalist that has been lured into the GOP by their lies about championing various conservative talking points like the Constitution, States Rights, and personal freedom. Bob, like many GOP’ers are being bamboozled by a bunch of Conservative-Progressives that wrap themselves in the image of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ron Paul, which are individuals that the GOP itself did everything in its power to ruin and prevent from getting elected to office.

The GOP is nothing more then the Conservative wing, or “Right Wing”, of the Progressive movement… the DNC is the Marxist wing, or “Left Wing”, or the Progressive movement. This information is Political Science 101 stuff which makes me think that ole Bob did not go to college, or if he did he did not attend a Political Science course. Heck 90% of Hernandoians fit this category so I won’t hold it against Bob, and neither should you.

Eventually Bob will come around and understand that the Republican & Democrat Parties both believe in the same Progressive political ideology, the only difference between them is that the Republicans believe in the Conservative aspects of Progressive ideology which is termed “Gradualism” and the Democrats believe in “Chaos Theory” which is a radical Marxist-Socialsit ideology.

Gradualism is the Conservative-Progressive political ideology that Republican Party leaders believe in 150%. If you don’t tow this party line then you will be ostracized by the GOP as a “crackpot” just like Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan, Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, and locally Jason Sager all were. Those that believe in this ideology believe that radical Progressive change should be done slowly over a long period of time so that the populace will not realize what is going on until its too late. This is basically in a nut shell the old adage about how the French cook frogs… if you toss a frog into boiling water then it will jump out, however if you toss it into warm water and slowly turn up the heat them it will happily just lounge around until its slowly cooked to death. Read the rest of this entry