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Don’t Hate on Herman Cain…

Again, I’m forced to waste my valuable time responding to another stupid thing that Mike Reeves has done during this AM WWJB segment.

As I have stated numerous times before Mike Reeves used to be a disc jockey for AM820 down in Tampa. Prior to Mike Reeves coming on board, this station was the best news talk station in town. The station became the best station in town because of its prior morning news talk show host, Mark Larson, who was fired for pissing off the wrong people. In a nut shell Larson’s show was canceled after a very successful 12 year run because Larson, a devout Libertarian, openly criticized the the wrong person who knew the station manager. Needless to say this cost Larson his job.

Following the termination of Mark Larson and his show the station then hired a slew of rotating talk show hosts who came in and out over the course of a 6 month period. Like Larson these talk show hosts were libertarians and did not last long.

About 8 months or so after Larson’s was let go the station management hired Mike Reeves, and his cast of reject morning-zoo crew gang from Q105, to do a new news talk show. The show was called the “Big Show” and was on the air for about 2 years. Keep in mind that AM820 was still the number one news talk show in Tampa. Read the rest of this entry


WWJB Morning Show… Nobody in Hernando County cares about Whitney Houston

While I love WWJB 1450AM I was forced to turn it off this morning. I could not stomach another second of Mike Reeves news coverage style tribute to the former drug addict Whitney Houston. I don’t know about y’all out there in WWJB land, but if I hear one more news report or story about how terrible it is that Whitney Houston died, I’m going to scream.

This lady, while talented, basically killed herself by mixing prescription drugs (that she did not have a prescription for) with a bottle of booze while sitting in a tub. She basically OD’d on illegal drugs and booze, then passed out which caused her to drown in the tub. She basically killed herself, and since she committed what accounts to suicide should not get praised as some innocent person that was taken to young.

Frankly speaking I thought that she had died years ago, thus when I heard that she died I was shocked because I had been under the impression that she was already dead from drugs.

How about instead of talking about a crack-head that killed herself, and how she had a terrible life because of all of her money and wealth, you talk about something that actually matters to Hernando County, Florida. Nobody in Hernando County , Florida gives a flying turd about Whitney Houston, afterall why should they?

She is not from Hernando County… She is not from Florida… hell she is not even from the South…

Hernando County is one of the poorest counties in Florida due to the Hernando County Governments stubborn commitment to catering to retired Yankees which do nothing to stimulate the Hernando County economy. Because of Hernando County’s stubborn stead-fast commitment to transforming Hernando County into one large Yankee-Friendly HOA compound, we have the largest unemployment rate in the State of Florida, and we have the 10th highest unemployment rate out of the Deep South states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

With all of this in mind, why should we give a shit about some multimillionaire crack-head like Whitney Houston who wasted her money on drugs, mansions, cars, and enough booze to kill a horse, when people in Hernando County can’t even afford to feed their family.

WWJB station management needs to replace Mike Reeves with Skip, atleast Skip has a clue and would not drone on, and on, and on about stuff that the people of Hernando don’t care about.



Inverness is run by Yankees… what?!

Just heard an interview on WWJB’s early morning show with that Mike Reeves guy from Tampa. The interview was with a guy named Frank Digiovanni who apparently is the City Manager of Inverness, which is the County Seat and largest city in Citrus County. Before I chew into this jabroni from Jersey that somehow managed to hoodwink the native Florida citizens of Inverness into allowing him to be the City Manager, I need to give some background on ole Mike Reeves.

Now typically I don’t listen to WWJB’s early morning show because I don’t like the format, and I’m not fond of the host. The host is a guy by the name of Mike Reeves and he used to be the host of another show down in the Tampa market called “The Big Show” which was aired on 820AM “Newstalk Radio”. This channel used to be a good channel until they fired talk show host Mark Larson who used to be the morning host on 820AM prior to the hiring of Mike Reeves.

Prior to the firing of Mark Larson 820AM was the best news talk station in Tampa, afterwards it was and remains the worst. When 820AM fired Mark Larson they hired a slew of other talk show hosts that lasted for about a month before getting canned. After a year 820 hired Mike Reeves and his cast of rejects from Q105 to do the “Big Show” which was nothing more then a liberal slanted news talk program. Needless to say this flopped big time and after 2 years the show was canceled and the station was borderline bankrupt. Read the rest of this entry