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2012 Hernando County GOP Primary Recap…

Hernando Cnty ’12 Florida GOP Primary Results

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, the unofficial results show Romney captured 42.39 percent of the Hernando County vote in Tuesday’s presidential preference primary. A total of 7,915 Republicans cast votes for Romney.

Rounding out the Hernando County election results were: Gingrich, 6,441 votes (34.50 percent); Rick Santorum, 2,603 votes (13.94 percent); Ron Paul, 1,578 votes (8.45 percent).


My response:

Romney aside… Who the hell in Hernando is stupid enough to vote for Rick Santorum? Really there is that many Yankees down here from Pennsylvania?

I understand why Ron Paul came in last in Hernando, because the Tea Party system has thrown its support behind Newt to prevent Romney from winning, thus the majority of the votes for Newt would had gone for Paul if not for the Tea Party endorsement of Newt.